1. G

    What if the Ottomans never rose to power?

    What if the Ottomans never rose to power? This is a question I often ask myself and I always find a diferent answer. If you see the stages of their expansion, you can clearly understand that the subjugation of the Balkans was one of their most important early conquests, but what if it failed...
  2. Constantine V

    Balkan themes

    Why were the Balkan themes not as prominent as the ones in anatolia. I mean almost all usurpers and famous generals came as anatolian noble families(except maybe Basil I, but even he might have moved from Asian minor). For example: Lekapenos family, Doukas family, Isaurian line, the Phokai and...
  3. D

    Current political or ethnic conflicts on the Balkan?

    1st. We spoke a lot of about the romanians and the hungarians, in the another topic. The point of the conflict is: Transylvania. 2nd. There is a conflict between Serbia and Albania. The point of the conflict: Kosovo 3rd. I seen a topic about a conflict between the Republic of Macedonia and...
  4. mprivse

    Russia in the Balkan wars

    Basically I want to know why didn't Russia help the Balkan league in 1912 against the Turks? Considering their previous help. Russia always had a big interest in the South Slavic Balkan nations due to their panslavic leanings. So why didn't they help them against the Turks? They went into war on...
  5. K

    Balkan art

    I decided just to share one Bulgarian small poem from 1923, but actually why not to share here more? It will be good if other Balkan people here share things from their countries - because Balkan art is not very well known in the West, I am affraid. So hereby I begin: "The tale of honour"...
  6. S

    United States of Balkan or Balkan Federation

    It will be possible in future after all present dilemmas will be solve that Balkan States , Romania , Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Muntenegru, Albania , Greece , FYROM, Kosovo ( independent , autonomous ) maybe even Slovenia , Croatia to unite like a similar model with USA ? *In past were...
  7. S

    The Balkan nations conquering the earth !

    I see many think are Balkan nations . So how a Balkan can conquere the world ?
  8. C

    The Balkan Celtic Machaira

    Use of the machaira on the Balkans:
  9. Arch

    The most Ancient in Balkan.???

    The Mycenaean was the first Balkan culture to become literate 3,500 years ago and therefore the first civilization whose language and descendants can be traced. Beyond any doubt they spoke Greek and this makes it the oldest civilization whose identity we can be sure about. But another info that...
  10. Excalibur

    Plan B - Stopping refugee wave in Balkan

    V4 countries came with plan B - stopping or decreasing the refugee wave in Balkan. V4 countries attempted to make a deal with Bulgaria and Macedonia during a recent V4 summit in Prague. The deal works with Macedonia yet. Bulgaria we under a strong pressure of Brussel. We are sending our...
  11. Celtae

    Bulgaria wins the Second Balkan War

    For the sake of this speculation, imagine that Bulgaria was successful after leaving the Balkan league and won the Second Balkan War. Would this have quelled Serbian nationalism? If so in what other ways would the First World War be sparked (meaning the Archduke would not be assassinated) from...
  12. WeisSaul

    Ottoman Victory in the Balkan Wars

    The Ottomans were seen as likely to win the First Balkan War and would have done so had they focused on defending themselves early on and given themselves time to bring in the bulk of their forces from Anatolia. The way things went, they were defeated too quickly to bring them in. So what if...
  13. Q

    The Balkan War 1990-1995

    Hello all, I am looking for information on the war in Croatia. I need to know about the JNA(Yugoslav People's Army), and attacks in Osijek, Zagreb and any where else that there was major destruction in Croatia at the time. Another thing is I need other topics besides battles and seiges. So I...
  14. BosnianHistorian

    What if Turkey wins the Balkan Wars in 1913?

    Would they have kept Rumelia and Crete and the Dodecanese?
  15. W

    Balkan Dress Under the Ottomans 15th-18th(?) centuries?

    Does anybody have any good, comparative, sources about this topic? The dates are obviously suggestions, not set in stone, I just want to see stuff from a few places over different intervals of time.
  16. Y

    A question about Balkan Languages

    I have heard that in all modern Balkan languages the infinitive is either absent or of a limited use. As far as it concerns modern Greek, this is true, but what about Turkish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Serb? I know that in Romanian the infinitive is still used in a wide range but if...
  17. begiggs

    What type of Nation was first on Balkan ?

    I would like to know when and how did Countries like (Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania + (Kosovo), Bulgaria, Romania) got and balkan and name them by arriving on Balkan by ages and territories in queue. It may be a hard question but atleast i would like to know few information...
  18. Glauk


    Albanian folk music falls into three sylistic groups, with other important music areas around Shkodër and Tirana; the major groupings are the Ghegs of the north and southern Labs and Tosks. The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the "rugged and heroic" tone of the north and the...
  19. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Second Balkan War

    Two days ago was the 100th anniversary of the start of the Second Balkan War. What do you about the Second Balkan War? Was it avoidable or unavoidable? Was it interesting that this war sparked WW1? I personally think that this war couldn't be avoidable since Greece and Bulgaria had some land...
  20. K

    100 years after the First Balkan war - BG documentary

    Fix Bayonets! Documentary on the 100th anniversary of the Balkan War and exactly 100 years from the fall of Odrin /Edrine, Hadrianopolis/ - one more reason to remember the First Balkan war; 27-th of March 1912 was the day, when one of the strongest fortresses of the Eastern Europe fall after...