1. Futurist

    Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, & the Caucasian states hold plebiscites

    Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, & the Caucasian states hold plebiscites What if Imperial Germany would have been in a more generous mood and decided--for the sake of public relations--to hold free and fair plebiscites in Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, and the...
  2. Futurist

    Hitler occupies the Baltic countries instead of Czechia in March 1939

    What if Adolf Hitler would have occupied the Baltic countries instead of occupying Czechia in March 1939? For the record, the logic behind this would be that the Baltic countries would be a more logical Lebensraum destination than Czechia due to their lower population density.
  3. Futurist

    If Germany wins WWI, do a lot of Poles and Ukrainians move to the Baltic states?

    If Germany would have won World War I (specifically by not resuming USW and thus keeping the U.S. out of WWI; that way, Britain and France might be willing to let Germany keep its territorial gains in the East if Germany is smart enough to make some concessions in the West--such as a plebiscite...
  4. G

    Baltic Crusades: 1193-1418

    The year 2018 marks the 600th anniversary of the end of the Baltic Crusades. The final chapter of those crusades was the conversion of Samogitians to Christianity, the completion of which was announced at the Council of Constance in March 1418. Year 1198 can be considered the beginning of the...
  5. sparky

    The three baltic States

    . This area has always fascinated me ! three Nations "without a country" for centuries emerged from the turmoil of the great war . Here is the best narrative I've seen of their beginning toward independence " The Baltic States in World War 1 j6WXtDtzRcI
  6. R

    Baltic invasion D-Day alternative?

    Hi all, just recently i learnt, possibly incorrectly, that Churchill had an alternative operation to D-Day involving an amphibious invasion in the Baltic. What, if this is correct, can any of you fine people tell me about this? Was it viable? What would this entail? What chance of success? I'm...
  7. Futurist

    A collection of historical maps of the Baltic region

    Here is a collection of historical maps of the Baltic region: Historical Baltic Maps ? 19th and 20th century maps of Estonia and Latvia This collection also contains some maps of Europe in general. Basically, I find this collection interesting because it both shows the styles of 19th and early...
  8. VHS

    How do parts of Eastern Europe prosper more than others?

    The end of communism in Eastern Europe was not prosperity for all; rather, some parts thrive, and some parts are pretty awful. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were forcefully integrated into the Soviet Union during World War II. Ironically, they also emerged as the most prosperous of former...
  9. W

    Did Scotland have trade links with the Baltic?

    At any time during the later medieval period (roughly 14th-15th centuries) did the Kingdom of Scotland have trade links with the Baltic region, for example through organisations like the Hansa? I know England was able to receive some goods from regions like Scandinavia and Poland via Hansa...
  10. RomanEmperor

    Why is Estonia a Baltic State, when Estonians are not Balts?

    They're related to Finns, so why is it a Baltic country?
  11. Von Ranke

    Big trouble in the Baltic Sea

    If we were ever in any doubt that the Cold War has resumed the buzzing of an American warship by two Russian jets has confirmed it beyond any doubt. America has responded predictably by using terms like "unprofessional" while the Kremlin has so far remained silent probably in the knowledge that...
  12. W

    Anyone read this Osprey book?

    Has anyone here read 'The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades 1100-1500' from the Osprey series? I'm wondering does it give decent coverage to the pagan armies at that time (Finns, Estonians, Balts etc.) or does it only talk about the Crusader forces? Also has Osprey done any books focusing on...
  13. Viraspa

    Baltic people of Russia

    Prior to Slavs some areas of modern day Russia were populated by (East) Balts. I am interested in their history. Which areas were populated by them? When did they become assimilated by Slavs? Is there a Baltic substrate in modern day Russia? Can someone give an overview about their history and...
  14. Futurist

    A Mar. 1918 article about the possibility of a German annexation of the Baltic states

    Take a look at page 21 of this book to see and read this specific March 2, 1918 article :)...
  15. Futurist

    What does Germany need to do if it wants to *permanently* keep the Baltic states?

    What exactly does Germany need to do if it wants to permanently (as in, to the present-day and beyond) keep the Baltic states after a German victory in World War I? Also, please keep in mind that all of your suggestions for this need to actually be realistic. Thus, expulsions, ethnic cleansing...
  16. F

    No Baltic Sea, Great Northern Landmass

    The Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia never formed, long land borders between Swedish Empire, Tsardom of Russia, Poland-Lithuania, and Prussia, how different would the dynamics be?
  17. P

    russia annexation baltic states

    did the non aggression pact between Russia and Germany make it easier for Russia to take control over the Baltic states?
  18. G

    Are the Baltic states more Germanic or Nordic

    Are Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia more Germanic or are they more Nordic?
  19. W

    Historical novels on medieval Poland or the Baltic?

    Does anyone have recommendations for some english language historical novels featuring either Poland or the Baltic region (Prussia, Lithuania, etc.) during the period of ca. 1000-1500 C.E?
  20. Futurist

    Russia Attempts to Destabilize the Baltic States in the Early 2000s?

    What if Russia attempts to destabilize some or all of the Baltic states in the early 2000s (in the style of what Russia is currently doing in Ukraine) in order to punish these states for seeking to join the EU and/or NATO? How successful would Russia have been in accomplishing this if it would...