1. AlpinLuke

    Vatican bank: the money of God

    Premises 1: being the Vatican the "capital" of Catholic religion and being Catholic religion a world wide organization I put this thread in this section and not in the European one [even if it could stay also there, thinking to where Vatican City is]. Premises 2: I will use historical and...
  2. ib-issi

    who owns The Bank of England ??

    Whilst out for a couple of drinks with friends this evening , we were generaly talking about the Wall Street protests, and one of our party mentioned that we were lucky that the Bank of England was not privately owned like the Federal Bank of America, after much agreement all round, i went to...
  3. fangqingming

    is it really? american bank refuse customer to get back money?

    SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protecting Bank of America; Refusing Customer Withdrawals; Directing Customers to Broken BofA Web Site :nuts:
  4. throughthepastdarkly

    The Swiss & the Euro bank debacle..

    Just read Europe's banks are staring into the abyss which is news to none of us but would like to muse as to what extent the (quite sensibly non-Euro-using) Swiss banks may have to become involved in this, actively or passively? From a layman's POV, it seems it could go either way for the...
  5. larkin

    Artist paints picture of Chase Bank in flames.

    Artist causes stir by painting a picture of Chase Bank in flames. Is this artist committing a crime? Is the artist a terrorist? The Art of Burning Banks - YouTube
  6. James Random

    Florida Couple threaten to foreclose on Bank of America.

    A couple that won a court case after the Bank of America mistakenly foreclosed on their home have threatened a foreclosure of their own. The Florida couple were owed $2,700 in court fees by the Bank of America after winning their court case, but after several months still had not received the...
  7. davu

    usa bank laundered cash - BIG TIME

    just a thought -- the USA is stalled on a 35 billion cut in the budget and the drug cartels transfer 380 BILLION through Wachovia -- go figure
  8. halomanuk

    The Bank of Great Britain - Anyone else for a bail out ?

    Britain is in debt,no two ways about it,ressession,followed by necessary cuts,creating a tough time for all UK citizens who work for a living and pay their taxes always - basically me. So what do we do ? Bail out Ireland who were on their knees and now we are preparing to bail out Portugal...
  9. corrocamino

    G20: Bank levies not agreed

    Does this mean that banks have become more powerful than governments? Does it mean that banks now, effectively, ARE governments?
  10. Solidaire

    Republicans block bank reform again How can this be happening? Do those guys stand for the people's interests or someone else's (you know whose)?
  11. red4tribe

    Was Andrew Jackson right in killing the Second Bank of the United States?

    Was Andrew Jackson right in killing the Second Bank of the United States? He waged a long political war against Nicholas Biddle and the Second Bank of the United States. I've heard some people say that it was a positive thing, that it rooted out a corrupt institution that had too much power...
  12. Sharks and love

    Sub-Prime Mortgage meltdown and bank failure

    Specifically, my professor prompted: I would like you to write a paper on the Sub-Prime mortgage meltdown, major bank and industries failures. What corrective action should be taken by our government, and the American people to resolved the problems? I have come here to specifically ask for...