1. Lawnmowerman

    Russia bans film on death of Stalin

    This film was bound to be controversial in Russia. Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin - BBC News kPpXFnHoC-0 Looks like they are making a half assed attempt to say its getting banned for being disrespectful to Russians who died in WWII. Where as the real reason is...
  2. Garlaban

    Iran Bans Pilgrimages to Mecca

    " Iran has banned all imports from Saudi Arabia and told Iranians they can't join pilgrimages to its holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The announcement Thursday follows Saudi Arabia's decision to break off diplomatic and economic ties with Iran after its embassy in Tehran was attacked. Saudi...
  3. V

    Ukrainian Language Bans in 17-20 Centuries under Russian Rule

    This is an interesting history topic related bans and survival of the Ukrainian language under Moscow/St. Petersburg rule. The history of the fight against Ukrainian language (called Little Russian language) by Russian Czars is impressive. Some historians claim that Russian authorities issued...
  4. wigglywaffles

    firearms bans on native siberians did they happen?

    so did the Russian governement in the colonial era ever try to ban ownership of guns by native siberians? and how effective was it and was it ever lifted? Because I read that turkic/mongol cossacks that were drafted into service still didnt carry guns
  5. Valens

    Russia bans EU politicians from entering the country

    In a recent move, Russia issued a black list of European politicians, banning them from entering Russia, in a response to European sanctions. Russia issues 89-name EU blacklist, bars politicians - Channel NewsAsia
  6. Iraq Bruin

    France bans Muslim street prayers

    France bans Muslim street prayers | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 17.09.2011 Good job , the streets are not the place for prayers.
  7. Lors

    USA has imposed visa bans on Russian officials

    The United States has imposed visa bans on Russian officials connected to the 2009 prison death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, whose case that has come to symbolize corruption and the state of human rights in Russia. U.S. Slaps Visa Bans On Russian Officials Connected To Magnitsky Death; Moscow...
  8. Thessalonian

    EU bans Egyptian seeds due to deadly E. coli

    "Some beans and seeds from Egypt have been banned from being imported into the EU as they are suspected of causing the deadly E. coli outbreak across Europe. Investigators say the likely source is a single shipment of fenugreek seeds from the country, and efforts are being made to trace...
  9. Lors

    Georgian parliament bans Soviet symbols

    It's a very clear reason to ban those symbols in former Soviet republics: they try to dissociate themselves from Russian and their history as far as they can. So it's up to them to choose what should be banned or not. What would you say particularly about Soviet symbols? Do they deserve...
  10. unclefred

    China bans foreigners from Tibetan areas

    China bans foreigners from restive Tibetan areas | Top News | Reuters Cina also denies blockade
  11. Naomasa298

    Court bans man with low IQ from having sex

    For his own protection? Or is it an unwarranted intrusion into his personal life? Court bans man with low IQ from having sex - Telegraph
  12. Son of Cathal

    Belgium bans Muslim veils

    The Belgian government is attempting to pass a bill banning the wearing of full face veils.
  13. CelticBard

    France Bans Religion in Schools

    France has a ban on religious dress in public schools. Christian students could not wear a shirt bearing a large cross, but the laws are seen as especially harsh on Muslim females who are expected by their culture to wear a headscarf. The debate is whether or not this should be acceptable...