1. M

    Were the Medieval Polish Composed of Barbarian Tribes Like in Germany?

    Because of the close proximity and lack of any real kings, it makes me wonder, "Were the Poles barbarians during the Middle Ages?" What was their history like during this time?
  2. T

    Greatest "Barbarian" enemy of Late Rome?

    Was it Fritigern who won at Adrianople and set the WRE on its path of destruction? Alaric who sacked Rome for the first time in nearly 800 years? Attilia aka the "Scourge of God" or Gaiseric who took the breadbasket of N. Africa, sacked Rome in 455, and defeated a Roman counter-invasion in 468...
  3. D

    barbarian experiences of the japanese army

    Hello.Did the military doctors of the japanese army utilize prisoners of war for barbarian experiences in 1941-1945 ?
  4. Polynikes

    Did Roman Provincial soldiers and Barbarian legionaries settle in Italy en masse?

    What is the consensus among historians and sociologists today? Did the settlement of provincial and barbarian legionaries change the gene pool of the Italian peninsula during the events of the middle to late empire? Thanks!
  5. F

    Did commiting atrocities boost the morale of barbarian troops?

    When at war, didn't the orgy of atrocities against enemy non-combatants start once the Huns/Mongols/etc. finished off enemy combatants? Didn't the hordes constantly raid defenseless villages to cull and enslave men, women, and children? How morale-boosting did they find their atrocities...
  6. aldo12

    Barbarian tribes were christians. .

    Many barbarian tribes were professing Christians long before the fall of Roman Empire.
  7. RomanEmperor

    Why was every non-European barbarian force repulsed but one?

    Whether it was the Mongols, Huns, Timurids, Arabs, etc... every barbarian force that invaded Europe was eventually forced out without permanently scarring the lands they invaded/conquered, EXCEPT the Turks.... What made them so different exactly? Were they more ruthless than others even? Even...
  8. Ruleoflaw

    Barbarian invasions or migrations?

    Hi,i think that most of you know the effects and consequences of the arrival of barbarian peoples within the borders of the Western Roman empire and then a summary on what happened will be superfluous. The question is,as the title says, which is the more appropriate term between two to describe...
  9. Mr Higson

    The terror of the breechless barbarian.

    It's always so fashionable to go on about Viking raids. Very popular in the media. But the terror of medieval Northern England was the Scot. Men who held an envious eye on Northumbrian milch cows. A defensive line from Lancaster castle to York existed against the Scot. One wonders how the poor...
  10. Kookaburra Jack

    To what extent (if any) could Constantine be viewed as a barbarian?

    To what extent (if any) could Constantine be viewed as a barbarian? Constantine had been involved in war since childhood. It was the family business. From his track record of later successes in this field it would appear to be clear that he was good at his business. Eusebius reveals a little...
  11. A

    The last Barbarian battles against the romans

    Now as the Viking age was about to close its chapter and the so-called Dark Ages is slowly disappearing. Vikings like that of the Norse, Swedes, and Danes are already converting to Christianity. Seems that there won't be any more barbarians left. But it seems not to be the case in the east as...
  12. G

    Did Slavs fight barbarian tribes post Rome, Anglo Saxons and Nordics

    What was the outcome of these engagements? and what stopped the Slavs from moving further westwards?
  13. C

    Discussion on Early Medieval 'Barbarian' Culture

    Many of the books I read on European medieval history, right now early medieval history, casually mention 'barbarian' peoples across that geographic expanse as an after-thought who were acted on by civilized society over time. I'm yet to come across (or seek out) any work, however, that...
  14. EmperorTigerstar

    Goffart's Ideas on Barbarian Migrations: Agree or Disagree?

    A notable historian is Walter Goffart who specializes in early medieval history as well as the end of the traditional Roman Empire. Interestingly he wrote how he disagrees with the notion of barbarians migrating along a path "like arrows on a map." The idea that nomadic groups followed a...
  15. T

    How on earth did the Barbarian warrirors of classical times fight barechested? There you have it, the Archetypical Celtic warrior, described by the romans, as tall, strong wild men with long hair and rippling muscles who where fond of painting themselves blue Wait what? Yes besides the possible...
  16. P

    Barbarian heretics in the West Roman Empire

    Given the barbarian mercs and settlers tended to be pagan (or at least Arrian Christians), wouldn't that have made them heretics? Was prosecution of heretics a priority in the west Roman Empire? Do you think this was a factor in barbarian disloyalty to the Romans?
  17. titanium

    today we're more Roman than barbarian

    the barbarians were true pluralists, they lived in large hordes with very little central control and it makes for an interesting study because while we see pluralism as a goal in the future, in actuality we have passed the age of pluralism a long time ago. Rome did win in the end and barbarians...
  18. M

    Transition from Roman to Barbarian Rule in Noricum Ripense in the Late 5th Century

    I am posting here for the information of Forum members the text of a paper I wrote several years ago on the transition from Roman to Barbarian rule in the province of Noricum Ripense in the late 5th Century, as described in the Life of St Severinus of Noricum by Eugippius. 1. The Geographical...
  19. M

    The size of Barbarian Migrations?

    How large were Barbrian migrations? The Cimbri one was reported to have up to 400,000 civilians. The Alamanni one was about 300,000. The Gothic 1 million.(overexaggerated probally) How would these people travel? In a long collum like American settlers? Or would they spread out on all fronts and...
  20. M

    Which Mediteranean "Barbarian" people had the best cavalry?(before Huns)

    Been reading a lot on Carthagianian and Roman cavalry recruited from the "Barbarian" pronvinces. Which barbarian peoples made the best cavalry and the best cavalry units for the Roman Foederettii? Note: Roman Auxilia are highly Romanized by Flavian era and 3rd century. For example German...