1. JoanOfArc007

    President Roosevelt Called Baseball a Wartime Morale Booster

  2. Baltis

    Negro League Baseball - History and Heroes

    This past week I started working on a thread to look at the history of the Negro Leagues in the USA. Interesting stuff. Just as one might expect, I found that African-Americans have been playing the game from its earliest. Hopefully, this thread will be a place one might gain useful information...
  3. R

    Black Baseball before Jackie Robinson

    I recently served as moderator for a discussion group that I participate in, and the subject that I chose was Black Baseball before Jackie Robinson. I was surprised by how much material is available online, so I thought I'd post a few links to the things I found: 1) This, in five parts, is a...
  4. Salah

    Who invented baseball?

    The 19th Century American soldier Abner Doubleday is famous for only two reasons. The first, is his lackluster performance at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The second, for the supposed invention of American baseball while he was a cadet at the US Military Academy. It is now generally...
  5. R

    Baseball Negro League Statistics

    The great babseball statistics site,, has added a database of statistics concerning the "Negro Leagues" that existed before Jackie Robinson crossed the color bar in 1947: Negro League Data Sources - I believe that researchers have been waiting...
  6. G

    Russian history alluded to in baseball telecast

    Hi. During the telecast of the Yankees-Rays game on Fox, there was an interesting (and controversial) reference to the practice, during Soviet times, of expunging people no longer in favor from photographs in which they had appeared. Tim McCarver, the broadcaster, compared the Yankees'...
  7. Pedro

    BASEBALL - The Early Years

    In the early 1830’s baseball was popular enough to warrant the publishing of a rule book. Robin Carver’s Book of Sports (1834) included rules to the game. Carver’s book also included a wood engraving showing the game played on Boston common. The same block was used to...
  8. M

    Who is the best baseball player in history?

    Alright...I'll admit that I am not the most active sports enthusiast, but that's alright, I can still be interested in the history of it. Heh. I was wondering who the best baseball player is. I've heard that Babe Ruth was the best, but then I've heard about other players like Hank Aaron. Who...