1. M

    Naval Campaigns during French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars except Trafalgar

    I shall start reading a book written by Gareth Glover "Forgotten War Against Napoleon" soon. He focuses Mediterranean Theater of French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. That makes me wonder which naval theater of these wars had most strategic importance ? Indian Ocean ? (basically trade...
  2. RidiculousName

    Battles of Rock and Copper

    Do we know of any battle where one force was armed predominantly with copper, bronze, or early iron weapons and arrayed against one outfitted with stone weapons?
  3. I

    Why there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe?

    Which are supported reasons that there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe compared to previous centuries after Napoleonic Wars? 18th century and especially 17th century were known to have lots of wars. After the defeat of Napoleon's French Empire in Waterloo in 1815, there were a long...
  4. M

    Infantry battles in the Gulf War?

    How common where infantry battles in the Gulf War? I am reading about 73 Easting and I believe there was times the US tanks units got bumrushed by Iraqi infantry only to be driven back to Bradleys and airstrikes.
  5. I

    Looking for books about Austrian Succession War

    I am not historian but 18th century military history fascinates me, especially in Europe. Can you recommend me please a good book covering Austrian Succession War and if possible any of its battles: Fontenoy, Dettingen, Bassignana?
  6. I

    A question about battles in 18th century

    I was more familiar about naval battles in 18th century than land battles and some years ago I learned that contrary to what I thought about how naval battles were in 18th century, a victory condition did not imply the destruction of most enemy ships, but however, a good strategical position and...
  7. I

    Weirdest Aviation Battles

    I made a short video on the weirdest aviation battles I thought you guys might enjoy: Weirdest Aviation Battles
  8. I

    How do you search information about historical battles?

    Hi, This is not homework, neither for University, I read about military history just as a hobby in my free time. I am now interested in battles of Seven Years War (1756–1763), and War of the Austrian Succession (1740–1748), specifically Battle of Rossbach (1757), Battle of Dettingen (1743)...
  9. I

    What are the greatest battles of Seven Years War?

    Seven Years War, a global conflict fought between 1756 and 1763, involving every European great power of the time and spanned five continents, splitting Europe into two coalitions, led by the Kingdom of Great Britain (including Prussia, Portugal, Hanover, and other small German states) on one...
  10. H

    Ancient Indian battles

    I would like to hear of any accounts of ancient battles of India as they are few and far between. I uave researched a lot on the net and found only a few battles. Heremthey are. Defeat of Assyrian Queen: She dressed up her camels as elephants and crossed the Indus, but the Indian king learned...
  11. H

    Any account of ancient indian battles

    I would like to hear of any accounts of ancient battles of India as they are few and far between. I uave researched a lot on the net and found only a few battles. Heremthey are. Defeat of Assyrian Queen: She dressed up her camels as elephants and crossed the Indus, but the Indian king learned...
  12. J

    Movie cut of the Evolution of Human Warfare

    Hi guys! I have been with historum for many years, and this is my first time posting! I am extremely devoted to the history of warfare, and having taken a few courses in uni on "The Greek Way of warfare", inspired me to make a few videos showing the timeline of human warfare through movies and...
  13. G

    Big vs small army battle with a bit more detail

    Hello there. About a week ago I created a thread about deciding a battle scenario between a very big untrained army and a small trained one. It sounded quite absurd (and honestly is) but I didn't give enough details which could be important. So this time I'll give more detail. Setting is early...
  14. G

    Big vs small army battles throughout history

    Had an argument about the significance of an army's size in a medieval context. My opinion was that while Hollywood has led us to believe that the smaller force can always beat the bigger one it rarely happens so in actuality. My friend didn't agree so we created a simple scenario as an example...
  15. P

    Battle or Battles of Khalkin Gol?

    I'm doing A-Level history and as part of the course we briefly study the Soviet-Japanese border conflict of 1938-1939. Was there a single decisive engagement known as the "Battle of Khalkin Gol", or was it a series of engagements known as the "Battles of Khalkin Gol", where the Japanese were...
  16. A

    Mortality Rates in Ancient Battles?

    What was the rough death-to-participant ratio on the losing side in ancient battles and wars? Did most losing combatants in general perish during battle?
  17. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    What is more important? Battles or Strategy

    By your estimation what is more important for a general to have in war? To have a very strong grasp of Strategy or to be very good at Battle Tactics? The way I see it a battle won without a strong strategy to guide it is pretty much meaningless. So your thoughts? What is the consensus of the forum?
  18. TheBlackRose

    Medieval Combat and Battles

    Recently, I've been doing some research into sword fighting and something I've come over again and again is this idea that most fights wouldn't go beyond 10 seconds before it was over. If this is true then how could battles such as the Battle of Barnet possibly last up to three hours and only...
  19. Spike117

    Saddest battles?

    What battles do you think are the saddest, either on moral/humanitarian terms (loss of life, stupidity of the conflict, civilian casualites, etc.) or on personal terms (i.e. my favorite nation lost, empire fell, etc.)? For me: -Cannae (one of the greatest defeats of Rome, utter destruction)...
  20. DaveK

    Battles in History go over my head - Help me understand

    So I do a lot of reading and (podcast) listening about history and occasionally documentary watching. Much of what I am looking at right now is ancient and Medeivel history. When it gets to "the battle of X," which I know is very important, my brain just goes on 'ignore.' for some reason. I...