1. O

    Aztecs beat Cortez

    Suppose the Aztecs had succeeded in wiping out the Spaniards (I think they came close) but the word had gotten back to Spain about all that gold would enough Conquistadors have gone to Mexico to win?
  2. RidiculousName

    Why do Carriers beat Battleships?

    I know next to nothing about naval warfare. What makes a strategy based around carriers superior to one based around battleships? Is it purely the ability of airplanes to more reliably hit their targets?
  3. Romaneagle

    What If the Persians Won the Persian War?

    How would the course of history be different if the Persians beat the Greeks during the Persian War? Would democracy have been so prominent? How would this impact philosophy? Would history's republics and democracies disappear?
  4. RidiculousName

    Why Does Monotheism Beat Polytheism?

    Why are there significantly more tenants to monotheistic faiths than any other kind? Are Monotheistic Faiths just more suitable to societies with a certain level of complexity? Why were the Hebrews apparently monotheistic, but not many, many other peoples? Are there any known peoples we can...
  5. R

    The Ancient Mayans could of beat Rome

    even when both at their peak I know, I know another hypothetical "civilization vs. civilization" thread, but i saw this thread on reddit and just have to say everyone was saying that rome would dominate because they had iron weapons but i thought Mayans obisidian weapons are sharper than...
  6. O

    Can conventional forces beat guerilla forces?

    im just curious about whether its actually possible for a guerilla force to admit defeat against a regular army, cuz through out history during such combat, the guerillas always win out in the end or force a stalemate
  7. Iraq Bruin

    India: They beat him to death — for eating beef

    A mob in India just dragged a man from his home and beat him to death ? for eating beef - The Washington Post
  8. pinguin

    The Bomb didn't beat Japan... Stalin did

    This discussion started up on another thread, and I thought I'd move it here to avoid derailment. I have for some time been convinced that the arguments summarised in this article: The Bomb Didn't Beat Japan: Stalin Did | Foreign Policy are highly persuasive that the atomic bombing of...
  9. C

    Did Parthia/Persia have the military capability to beat Pontus/Armenia

    Even factoring in exaggerations by historians, it seems pretty clear that the brothers in law Mithridates of Pontus and Tigranes of Armenia has several hundred thousand troops between them (if not a lot more). Let's say instead of moving Westerward, and being crushed by Rome, they had invaded...
  10. Darth Raidius

    Could you beat or rape a slave that you did not own?

    Well, the title says everything I guess. I talked about this to a friend yesterday but wasn't certain of the correct answer. I know that you could do these things to your own slave, but what if you did it to a slave belonging to someone else? My friend guessed that it was legal to beat or rape...
  11. M

    How the Vietnamese beat the Mongols

    I am interested why the Mongol invasion of Vietnam failed so badly. The Mongols raised up to hundreds of thousands of troops and failed. What gave Vietnamese the advantage? Why?
  12. bunnyman987

    Best pre-modern army to beat mongol.

    Title says it all.
  13. M

    If Chinese won th Battle of Talas and beat the Arabs.

    Title. What do you think China would do? Do you think they have the capability of expanding?
  14. J

    How do we know this empire beat that empire?

    Archaeologist find a lot of things that give us an idea how the ancient civilizations lived. They might tell us about their religion, government, market etc. but how can we know how long that empire lasted and which empire took over? History books talk about so many wars like how Romans...
  15. WeisSaul

    What if Dewey beat Truman?

    What if Thomas Dewey beat Harry Truman in the 1948 election?
  16. emperor of seleucid

    Strongest Nation Facist Italy could beat

    How strong were they?
  17. Corto Maltese

    How fast would a Modern military beat a military from Ancient times

    Let say that the modern British military and the Ancient Roman military went to war with each other. How long do you think the Roman miliraty could hold out against a modern British military. i say maby the Romans could hold out for 2-3 days at most
  18. Sharks and love

    Beat poetry

    I admit, this is the first beat poem I have ever enjoyed. Granted, some of you may not agree with the message, but I think you will find the way it is delivered entertaining. The first thing I thought was... Oh God this guy looks nuts. And then when he told me it was a 9 minute beat poem I...
  19. Toltec

    Police Beat Up Teenage

    Just remember they were only defending themselves. YouTube - Houston Police beating of teenager Chad Holley
  20. pinguin

    So the Spartan beat the Samurai

    Sheile was deciding weapon, so would it be with Viking. Go to Youtube & seel Thrand.