1. M

    Which one is more beautiful?

    Zhanna Prokhorenko or Svetlana Toma? Both are Soviet actors and movie stars from a past millenium. They are world class beauties, we are in no local league here as it may seem because I know that you don't know them if you are not Russian (or ex Soviet).
  2. B

    The Circassians where famously beautiful, and often mentioned as such in historical a

    Historically the Circassian people, especially the women where praised for their beauty by Europeans and people of the Middle East, what other ethnic groups where historically held in high regard for there beauty?
  3. R

    The most beautiful 18th century portraits

    Without doubt, the European 18th century witnessed an artistic explosion; some of the finest portraits in the world were painted in this era of Enlightenment. Personally I love the splendid portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds and François Boucher; but you may prefer others...Which are your...
  4. R

    The most beautiful royal love stories

    It's undeniable that most royal marriages, from prehistory until recent times, have been of the dynastic type: pre-arranged in order to create or strengthen ties between different nations. Yet, on occasions, monarchs have been able to choose their own spouses, marrying the great "love of their...
  5. R

    The most beautiful classical Asian poetry

    Ancient and Medieval Asia has produced many thousands of wonderful poems, from the first Sumerian mythological verses to the marvels of Persian love songs...India, China, Japan, all the Near and Middle East: in my opinion, few are the readers who are not enchanted by one or diverse aspects of...
  6. LatinoEuropa

    Which are the most beautiful countries in the world for you?

    For me the most beautiful countries in the world I will say some that I have known. Here's my list of countries I've met and they're beautiful Egypt italy morocco dakar abidjan spain france nigeria algeria greece belgium mozambique portugal denmark holland sweden andorra.
  7. aldo12

    The most beautiful Mediaval (underrated ) city in Europe.

    To me: Some of the most beautiful (UNDERRATED ) medieval town in Europe are: York : England Nottingham = England Bruges : Belgium Rothenburg = Germany Saint Paul de Vence = France Assisi = Italy Salzburg (it is not really medieval ) = Austria Porto = Portugal Granada = Spain Venice...
  8. CherokeesSong

    Hello From the beautiful Grand Canyon of the South!

    Hello from Eastern Kentucky!! :)
  9. F

    Pulchritudicide: powerful men hoarding beautiful women disproportionately

    I coined pulchritudicide ad hoc: pulchitudo (Latin word for beauty) + -cide (killer/killing) For too many centuries, in too many societies, a small number of male elites had been hoarding an insane number of good-looking women (at least above average within the population the elites exercised...
  10. King Arthur

    Most Beautiful/Handsome Person in History Contest

    Hello everyone! I've often wondered who people think is the most attractive woman or man in history. There are only a few criteria to whom you can choose: 1- It can be a man or woman. 2- The representation of them must be from before 1900. 3- They must have some contemporary (slightly...
  11. Notgnirracen

    Beautiful Writing

    Writing doesn't have to be, well ... like this. Throughout history and still today writing has taken many beautiful forms and have often ressembled art more than anything else. So I thought I'd start a thread where we could share images of this. I'll start with some runestones: The Vaksala...
  12. G

    The most beautiful queens of Asia and a famous tale of their beauty

    Criteria should be part of Asia and should have been a queen (either ruling herself as a power centre, as a ruler for regent or as a wife of the ruling king). Concubines and courtesans not allowed. Only officially recognised wives. Strong plus if the queen is the most important one inside royal...
  13. Sharks And L0ve

    The school of life: Beautiful History, Philosophy, Relationships, Psychology, etc

    Here are a few to a few to a chance:
  14. larkin

    A Beautiful Mind

    John Nash and his wife died on the New Jersey Turnpike in an auto accident. He was the mathmatical theoretician that conceived of game theory and despite his crippling mental illness, won the Nobel Prize. His biography was featured in the Russell Crowe motion picture, "A Beautiful Mind."
  15. A Vietnamese

    Beautiful armor suits?

    I was looking for some medieval armor suits that are really beautiful with all kinds of decorating. They dont have to be practical in combat, ceremonial armor suits are fine too. I have a fiery discussion with a friend about how boring the armors in the games are and I want to show him that...
  16. The Alchemist

    'Beautiful' Hindu temples?

    I said to a friend that I have not seen picture of a single Hindu temple that I'd call 'beautiful'. The Hindu temple photos that I have seen, all share an architecture that seems pretty shoddy to me. Now, this could be because of my ignorance so please post photos of what you consider beautiful...
  17. H

    What is the most beautiful building in China?

    What is the most beautiful building in china?
  18. Talbot Vilna

    Most Beautiful Modern Coinage

    Who knows, coins might just disappear in time! But until that time, what coins do you consider to be the most beautifully designed? NOW THE CATCH: coinage issued from 1950 to today only. They could be issued for circulation or as commemoratives. Which country seems to produce the most...
  19. Glauk


    Albanian folk music falls into three sylistic groups, with other important music areas around Shkodër and Tirana; the major groupings are the Ghegs of the north and southern Labs and Tosks. The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the "rugged and heroic" tone of the north and the...
  20. Halomanuk2

    Evelyn McHale - The Beautiful Suicide (Contains suicide photo)

    This is an amazing photograph,now world famous, of Evelyn McHale,looking peaceful and beautiful on the United Nations Limousine she had destroyed after falling 86 floors from the Empire State Building on 1st May 1947 : This is more on her story : This detail from a photo by Robert...