1. R

    Why is Beijing the capital of China and not Xi'an or Luoyang?

    Why is Beijing the capital of China, and not Xi'an, Luoyang, or even Kaifeng? I mean Beijing is a pretty recent capital of the Ming, while Xi'an was the capital all the way back to the Qin, and had more historicity as the capital under the great dynasties of the Hand and the Tang, while...
  2. skig

    Hi ... Peking or Beijing?

    Greetings, Glad to find this community. I'm a genealogist. Currently working on a small piece initially planned to commemorate my ancestor's 180th birthday (these cement statues above lined the path to the tomb site - not sure how to make the photo smaller) but every time I look at it, I've...
  3. FailWhale

    Can the US capture Beijing

    In conventional warfare. If they really go for it, without thinking of long term occupation or consequences, and the Chinese are hellbent on defending it. Could they manage? How would they approach it.
  4. P

    car Beijing December 1921 what does the text read?

    Who can help me translate the Chinese on the registration plate of this early automobile? copyright University of Bristol, Ruxton family ru-s012 21 December 1921 Bejing car at wedding of Enid Ruxton and William Cassels
  5. richiethewanderer

    Hello from Beijing

    Hello everyone, I've been a long time reader and finally decided to register. I looking forward to participating in the discussions. I have been living here in china for over 4 years, most of them in beijing. My main historical interests are Rome and Musket era warfare.
  6. C

    "Korea's 1st kingdom ruled today's Beijing"

    A new wrinkle in the Sino-Korean History conflict as a Korean scholar publishes a new book extending the territory of Gojoseon into China: 'Korea's 1st kingdom ruled today's Beijing' The new territory of Gojoseon according to the article: It is difficult to see, even were we to believe in...
  7. pnoozi

    Hong Kong leadership candidates will be pre-screened by Beijing

    Beijing rules out open election in Hong Kong - WSJ The mainland Communists announced any chief elections in Hong Kong would only feature candidates approved by Beijing.
  8. Z

    Beijing city fortification

    Beijing city fortifications - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There is something I confuse about it. As you can see in Beijing,there is a fortification wall where the city is surrounded by wall. My question is are this walled city s the only territory in Beijing while region outside the walled...
  9. Z

    Why northerner like to make Beijing their capital?

    I notice that Beijing is made capital by the Khitan Liao and the Jurchen Jin. Is there any reason why they choose to make Beijing their capital rather than their own homeland here they come from?
  10. Z

    Mongol in Beijing after Yuan dynasty fall

    Does anyone know what happen to the Mongol in Beijing after the fall of Yuan dynasty? Do most of the retreat back to Mongol or stay there in Beijing? What does the Ming do with them and what are the percentage of Mongol population during Mind dynasty?
  11. Z

    Are all Manchu in Beijing in banner?

    In Qing dynasty,banner are military right? Are the entire(or almost all) Manchu population in Beijing during Qing dynasty are in banner? If yes,does that mean the entire Manchu population in Beijing during Qing dynasty work in military? What about the Han Chinese in Beijing during Qing dynasty...
  12. Jake10

    Reasons for Beijing's Name Changes

    I'm particularly wondering why they changed the name of the city from Peking to Beijing, and it would also be interesting to find out about the motives behind other name changes. Thanks in advance.
  13. Crismo

    Hi.A newbie from Beijing,China.

    Hi,I just came across this forum when i was googling something about chinese acient coins,I think it is worth visiting often in the future so as to learn something about history of all over the world. Collecting acient coins and hard currency is one of my favorate things to do,i do want to...
  14. Jake10

    What do you find interesting about Beijing?

    It has a long history with plenty of drama. What are some interesting aspects of the capital?
  15. Jake10

    Why didn't Altan Khan take Beijing when it was at his mercy?

    In 1550, Mongol leader Altan Khan drove his army into Beijing. Having fought his way through the Chinese defenses, he sent a message to Emperor Jiajing who was hiding in the Forbidden City, asking for trade with China. The emperor refused his request, and demanded the Mongols to withdraw from...
  16. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    Xi'an, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tianjing help D:

    I'm going to go to Xi'an, Beijing, Tianjing, and Hong Kong over the summer! Woot! (My parents promised Urumqi but they broke the promise D'X, and they said I can't go to Tibet because I would faint from the mountains and stuff) The problem is, the only landmarks/awesome places I know in these 4...
  17. Jake10

    Why did Zhu Di change the captal from Nanjing to Beijing?

    So, Peking was the secondary capital to Nanjing until the Yongle Emperor decided to change that. What brought this on?
  18. M

    Construction of Beijing

    My first history essay that I wrote awhile back. :) “The Son of Heaven Protects the Dragon’s Gate.” Zhu Di, Yongle Emperor In 1403, the Emperor of Ming China Yongle used that powerful phrase to begin the...
  19. A

    Beijing in 1350 AD

    I've been researching this for the past day but haven't been able to find much. I'm working on a assignment and I need the following information on Beijing. If anyone can forward me the information or has helpful links that would be greatly appreciated. - Brief history, what had happened up to...