1. J

    The reality about the Congo Free State

    I want to address certain myths regarding the Congo Free State, created by sensationalist books full of lies such as "King Leopold's Ghost" and "Heart of Darkness" When Leopold took control of the Congo, the country was ethnically divided, and the Arabs and Swahili frequently bought huge...
  2. T

    Brussels calling !

    Thanks for the forum which looks great. Look forward to finding answers and some ... I'm located in Brussels, Belgium. Greetings to all.
  3. M

    Is Belgium Frankish or Belgic?... Or dutch?

    Curiosity and other things.... Basically, where does a modern Belgian identity fall, is it where the Franks temporarily resided for a period during the dark and middle ages, or is it where the pre-Roman Belgae/Belgic populations were until being pushed out and/or intermarrying with/losing...
  4. R

    Invading France on 20 May, 1938 without attacking Belgium or Holland.

    OTL Germany forced France and Britain to expand airplane, tank and cannon production, recruit, etc, by first demanding the Sudeten and then invading Czechoslovakia, breaking his word in April 1939 and then invading Poland and allowing France, Belgium and Britain to prepare. Even Luxemburg put...
  5. B

    From Belgium !

    Hi everyone, and thank you for having me. I love to read about history, the more ancient the better, from my armchair perspective in the age of antibiotics and vintage motorcycles. Being now a citizen of Historum, I am first a contented citizen of the recent kingdom of Belgium, heir to the...
  6. Sobo

    Belgium failed in evry aspect...was warned about Terrorists from Assad

    The german secret service made public that german agents have contact with Assads security forces and got the passport data of the paris attackers. Germany send the data to the belgian authorities...and there they did...nothing. Geheimdienste: Assad lieferte Hinweise auf Paris-Attentäter - DIE...
  7. VHS

    How did Belgium become a"failed state"?

    I heard of the description of Belgium being the wealthiest failed state in the world. Its security departments are fragmented and ineffective. It hasn't come up with a government for 541 days in 2011. Hour of reckoning...
  8. EmperorTigerstar

    German Change in Colonization Policy

    At first, Bismarck thought that colonization wouldn't be a wise path for Germany, but then by the early 1880s (Merely a decade after unification) Germany suddenly acquired colonies in the Pacific and Africa, with a massive reverse in policy. Germany aggressively pursued imperialistic ambitions...
  9. P

    Hi From Belgium

    Hello there I am new here I am interested in ancient to recent history, politics, art and culture and philosophy. I will look around and post here and there. Regards
  10. B

    New user Belgium Georgia

    Hello, my name is Irakli, i'm 16 y/o and i live in Belgium. I am from Georgia. I'm studying Latin-Greek languages and culture at school. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :D I am looking for Georgians who are on this site.
  11. deaf tuner

    near Jodoigne (2)

    Well, as I was (trying) to sort a bit my photos, I thought to come back to the Art Sanctuary, as it was a place I liked. The idea to transform a garden into an exhibition, though it is not new, in this particular case it's a bit different: it's open to the public. Of course, it's not entirely...
  12. S

    Gun identification

    Helloooo Can someone help me identify these 3 guns I guess the 1st and 3rd one are belgiun And the 2nd one is a spanish copycat of a s&w Any ideas? Cheers
  13. deaf tuner

    near Jodoigne

    Sunday, early in the morning. Well, around noon. But still too early. And the rain didn't came. Was a hot week, they said we will have a good rainy Saturday, but the French decided to keep all of it for themselves. So it's just hot and sticky. Well, Belgium is no longer what it used to be. The...
  14. CathareHeretic

    1923 Ruhr occupied by French and Belgian Troops

    In 1923 raymond Poincaré former President of Republic and now Prime minister Frustrated at Germany not paying reparations, Poincaré hoped for joint Anglo-French economic sanctions against Germany in 1922 and opposed military action. However by December 1922 he was faced with...
  15. C

    Belgian Congo

    Does anyone have any resources, propaganda, or just general knowledge about the days of the Belgian Congo (1908-1960) Any information such as daily life in the Congo, Belgian attitudes towards the colony as well as the fight for independence in 1960 would be great. Thanks
  16. P

    1830 and the loss of Belgium

    1830 is commonly known as the year of the July revolution in France and in several other places in Europe, but it is also the year when the Belgians started their revolt against the Dutch. From 1813-1830 the low countries were united as one under the Dutch king William I of Orange-Nassau...
  17. Y

    alternative to G7 for non-G7 developed countries?

    I read, the other day, an article about the G7, found here, which includes the following: "This centrality rests in part on the fact that membership in the G7 has been fixed since 1977. The original six which launched the group at Rambouillet in November 1975 (France, the United States...
  18. P

    Belgium's greatest World War Two hero?

    There are no doubt, those who will say ''Belgian war heroes/heroines?-after The way Belgian King Leopold, left the B.E.F.'s flank gaping wide open just before Dunkirk by his capitulation to the Nazis?. But whatever the historcal accuracy of that event one should never, ever, overlook or ignore...
  19. Zeno

    Albert II of Belgium to abdicate.

    Just a minor blib in the history of human civilization, king Albert II of Belgium will announce his abdication this evening. Now let's hope he abolishes the monarchy alltogether.
  20. Underlankers

    The Battle of the Yser, or how Belgium stopped Germany cold:

    First World - Battles - The Battle of the Yser, 1914 For Belgians, 1914 was not a good year. To begin with, Germany had invaded their country and carried out the atrocities in WWI most reminiscent of its behavior as an occupier in WWI, such as the villages burned down to revenge...