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  1. N

    Best/favourite large-scale special forces unit in WWII

    This is sort of a follow up to my poll on small scale special forces. This poll is about units that usually went on missions in larger groups of at least company size, often batalions or regiments. Perhaps the archtype here is the British Commandoes. I'm making a distinction between "beachhead"...
  2. Shtajerc

    Best/favourite Napoleonic infantry?

    I blew it the first time as I was in a hurry and didn't manage to make a poll, so I kindly ask a moderator to please delete the other one on this link. I'm sorry for making you extra work and trouble. :unsure...
  3. Shtajerc

    Allover best/favourite Napoleonic infantry?

    I'd like to see which Napoleonic infantry you guys will vote for (hopefully it hasn't been done yet). You can choose the one you think was best, either in the whole Napoleonic Wars period or in its branch, or the one you like best, even if just because of their uniforms or something. Please...