1. P

    Betrayal at Pearl Harbor: How Churchill lured Roosevelt

    According the Rutsbridger and Nave's book:, British intelligence deciphered a Japanese secret message which informed that a powerful task force including many carriers, should cast off, refueled and sailed toward an...
  2. Pauke! Pauke!

    Operation Catapult: Britain's only option or a bloody betrayal?

    3 July 1940, Operation Catapult: Churchill orders the neutralization of the French Fleet following the French armistice with Nazi Germany. After negotiations to accept the British ultimatum failed with Admiral Gensoul at Mers el Kabir, Algeria, the French warships are fired upon by their allies...
  3. Jake10

    Is Turning in a family member betrayal?

    Let us stick to misdemeanors, so we're not talking about a major felony. If a family member does something wrong, would reporting it to the authorities be considered betrayal of your own? Or, is keeping quiet about it justified?
  4. Pacific_Victory

    The American Betrayal of George Washington

    Famously, George Washington urged American Neutrality in foreign wars, and arguably started America on the isolationist path that it would follow for many years to come. But today we are clearly at a point where involvement in foreign wars is standard practice. This deviation from...
  5. P

    Betrayal of Poland

    The second soviet invasion of Poland In March 1944 polish army divisions conveyed a desire to continue their mutual assistance against the German army. Likewise many of the partisan groups that fought with the red army for years. agreed By June 1944, these same polish comrades were being...
  6. CathareHeretic

    West Democraty betrayal 3 Yalta the East Europe

    source The Yalta Betrayal - Best Resource on FDR Chapter 1. CLAIMS AND FACTS IN APOLOGY for the Yalta disaster, Sumner Welles wrote of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "He could not then know that the co-operative relationship with Stalin that he had established would break down almost immedi-...
  7. CathareHeretic

    West Democracy betrayal 2 ...Poland really?

    I find this interresting Document and if i no agree with the Conclusion i Think UK and France respected their Obligation , i agree to writte the French Republic entered into a illlogical system of Contradictory Politics Offensive Pacts and alliances wanted by Louis Barthoux Ministér of the...
  8. CathareHeretic

    Munich West Democracy betrayal Czechoslovakia

    Munich Agreement (29-30 September 1938) Agreements signed between France, Britain, Germany and Italy, aimed at ending the crisis in Czech-German. Following the separatist campaign of the Sudeten Germans, supported by the Berlin government ominously for peace, the Munich conference, attended...
  9. Putzi

    How is 'betrayal' viewed upon in Arabic culture / ME ?

    First of all, I don't mean this as racist topic. If I put the question into a poor wording, I appologise - this is only due lack of knowledge about cultural nuances. Obviously I can't speak for the whole region and all the nationalities living there as well, keep this in mind too. However, I...
  10. shivfan

    The Fall of Singapore - the Great Betrayal

    Just watched this.... BBC Two - The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal It was an excellent programme. This peer, who was a friend of Churchill, betrayed war secrets to the Japanese, which led to the deaths of thousands of British and American soldiers and sailors. His co-conspirators...
  11. Belloc

    Warsaw Rising: Hope and Betrayal

    Warsaw Rising: Hope and Betrayal
  12. ktisis

    Russian high officials are American spies?!

    Russia's Chief Prosecutor Collaborated with Stratfor - Wikileaks - - Sofia News Agency It's interesting - they have personal accounts in Western banks, businesses, an elite private property on the West, their children live and study on the West... Why do Western media keep silence...
  13. B

    Byzantine Betrayal of Crusaders

    Does anyone agree that the outcome of the Crusades would have been much different had the Emperor(s) of Constantinople kept their promises? To me, the Crusades were destined to happen. But the Christian defences and early successes were weakened by traitorious actions from shady leadership in...
  14. Kinan

    Second Schleswig War and the betrayal of Sweden

    I couldn't find this anywhere, why Sweden didn't send troops to help Denmark although they promised to?
  15. Edward

    Yalta 1944-The Great Betrayal or the Great Political Naivety.

    Yalta 1945-The Great Betrayal or the Great Political Naivety. Quote from Wiki: Qte ”The Big Three further agreed that democracies would be established, all liberated European and former Axis satellite countries would hold free elections and that...
  16. LittleInsurgent

    Western Betrayal

    As an Eastern European I've been brought up in the belief that during the WWI we've been betrayed by the allies. By appeasing Hitler by giving him Chechosvolakia, when no military help came after the German invasion in 1 September- the so called phoney war- and during the 1944 Uprising. And the...