1. bodhi

    Bias in the judical system

    To not derail the thread : Of course the US judicial system is not set up to protect them. That also was not the argument. Nobody is arguing that the system is pro-anything. Nobody is arguing racism. I'm saying humans have prejudices. Including people who work in the judicial system. These...
  2. TrueHistory77

    Anglo-American Bias against the Italians during WW2

    I've heard and read that many popular WW2 history books were quite biased against the Italian war effort, even to the point of being quite dismissive and racist. For example, Anglo-American historians would high-light Allied successes while down-playing Italian ones, dismissing them as having...
  3. P

    Spanish phobia and the bias of history

    (I was born in Spain but I am US citizen from birth. Welsh American from both sides of my family, I have as high regard for my British ancestry and heritage as for my Spanish one). If there was anything that interested me in school growing up, that was history, and the history of the country I...
  4. J

    Possible detail of Arabian bias in Islam and spread of it to other places

    Hello, this is something that I have been wondering for some time. Apparently, according to Islam believers will get be married to these women of white complexion in paradise, which does sound like its following arabian beauty standards/preferences and does seem like Arabian bias. I have noticed...
  5. J

    Is this a trait of arabian bias in shia islam?

    I have asked this around, but I think making this thread public would let me get better responses: I've been wondering about this for a while. In the religion called Shia Islam, it follows teachings such as being against racism, and it does idolize some African figures. However, in heaven, it...
  6. B

    How to be Objective/Unbiased Historian

    Hello guys I am wondering. in history, many, many of the stories are written in many different scenarios. Sometimes it is clear which one is true, but sometimes details can go both ways. What do you think we should to objectively and unbaised-ly find the true story. when I think of it, it...
  7. E

    Bias, History Books, and Zinn

    I found this quote recently on a homeschooling blog... "You’re not going to find such a thing [unbiased history books]. You will be using biased books no matter what. Now, some biases are so far in one direction as to cease to be history, but instead have become fiction. I’m not going to...
  8. G

    Suggest some good books on history of Sanskrit without ideological bias

    Suggest some good books on history of Sanskrit language and literature without ideological bias. Basically the author should not have ideological bias like Sheldon Pollock.
  9. antiquarian

    A Hitler Bias

    Why is Hitler vilified more so than Stalin or Mao? As a young student up I picked up on this hypocrisy. I am by no means defending Hitler but have always thought their was a bias against him vs Stalin and Mao.
  10. VorpalxBlade

    Bias Against Sulla

    I don't understand why some people find Sulla to be so tyrannical. I have even seen him being compared to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini? Sure, Sulla could be cruel, but all his acts were in the interests of reforming and strengthening the republic, and stopping men such as Marius from abusing the...
  11. Midas

    Left wing views & bias on history

    First of all, don't be provoked by the title. Personally, I am quite apolitical yet ideologically close to the left. So, what has been buffling me for many years is how history is treated by some people that belong polically to the left wing. I am not talking about political history...
  12. R

    The Great Indian Bias towards fair skin!

    Hello! This is Rashi! And Im a Humanties -Sociology student from India For my 12th Board Project..I need Help! My topic is The Beauty Industry and RAcism I've increasingly found Us Indians Victimising ourselves as subjects of racial Hatred. And sometimes I just end up finding the whole...
  13. viking


    Now I would be the last to accuse our wonderful group of moderators with knowingly exhibiting bias. But on one subject, one moderator seems awful quick on the draw.
  14. Patito de Hule

    A prime example of bias in education

    The history textbook by James Woodburn and Thomas Moran, Elementary American History and Government, was published for American high schools in 1914. It was still widely used when my parents were in school--my dad had a copy of it in our library when I was growing up. Here is an interesting...
  15. R

    Controversial Korean History?

    I'm currently living in Korea and, as any foreigner who has ever lived here can attest, possibly the single most frequent history topic I encounter here is all the ways Japan has mistreated Korea. Dokdo and the destruction/theft of art and architecture during various Japanese invasions are...
  16. T

    For those of you who have taken history classes....

    Hi everyone, I've recently taken a humanities class at a college near me, and I am currently taking another one as well. My first class was Greco/Roman humanities, while I am now taking a late Roman/medieval humanities. One thing I have noticed is that both my teachers have shown a lot of bias...
  17. Frog33inUK

    Anglo-Saxon bias in historiography ?

    Considering that a large amount of what global historiography has to offer isn't translated into English, would you consider that, overall, global historiography has an "anglo-saxon" bias, and if yes to what extent ? Following my first question: How much are you interested in knowing about the...
  18. Vladd

    The Media

    I have no idea what it is like in the rest of the world, but here in the UK media consumers are becoming almost tribal. People do not read or watch the news media to be informed any more, after all most of it is little more than gossip, people turn to their media of choice to reinforce their...
  19. Lors

    U.S. Army bias against Russians

    Just wondering why are they so rude to Russians? Cause of the previous Cold War? :laugh: The Military's Secret Shame - Print View - The Daily Beast Shortly after his attack, with his assailants threatening to send him “back to Russia in half,”... ... But he’s insistent on telling his story...
  20. Robespierre

    Your bias in reading history

    There are school of interpretations. Obviously a historian from a Whig school would have a certain framework in which he fits his material. But there are lesser known biases as well. Class, social gender, etc. Even the way you see the progression of history can be a bias. If, like Marx, you...