1. SufiMystic

    What is the biggest threat humans face in the future?

    History shows us that nothing lasts forever. Many empires of history have come and gone. They fell for all sorts of reasons, from famine to natural disasters and enemy invasions. With that in mind, what do you think is the biggest threat humans face in the future? Is it nuclear weapons...
  2. Futurist

    What were the biggest ways that an ordinary person could have influenced US history?

    Let's say that Alien Space Bats will give me a time machine which will allow me to go back once to any point in U.S. history. Also, let's say that I *would be* willing to sacrifice my present-day possessions, modern medicine, et cetera since I wouldn't be able to come back to the present-day...
  3. M

    What were the biggest strategic mistakes of Churchill during World War 2 ?

    Churchill as both Prime Minister and Minister of Defence interfered British strategy a lot and not always with best outcome. What were his most strategic mistakes with worst outcome during the war ? 1) Balkan Campaign : Although taking out British/Dominion forces from Western Desert after fall...
  4. P

    What city have deeper and biggest docks in Europe 1939

    I need this information - what city in Europe on 1939 have the biggest docks i need name of the city , depth of docks and width
  5. gustavolapizza

    your biggest history-related disappointment

    i'm just curious. It could be anything. Like a book you've been told to read that turned to be bad, a movie like braveheart that everyone loves but that makes cringe an history fan, a person or an event in history that everybody talk about, that you've than studied and came to the conclusion it...
  6. davor

    Was Great Britain the biggest loser in the WWII?

    I'm inclined to think that Grest Britain was in fact the biggest loser in the WWII. Not only that the country suffered tremendous loses, but also, they had to give up colonies and dismantle the British Empire. Its influence has diminished as USA took its place as the most powerful country in the...
  7. JM1906

    Biggest cities in Sub Saharan Africa (500-1500)

    Considering the discussion around Sub Saharan civilizations before colonial influence, I came across interesting cities and kingdoms I didn't know. In terms of Kingdoms, I knew a few by name, but now I want to know where were the major cities, in any area, between the period of 500-1500...
  8. B

    The biggest gold and silver heist in history

    It happened in 106 AD during Trajan's conquest of Dacia. King Decebalus of Dacia ruled over a rich in gold kingdom. His army was in the vicinity of 250000 warriors - dacians,getae,scythians. The gold mines of Dacia served as a financing bank for Decebalus' wars and intrusions in roman territory...
  9. Q

    Biggest badass in history?

    Who was the biggest badass in history?
  10. Karl XII

    The biggest circle jerks in military history.

    My time at historum has led me to discover that there are three main circlejerks about military history that will almost always be talked about, and generally fail to generate new insightful discussion, even they if they can be fun sometimes. 1. So and So general only won because he had an...
  11. R

    Erwin Rommel and Afrika Korps biggest website

    Hey guys! Looking for peoples who want create a historical website about Erwin Rommel and Afrika Korps in English. I have all necessary materials for the website. It was exist in Russian language but in Russia this subject is not popular, unfortunately. We delete Russian version but new website...
  12. sajid ali

    The biggest battle

    Hi, which one is the biggest battle face, roman solider and how long ? with best regards-sajid ali
  13. LatinoEuropa

    Which is the biggest aqueduct in europe.

    The largest aqueduct in Portugal The Amoreira Aqueduct, in the Alentejo, is located in the parish of São Brás and São Lourenço, Elvas municipality, Portalegre district, Portugal. It connects the place of the Amoreira to the city of Elvas. With 8.5 kilometers of extension, 843 arches with more...
  14. notgivenaway

    Which of the WWI Allies made the biggest contribution to victory?

    WWII was certainly a mix (American industrial capacity, British intelligence/code-breaking, Soviet manpower), but then was this true of WWI? The French had more troops overall on the Western Front, but then the British introduced tanks and made better gas than the Germans. Though the French had...
  15. nat47

    Biggest media hoaxes from 100 years ago?

    Yesterday I was reading about the history of the press/media. I read that in the pre-Civil War era the media was essentially so driven by lies and gossip that one morning when news hit that the Civil War had begun many people just dismissed the newsboys because of it. Apparently that issue of...
  16. F

    Why is the holocaust seen as the biggest and worst genocide?

    Hi guys As a german we are hearing from the crimes against the Jews at the start of the 4th grade. This goes up till you start going to university 12/13years of school till that happens. If you are german you also notice that almost every political debate something political incorrect is going...
  17. C

    World´s biggest family

    It´s Li. In China, it´s second biggest family, after Wang - but there are also a lot of Li family members in Korea, and quite some in Vietnam (there spelt Ly). Out of the 100+ million Li family members, how many are descendants of Li Er? How many are descendants of Li Yuan emperor Gaozu of Tang?
  18. Valens

    Napoleon's biggest mistake

    By 'mistake' I mostly mean a change in his fortunes, as well as a move which led to his demise. Let us also consider the impact of his 'mistake' on his resources, manpower, the morale of his army, his own image, etc. PS It seems we already had a same thread on this topic... :wondering::o
  19. N

    Biggest weapons and equipment mistakes in WWII

    What should the major powers in WWII have made/not made of harware? I'm thinking of changes they had the know-how and resources to make, so I'm not thinking of suggestions along the lines of "Italy should have made the atom bomb ..." Here is my suggestion: Britain should have made anti-armour...
  20. KGBspy

    The biggest question in Russian History

    What nationality was Rurick? Was he Normann, or Slav? Pro-germans and pro-slavs - welcome here!