1. frogsofwar

    Non-Negative Benedict Arnold Biography

    I am looking for a biography that portrays Benedict Arnold in a positive light, or at least a non-negative light. Personally, even as an American (and a veteran of the American Army), I don't have the disdain for Arnold that many do. I would sooner criticize him for his pride than his treason...
  2. Constantine V

    Philip V biography

    Can anyone make a good detailed biography of Philip V. His victories and defeats, all that jazz
  3. J

    Critical biography of Alexander?

    Can anyone suggest a good, critical biography of Alexander (and history of Macedon in this period), as opposed to the standard hagiography? Thanks.
  4. ThePeopleProfiles

    Saladin Biography.

    Hello everyone, I've just completed my new biography on the life of Saladin. I would very much appreciate feedback and if you enjoy the video please pop over and subscribe on YouTube. Many thanks in advance. CAcVjg8pYAI
  5. J

    Biography of Richard Lionheart

    Can anyone recommend a good biography of Richard Coeur de Lion?
  6. L

    What is the best biography of James VI / I ?

    I am trying to identify the best available biography of James VI / I. Stuart England is a bit outside my normal area of interest, so I am hoping that some of the folks on the forum can give me some recommendations. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. J

    Voltaire Biography Recommendations?

    I'm interested in reading a recent biography on Voltaire and from what I see on Amazon there are two choices, David Pearson's 2005 Voltaire Almighty and Ian Davidson's 2012 Voltaire: A Life. They both seemed to get about equally positive review's from Amazon readers, so I before I just flip a...
  8. T

    Looking for an objective biography of Pinochet?

    Can anyone recommend a good OBJECTIVE biography of Augusto Pinochet?
  9. P

    Best biography for each president/congressmen/generals

    Im taking us history this year and i figured what better time to learn more about american history, Appreciate any suggestions
  10. FrostWyrm96

    Silk Roads and Jerusalem: The Biography

    I just recently bought them because I find them both interesting at my local bookstore and according to the reviews they were great. But I want to know if they were great as the reviews gave from you guys if you have read the two works. 1. The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan 2. Jerusalem: The...
  11. Z

    Translation of Sima Shi's History of Jin biography

    Hello all, A while I uploaded a translation of the History of Jin biography of Sima Shi. If you're interested in reading it, you can do so here. His biography in original Chinese can be found in chapter 2 of History of Jin, which you can see here.
  12. Oliver Cromwell

    Churchill: A Biography by Roy Jenkins

    I've just completed all 912 pages of Roy Jenkins' biography of Winston Churchill. A fine piece of work, as I expected from Roy Jenkins, whose other biography of Gladstone I have also had the pleasure of reading. As a man who himself spent much of his life at the centre of British politics...
  13. Z

    Later Han dynasty: translation of Huangfu Song's and Zhu Jun's HHS biography

    Hello all, Not so long ago I posted a link to a translation of He Jin's biography from the website Gongjin's Campaign Memorials. Since then, two more biographies from the same book, History of the Later Han have been translated: the biography of Zhu Jun and the biography of Huangfu Song. Like...
  14. Z

    Later Han dynasty: translation of He Jin's HHS biography

    Hello all, For those interested in Chinese history (Later Han and Three Kingdoms) I thought it might be interested to note that there is now an English translation of He Jin's official History of the Later Han biography. He Jin was a General-in-Chief for the Later Han and played roles of...
  15. David Vagamundo

    Good biography of Otto von Bismarck

    Anyone know of a good biography? I am looking for something as a companion to Clark's Iron Kingdom. I started reading E. Eyck's Bismarck and the German Empire, but he assumes knowledge of Prussian history that I don't have and also has an ax to grind: Eyck is at pains to point out all of...
  16. M

    Looking for a biography of spencer compton

    Hi I am looking to read a biography of Britain's second Prime Minister Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington. Please could I have any recommendations. Thanks.
  17. Porter Rockwell

    Butch Cassidy - Is there a reliable biography out there?

    I would like recommendations on a reliable biography of this famous old west outlaw. It seems that the shadowy circumstances of the shootout in Bolivia has spawned as many conspiracy theories as the Kennedy assassination. Is there a book out there that sticks to documented and reliable...
  18. Yashti96

    Peter Longerich's new biography on Goebbels

    Has anyone finished reading this book? If so, what is your review on it?
  19. Yashti96

    Best Hitler biography

    In your opinion, which is the best biography of Hitler? I've read the following biographies: Hitler: A Study in Tyranny - Alan Bullock Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives - Alan Bullock Adolf Hitler - Joachim Fest Hitler - John Toland Hitler, 1889–1936: Hubris & Hitler, 1936–1945: Nemesis - Ian...
  20. J

    Looking for comprehensive biography of Carlos Delmarva

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a comprehensive biography of Carlos Delmarva, the Spanish explorer after whom the Delmarva peninsula is named. Any suggestions? John