1. Tammuz

    Roman Mithra´s rock birth known in 7th century Persia?

    Of course, Roman Mithraism stopped existing in the 5th century, however, is there indication that its myths (especially the rock birth of Mithra) had spread to Persia and somehow survived there until the 7th century? Or asked more simply: Was Roman Mithra mythology and especially the rock birth...
  2. DeadCorn

    Illegitimate birth in the Legions

    As the right to marry while serving (conubium) was denied to legionaries while serving does this mean that children born to them during their service were automatically labeled "illegitimate?" I read of the thousands of camp followers who would attach themselves to a legion in the field. I...
  3. Moros

    Adopted vs birth family

    In helping other people with their genealogical research, I've come across a number of persons who are adopted and would like to trace their birth family. Often they seem quite obsessive with the idea of tracing their 'real' mother, father, siblings and cousins; sometimes to the point of...
  4. S

    What are some serial killers who were of royal or noble birth throughout history any

    I'm curious to know if there were any kings, queens, or nobles who were serial killers? Urban legends, rumors, and speculative reports are welcome because I will research it anyways. But don't withhold information, information on certain subjects are hard to find. Thanks in advance. :)
  5. R

    China Fertility Rate, One Child Policy and the Cultural Revolution

    I'm interested to know a bit about the demographics and birth rate of China. In school (Australia) we were always taught that the One Child Policy was an essential step for China to manage its apparently out-of-control birth rate. However if one looks at any of the graphs depicting the...
  6. Futurist

    Israeli Jewish, Arab birth rates now even

    Here you go: Israeli Jewish, Arab birth rates now even - Inside Israel - News - Arutz Sheva Any thoughts on this?
  7. E

    BC/AD vs BCE/CE and the Date of Jesus' Birth

    I know that the main reason for the change from AD/BC to BCE/CE was because AD (anno Domin, ie "In the year of our Lord") and BC (before Christ) both were tied to Christian religion and people wanted something that was less ethnocentric. I know originally it was Jewish historians who coined...
  8. P

    Birth of a nation

    How influential was D W Griffiths Birth of a nation?
  9. Adalraade

    Life standards in Europe 400-1200 AD

    How long would the average Man/Woman live? would a Farmer live longer than a Citizen? would one living by the coast live longer than one inland? were birth related death to Children and/or Women more common then than today?
  10. E

    Historic Alcohol Consumption and Birth Defects

    I've read that alcohol used to be drunk at every meal, even in many cases by children, in various ancient societies because it was safer than drinking water (because of bacteria). Surely pregnant women also drank with meals...and we know that alcohol causes birth defects. While the alcohol...
  11. A Vietnamese

    Slave's birth control

    How did the nations which used slaves control their slave population and how effective were their solutions?
  12. PaKeeza

    Operation Cyclone - The Birth of Jihadism

    Operation Cyclone - The birth of Jihadism. The blowback we reap today? I want folk at have a look at Operation Cyclone. The name of CIA programme to arm and finance the Afghan Mojahideen to fight against the Red Army in Afghanistan between 1979 to 1989. It involved three external players USA...
  13. Z

    Fei Wuji birth place

    Just curious, where is Fei Wuji birth place? Fei Wuji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia doesn't provide information on his birth place.
  14. CathareHeretic

    Bill Gates funds birth control microchip that lasts 16 years inside the body and can

    Helped along by one of the world’s most notable billionaires, a U.S. firm is developing a tiny implant that acts as a contraceptive for 16 years — and can be turned on or off using a remote control. The birth control microchip, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, would hold nearly...
  15. Jake10

    Do some couples prefer adoption over giving birth?

    I recently heard the claim that modern couples are turning more to adoption, and some even prefer it over giving birth to a child. Is this really the case? If so, what are the reasons for it?
  16. Medjay Archer

    Rough Terrains/Climate gave birth to strong empires.

    A quick reflection without strong basis yet: What struck me recently was the possible resemblance of Mongolia, Persia and Arabia. Three regions populated with nomadic people and with rough climate and terrains. And thpse three had extraordinary expansion at their golden age as if the...
  17. E

    Imposed alms on Subsaharan Africa

    Subsaharan-Africa is the most interesting region to lay your eye on, I think. With admiration to the landscape and aboriginal cultures and with embarassment on the drought and to it our mouth watering world. My very dear teacher made me wonder, when he spoke about development aid. Discussing it...
  18. D

    ''The message'' Story of Islam (1977)

    I recently watched this movie, which is about the birth of the islamic faith and ends with the muslim conquest of Mecca: How accurate is this movie in terms of history? This film portrays the early muslims in the same way as the early christians of...
  19. B

    White parents give birth to black child

    Apparently, whilte parents can give birth to black children, and the reverse is true, black parents can give birth to white children. Very rare, but it does happen.
  20. Clemmie

    Helen Castor’s Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death – Episode 2: A Good Marriage

    Helen Castor?s Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death - Episode 2: A Good Marriage » The Anne Boleyn Files[/url]] Enjoy.