1. Naima

    What's with all the Black washing?

    I mean now not only Superman is going to be interpreted by a black african guy but even in the recent TV series Blacks are replacing systematically important European characters like Achilles, Zeus and even Aeneas in the new Series about Fall of Troy, then we have the black legionaries in...
  2. D

    Conquest of the east and black plague

    Hello everybody.Are there statistics about the human bilan,for the XIVth century,concerning the german conquest of the territories of the east and the black plague (Germany and Poland).Thank you.
  3. Macconermaoile

    Black 47

    New movie Black 47. Just saw it, I can only describe it as an action revenge movie set in the background of the Irish Famine. Overall I would give it a solid 3 stars. Well acted, poor CGI, decent action made with a limited budget
  4. grey fox

    Punishment for killing a free black person in the Antebellum South

    About 16 years ago I watched a documentary about John Wesley Hardin in the series "Gunfighters of the West." The documentary said that in the state of Texas during Reconstruction, John Wesley Hardin killed a free black man named Mage over some sort of minor squabble. As I recall, this killing...
  5. Tercios Espanoles

    Today is Black Tot Day

    - The Right Honourable Christopher Mayhew, Member for Woolwich East, 17 December, 1969. And thus began the Great Rum Debate, resulting in the last rum issue taking place on July 31, 1970. So pour yourself a cocktail and splice the mainbrace - "The Queen, God Bless Her!"
  6. L

    How'd the civil rights movement compare to earlier attempts to attain black rights?

    This includes before the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and the early to mid 1900s.
  7. Y

    Was George Washington’s life a black swan for the British Empire?

    Beginning with the Battle of Jumonville Glen, and the loss at Fort Necessity which triggered a costly world war that eventually led to the British loss of the colonies. A loss that George Washington played a huge roll in. Was Washington the trigger point to a change in the world order? black...
  8. dlnewhouse

    Black power

    Does anyone know when Black Power started? I learned about it from the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash form Whoopie Goldberg.
  9. Dr Kananga MP

    Why did Franz von Papen wear a black as Chancellor in 194ll

    EDIT: THREAD TITLE SHOULD READ: Why did Franz von Papen wear a black armband as Chancellor in 1932? A new topic from me on my fifth anniversary as a member here. :) I've long wondered about this having seen various images of Franz von Papen with a black armband attached to his suit, in some...
  10. Moros

    Pope Benedict was black

    I have just read Olaudah Equiano's autobiography (published in 1789). On one of his sea voyages he traveled to Cadiz in 1775 and whilst there would talk with a Catholic priest, called Father Vincent, about religion. They often met and each tried to convert the other to his own faith (Equiano was...
  11. Askiathegreat

    advanced black African societies

    you know not many people are aware of the advanced African societies like the kingdom of the Congo the west African forest kingdoms great Zimbabwe the Swahili coast the Sahelian empires etc even the Americas are given more civ attention than Africa many still believe racist old propaganda and...
  12. LatinoEuropa

    Jesus born in africa and black era

    By Douglas Belchior The text I reply here was shared in 2012, by the friend Jonathan Marcelino, and is authored by Hernani Francisco da Silva, originally published by Afrokut. When I read, I immediately remembered a passage from the movie "Ali," about the life of Mohammad Ali, in discussion...
  13. D

    Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'

    Rats were not to blame for the spread of plague during the Black Death, according to a study. The rodents and their fleas were thought to have spread a series of outbreaks in 14th-19th Century Europe. But a team from the universities of Oslo and Ferrara now says the first, the Black Death, can...
  14. Naima

    Princess Sophie Charlotte was black?

    Just wondering, I found a lot of online artiles with such a title , by the paintings she seems white and blond, and as far as I kniw portuguese are not African looking so why that kind of articles? She doesn't look at all black to me ...
  15. J

    friends dad work cattle with black jack ketchum

    My friends dad said his father work cattle with ketchum , im telling this from my friend dads point of view , we were pushing cattle from Texas to Colorado , we reach the great divide in the rocky mountains and we were all admiring the view and ketchum said you better thank the good lord because...
  16. B

    Video - I've seen the Promised Land - A Glimpse into Black Film History

    This is one of the most amazing tributes to Black Film History I've seen. Beautiful. :)
  17. D

    Transport of black men in USA.

    Hello.Did the french company of Senegal,whose office was in Bordeaux, transport black men in the USA during the period 1785-1792 ? Thank you.
  18. D

    The man of the iron black helmet (+ 1703)

    Hello.Who was the man of the "iron black helmet" died in the Bastille in 1703 ?
  19. T

    Folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Islam, like every religion, during his history, spreading to new area, absorbed elements of local beliefs and customs. I'm looking for information about folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially West Africa and Horn of Africa. Which did local element of native African custom, beliefs pass...
  20. T

    Toussaint L’Ouverture - Black Napoleon

    What do you think about Toussaint L'Ouverture. For my part, he was the greatest leader Haiti ever had. L'Ouverture: -fought successfully with French, Spanish and British troops -thanks to his skills, quickly promoted from common medical officer to general -wanted to develop trade contacts with...