1. JTWuest

    Black Power

    Stokley Carmichael was mad. He'd been arrested 26 times fighting for Civil Rights and he'd had enough. The year was 1966 and James Meredith had just been shot. Stokley protested and was arrested a 27th time. When he was released he gave a speech on May 29th, 1966 that would forever change...
  2. H

    Black rain

    Kuroi Ame (1989) - Full (English Subtitles) - YouTube
  3. T

    Did ninjas wear black?

    Or just created by the popular media?
  4. N

    Europe's obsession with black pepper

    This might be a ridiculous topic. What were the historical reasons behind Europe's obsession with black pepper? Black pepper has the spotlight longer than any other spices. Cloves, maces, and all that but why black pepper is or was the most important? I think it's the excellent preservation...
  5. Danton

    The Black book aka Reign of Terror

    Any French Revolution enthusiasts watched this film: 1949 The Black book aka Reign of Terror - YouTube I found it really entertaining. The plot was interesting, the actors good (especially the gentleman playing Fouche), and we even have a scene where Saint-Just kicks a cat (what a...
  6. Devil Prince

    Was Hannibal part African descent?

    I have heard that one of his parents was from Africa. If that was the case then Hannibal might had been part African. I need evidence.
  7. chagatai

    Xenophobia, racism rage in Greece as cops abuse black refugees

    The Greeks are frustrated with the financial crisis currently tearing their country apart, and have begun venting that frustration on African and Asian refugees. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has this week released a damning report on the state of xenophobia, racism and abuse in Greece...
  8. Rasta

    Islamic veneration of the black stone

    I am curious about Muslim (and anybody else's) perspectives on the significance of the black stone in the Kaaba. The stone that Muslims bow down to when they pray to god. Is it true that Muslims believe that god's throne sits directly over the black stone? What is known about the pre-Islamic...
  9. BloodyPirate

    Question about the meaning of the name the Black Danes

    Why were the Danish Vikings given this name? I've always heard the Danish Vikings were more ruthless than the Norwegians and the Swedes. Why Were they nicknamed the Black Danes? Were the Danish Vikings the most ruthless?
  10. Vintersorg

    Black Bart, The Gentleman Outlaw & Poet

    Black Bart, The Gentleman Outlaw & Poet While a known outlaw during his life, the name of Charles “Black Bart” Bowles won’t ring a bell for most people. And yet his style, sophistication and non-violence (it is said he never fired a gun during his robberies) make him one of the most...
  11. L

    Black RAF Aircrew in WW2

    Hi. I am doing research for an author on the history of black volunteer aircrew in the RAF during WW2. Can anyone tell me anything about this or point me somewhere? I can’t find a lot online but we know that over 400 of these men existed! Thanks :)
  12. Linschoten

    Earth struck by black hole radiation in774/5 AD?

    In tree-rings from ancient cedar-trees in Japan , wholly exceptional levels of carbon-14 have been discovered for 774/5, showing that the earth must been struck by abnormal levels of radiation. No supernovas are recorded for that date, so two scientists have suggested instead that the radiation...
  13. BulgarianPrime

    International Black History

    International Black History By Forrest P. Coyne In my High School last year, one of my teachers, Mr. Frand, delivered his speech on black history last year, it took my breath away. Every note inspired how our freedoms have led us to become more than how we began as a society. I have had an...
  14. S

    Essay: The Black Death

    The Black Death The following paper was written for Western Civilization I class. It was also featured in a two-part article on my Exploring Uncertainty in September, 2011. Enjoy! The Black Death by Samuel Guss Much of Medieval Europe was under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church...
  15. R

    Was General Hannibal Barca a Black African?

    An ebook I read says he was actually a Black African and that the original Canaanites/Phoenicians were Blacks.
  16. antocya

    Black American separatists

    I remember hearing about some African-Americans who wanted to create a separate country within the USA for blacks, in the historical American South. My guess is that this idea was never very popular even among Black people but I was wondering how seriously this was taken by anyone and what the...
  17. W

    Black Confederates-do they exist

    I always hear neo Confederates of saying that there where "plenty" of black people who supported their cause, but really how much truth is their in that story? Just how many, if of course they exist black Confederates are there