1. M

    How much was Rotmistov to blame for loses at Provkorovka?

    Title I heard Stalin got into a fuss about Rotmitov's tactics during the Battle of Provokorva. He charged into the German tanks causing a lot of causalties on the Soviet side. How much was he to really blame? Why didn't he did in like Vaututin did?
  2. P

    Assigning blame for the Spanish Civil War

    If you had to rank those most responsible would you put the military in general, the politicians during the monarchy, Primo de Rivera, King Alfonso, or the politicians of the Republic at the top of the list? Would you include the anarchists, Socialists, Communists? My ranking starting with...
  3. Andronikos

    How far can we blame the Emperor Caracalla for the decline of Rome?

    My fellow historians, You may already know of the edict of 212 decreed by Emperor Caracalla (son of Septimius Severus) that extended Roman citizenship to all freedman. This was a huge and sudden transformation in the empire, since it is estimated that citizens made up only 8 percent of the...
  4. S

    Was the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre premeditated?

    The arrest of Coligny certainly was planned, but was the wholesale slaughter of somewhere around 10,000 Huguenots in Paris, a premeditated act? Or did it just turn out that way? What's more, was there really a Huguenot conspiracy that warranted the arrest of Coligny and other Huguenot leaders as...
  5. TheNapoleon

    Ottoman Empire - Devoid of Blame?

    I'm gonna start of by saying that I'm not too knowledgeable about Ottoman history but I still know a fair share and have started contemplating one thing - why are the Ottomans/Turks so devoid of blame which instead is put on the West/East, most specifically Britain, France and the USA, but also...
  6. P

    Do you agree with Churchill about blame for WWII?

    I read Churchill's "The Gathering Storm" and was quite surprised that apart from Germany which is ultimately responsible, he blamed Britain and America for turning against the French enforcement of Versailles. Personally, I think hindsight is 20/20, and the Brits and Americans had good reasons...
  7. J

    Who was to blame for Market Gardens failure in WWII

    Allied forces suffered more casualties in the Market Garden assault on Holland than in the entire Normandy invasion. Most historians agree that in the 24-hour period of D-Day allied losses reached about 10,000. In the total nine days of Market Garden combined losses, both airborne and ground...
  8. Kormp

    Root of the Great War

    The Great War has undoubtedly affected history on many ways. When it comes to wars, people ponder about its cause; or more importantly, who is it to blame. But the First World War has sparked multiple debates concerning its cause. What do you think sparked the fuse of this bloody conflict? I...
  9. B

    Was the war guilt clause in the Treaty of Versailles designed to deflect blame?

    Did Britain and France blame Germany to try to absolve themselves for responsibility for the debacle?
  10. CathareHeretic

    Gays to blame for Spain's trillion euro debt: senator

    Popular Party senator Luz Elena Sanín told journalists that Spain’s ruling conservative party had increased its public spending due to "the debts" caused by “subsidies for NGOs and homosexuals”. Sanín, who represents Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta in the Senate, said former Spanish...
  11. Precedence

    #15 - James Buchanan (blame it all on him?)

    I don't think there is anyone that disagrees with me when I say he was a horrible president and one of the worst. However, is he really THE worst? He was placed in an impossible situation, to be honest, and I don't think any president could have handled it, though Buchanan did handle it in the...
  12. Mrbritish24

    Cold War: Who is to blame?

    Who is to blame for the cold war? USSR or USA?
  13. AssyrianMelodies

    Who is to blame for the Byzantine Empire's destruction

    Who is to blame for the destruction of the second Rome
  14. Menshevik

    Is Islam to blame for stagnation?

    I was thinking about this recently and wanted to put it to you Historumites. I came across an article that fits my question quite well: "A wise visitor from outer space who dropped in on Earth a millennium ago might have assumed that the Americas would eventually be colonized not by...
  15. Cato the Younger

    Who do you blame most for the collapse of the Roman Republic

    Well, I guess to kick off my posting on this forum :), I'd just like to hear some views on who (or what) was responsible for the collapse of the Roman Republic. Personally, I would say that its Gaius Marius who really put the Republic on course for destruction. Whilst the Marian military reforms...
  16. Naomasa298

    How much is the victim to blame?

    In India, police have fired water-cannon at protestors demonstrating in protest at the gang-rape of a woman on a bus. The victim was travelling at night and boarded with another man. She was attacked by a group of six drunken joy-riders and raped, after which she and the other man were thrown...
  17. wario2255

    Should some like hitler or stalin take all blame for the killing of people?

    The soldiers didn't have to kill civilians like in death camps or massacres or genocide. but they do anyway ether from hate, for there country, or there family will be killed. but that person does not have to kill that person family but they do any ways. most people blame hitler for mass death...
  18. Kuroda Kanbei

    Was Mitsunari to blame for the defeat at Sekigahara?

    The battle of Sekigahara is considered one of the most important battles in modern Japanese history. The battle was fought between Toyotomi loyalists of the the western army under Ishida Mitsunari against Tokugawa Ieyasu and his allies under the banner of the eastern army. The battle ended...
  19. Corto Maltese

    Was it right to only blame Germany about World War 1

    To me it seems a bit unfair to only blame Germany about World War 1. Many countries should be blamed about World War 1 i think Ofcurse Germany alone are to blame for World War 2.