1. Romanianboy2013

    Did the Communist Block had movies or series in James Bond style?

    We all know the James Bond british movies or american spy movies with western heroes defending "The Free World" from evil communist spies. I wonder if the countries from communist block had spy movies with heroes that fought against the evil capitalists. I only know that East Germany made some...
  2. Romanianboy2013

    Question about kids adventure movies in the Communist Block

    :cool:I want to know from eastern european forumists what movies about adventures of schoolboys pioneers your countries produced in the communist years. Also I want to know if China or Vietnam has this kind of movies as well. Romania producde a couple of them. For example -Ciresarii (The...
  3. W

    Why do you need entire units of pole-arms behind the front row as a large wall block?

    This is something I've been wondering about. Obviously spearmen, pikemen, and other pole arms were designed to fight cavalry and also they were cheaper weapons to equip and they were easier to train with. So it makes sense for militia. With that said I am wondering about spear and other pole...
  4. V

    Former Eastern Block

  5. Hannibal89

    New "city" kid on the block

    I'm sorry this might be long for some but this is my first intro.... I'm 24, a workaholic, chasing goals, and in the process of finishing up my last year of school for Biology. I've become a fan of history, and it's gotten really bad especially within the last few years. I wanted to find a place...
  6. D

    Question about Eastern Block rulers

    Who would You consider the best and worst rulers of the Soviet dominated Eastern Block? My Pick for best was: Tie: Wladyslaw Gomulka of Poland and Todor Zhivkov of Bulgaria My pick for worst: Matyas Rakosi of Hungary(Ran probably the most hardcore Communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe)
  7. L

    new kid on the block

    hi all. I am working on the Tynemouth ROH and just thought this site might be useful to me, if I can find my way around it. No doubt I will have a few questions Lilian Fraser
  8. Satuf

    Iran to block Hurmuz strait for good And the consequences of that?
  9. Mohammed the Persian

    Iran threatens to block the Strait of Hormuz

    BBC News - Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz oil route
  10. Thessalonian

    US debt crisis: Senate Democrats block Republican cuts bill

    US debt crisis: Senate Democrats block Republican cuts bill | World news | I don't understand those games. Do they really want to see the US in a default?
  11. C

    Atheists sue to block 'WTC cross' from 9/11 memorial

    Atheists have sued to prevent cross-shaped steel girders from the destroyed World Trade Center towers from being included in the official Sept. 11 memorial, saying the religious symbol is unconstitutional because its gives "preferential representation" to Christians who died in the 2001...
  12. SomeGuy

    UK govt to block all internet porn
  13. Solidaire

    Republicans block bank reform again How can this be happening? Do those guys stand for the people's interests or someone else's (you know whose)?
  14. A

    What regions of the Eastern Block suffered the least or even benefitted the most from communism?

    What regions of the Eastern Block suffered the least or even benefitted the most from communism? As we all know the kind of communism that used to be implemented in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe was far from perfect and flawed in many ways, but it had it's moments. While some promissing...
  15. N

    New GiRl oN tHe BlOcK!!! howdy!!

    hey there all nice to meet you, my name is Naomi, I am in Austin Tx. here for school. But i am running a business on the side. Thanks for looking Take care Naomia!!!:p
  16. Lissien

    New Girl on the Block

    Alright... been awhile since I've done an introduction post for something, let's see if I remember how. My name's Katie and I'm currently employed at that roller coast of America - Cedar Point; which is actually really good because it leaves me plenty of time to dive into all of the history...
  17. mamatembo

    new member on the block

    Hello, I am originally from Africa, you name it from East Africa upwards and at one time I have lived there. Came to the UK in 1979 as things were getting a bit to hairy scary in Rhodesia as it was known then. I had two little boys with me and 3 suitcases. I met and married a wonderful...
  18. Snake Eyes

    Guess I'm the New Guy on the Block

    Hi everyone! Allow me to state the obvious, I am new here! I have been lurking for about a month or so and decided to join up. I love history a lot. I actually am in college majoring in history, and before anyone asks, yes I do want to teach. Right now I am just going to a Community College in...