1. Y

    What are bloodiest battle as a percentage of participants?

    Was reading up on the Battle of Lund 1676 which probably is the most bitter battle in Nordic history that resulted casualties of 67% of the participants. two out of three, dead, wounded or captured. So I was wondering what are the battles that tops that?
  2. D

    Bloodiest Crises Throughout History

    Throughout the history, what are some of the most bloody and interesting historical events you guys can think of?
  3. Frank81

    Bloodiest day in military history of every nation

    In regard to the Battle of Antietam, this is what the Wiki tells: Is it possible for the US to have suffered other, bloodier single days of battle? What about other nations?
  4. S

    What were the bloodiest battles in history?

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum so hope people don't mind me opening a new thread. I make Youtube video's based around mysteries, history and creepy stuff from around the world. For my latest video I have been looking at the bloodiest battles in history. Obviously this is going to be very...
  5. D

    Bloodiest battles in history of each nation

    Only military losses (not counting civilians), only own losses (not enemy losses) and only "bloody" losses (fatalities and missing without a trace and wounded, can be just fatalities - sick or POWs do not count). What were the bloodiest battles in history of each country / nation?
  6. C

    Eastern Europe: bloodiest region in the world

    would you agree with this.....Eastern Europe has had the most violence of any geographical region on the planet..i can't think of any other region that has had this much violence.. what about Africa? Middle East? how do they compare
  7. Uhtred

    Bloodiest hand-to-hand battle in history?

    I was reading about the Battle of Towton during the Wars of the Roses in 1461, which is labelled the 'bloodiest battle in English history'. Out of a combined c.50,000 men, c.28,000 were slaughtered in the bitter and merciless ten-hour battle and rout. But in world history, which could be termed...

    Englands Bloodiest Battle

    In 1461, an event took place in Yorkshire which is probably Englands bloodiest single conflict. In the environs of Towton, two dynastic armies fought a desperate and history changing battle. This battle does not seem to have the significance of other historical conflicts either in the same era...
  9. Cavanboy

    what was the bloodiest single day battle in history?

    I have read that at the battle of Cannae between 50000 to 75000 roman/allied soldiers died and at the battle of arasiuo between 80000 to 120000 romans died, so i was wonderinf if there has been a more bloodier battle in a single day than any of those?
  10. Mohammed the Persian

    Bloodiest frontier in WWI?

    A friend and I had an argument over which was the bloodiest frontier in WWI (ah, good old history arguments :laugh:). He was convinced that it was the Italian Frontier. I'm telling him it was the Western Front. So can anyone set the record straight ? :eek:
  11. SPERRO

    Trafalgar, bloodiest sea battle of 19th Century?

    This battle was a great victory, but was it the bloodiest battle of the century? JC
  12. Inc

    Bloodiest Year in each Century

    Let's say from the time of Alexander the Great. By "bloody" I'm specifically referring to death tolls. I'll start off with the most recent. 20th Century - any opinions?
  13. Toltec

    Bloodiest Wars in your Country's History

    I'm trying to work out in period of history did wars cause the most suffering to people, is it now or sometime in the past. What are the bloodiest conflicts in your nations history. Please put your nations casualties only, thanks Here's what I came up with for the UK so far. 1st - WWI 1...
  14. JohnnyH

    The bloodiest ONE DAY military disasters...

    Apart from such bloodbath campaigns as Verdun and Stalingrad, the horrors of which went on for months during WWI and WWII respectively, which military battles throughout history, fought in a single day, were the most bloody? The criteria used to decide this could be a) The most men...