1. Princess Of Manchester

    Bloody Mary

    Why does everyone talk about Elizabeth 1 but they never talk about Mary 1? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. H

    How common were wars between Aboriginal tribes in Australia and how bloody were they?

    There is a large collection of evidence that suggests Aboriginal Australians went to war with each other from cave paintings of battles to the discovery of wooden shields. While the fact that they went to war is undisputed, I want to know how common these wars were and how bloody did they get...
  3. VHS

    Did China have an unfair share of all war deaths?

    Both the Yangzhou Massacre of 1645 and the Rape of Nanking in 1937 are some of the worst massacres in history. Even if starvation and pestilences are taken into accounts, the war deaths will be extremely severe. Xiang Yu, Huang Chao and Hong Xiuquan are known to be responsible for deaths of...
  4. M

    Reasons of why Total Wars are so long and so bloody

    Ever since 18th Century (especially after French Revolution) wars in Europe , around the World and global conflics tended to go longer and longer and much much more bloodier. Conflicts between nation states would not end until one side was either complately exhausted its resources or complately...
  5. Kevinmeath

    Those Ragged Bloody Heroes

    Just finished reading a good book which tells the story of the Brave against the odds od some pretty poor Australian soldiers against the Japanese on the Kokoda Trail. I say 'poor' because they were poorly trained, equipped and supplied but the only thing they did not lack was courage...
  6. I

    Bloody polonization of West Ukraine

    Polish politicians who speculate on the Volhynian tragedy and accuse militants of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) of the genocide of Polish population are leaving behind the fact that Poland herself was doing just everything to stir up the cross-national conflict. Intrusion of Polish army...
  7. F

    UK needs migration 'because native Britons are bloody stupid', says pro-EU lord

    UK needs migration 'because native Britons are bloody stupid', says pro-EU lord | The Independent Another proof the pro-European elites want to replace the white race by immigrants I understand for whats nationalism and hate against the elites rise in entire europe
  8. bedb

    Bloody Bill Anderson and the raid on Lawrence

    William T. Anderson was without a doubt one of the most interesting of the Missouri Guerrilla leaders. (and I might add I've always been intrigued by a plaque outside of Baxter Springs that spoke of Black Union soldiers being killed during the Civil War. Now I know Anderson did it) This is...
  9. Balian

    Is it really fair to only name Mary I as Bloody of the Tudor Monarchs?

    I may be wrong but i read some where that she had far less people executed on average in a year than the other Tudor monarchs. So why is Mary I the only one that is called Bloody. I mean based on what i understand the other Tudor monarchs was just as bloody if not even more. Yes i know she...
  10. Pauke! Pauke!

    Operation Catapult: Britain's only option or a bloody betrayal?

    3 July 1940, Operation Catapult: Churchill orders the neutralization of the French Fleet following the French armistice with Nazi Germany. After negotiations to accept the British ultimatum failed with Admiral Gensoul at Mers el Kabir, Algeria, the French warships are fired upon by their allies...
  11. Sindane

    Lord Byron and the Bloody Code

    Bloody Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Bloody Code is a term used to refer to the system of laws and punishments in England between 1688 and 1815. It was not referred to as such in its own time, but the name was given later owing to the sharply increased number of crimes that...
  12. OpanaPointer

    Bloody insurrection @ home.

    How would you go about overthrowing the government of your own country? OR, if it can't be done, why not? I'd go with the "not" for the USofA. Too big, too content, too many guns.
  13. Shtajerc

    Maribor bloody sunday

    So, I've got a question about the "bloody sunday" that happened in Maribor (Slovenia) in 1919, if someone ever heard about it? So, general Maister raises 4000 Slovene troops and takes Maribor (Marburg) for the State of SHS, later becomming Yugoslavia, nevermind. The town itself was pretty much...
  14. Belloc

    The Forgotten (and Bloody) History of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

    The Forgotten (and Bloody) History of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army |
  15. Crystal Rainbow

    The Adventure of the Bloody Tower

    Has anyone read this book "The Adventure of the Bloody Tower" by Don MacLauchlan. It a story about a Sherlock Holmes take on history theme. It was published last November.
  16. christos200

    Most bloody Medieval War

    Which was the most bloody (in terms of soldiers and civilians being killed) Medieval war?
  17. L

    Trudeau's Bloody Roads South

    I read Noah Andre Trudeau’s Bloody Roads South, The Wilderness to Cold Harbor, May-June 1864 (pub 1989) and started his sequel The Last Citadel, Petersburg, Virginia, June 1864-April 1865, but I began having doubts about Trudeau. I thought he did an excellent job in Bloody Roads South, but my...
  18. pustinyak

    Bulgarian Govt Resigns Amid Bloody Protests

    After mass protests against high utility bills turned violent, the Bulgarian government has called it a day - PM saying he feels 'shamed' by the bloodshed. Too bad he was one of few rays of light in the political scene last 10-20 years. I just hope after the elections in July this Soviet...
  19. SPERRO

    Bloody Mary

    Question;- Is it poosible that the persecution of Protestants by Mary I, came as a direct result of her father Henry VIII's treatment of herself and Catherine of Aragon?
  20. G

    Bloody yet underrated battles

    Whats some battles that have been forgotten. perhaps they were kingdom vs kingdom battles, or civil wars, battles that werent a deciding factor. maybe these nations became allies soon after and it was in bad taste to embellish. It seems that Sometimes the most decisive battles casualties are...