1. Futurist

    Hitler's Mind is Transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's Body in 1888

    I previously created a thread about Hitler's mind being transported to Bismarck's body in 1870. However, after reading the comments on that thread, I figured that I should also ask this question: What if Hitler's mind is transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's body in 1888 with the help of...
  2. Futurist

    Alien Space Bats put Hitler's mind into Bismarck's body in 1870

    What if Alien Space Bats put Hitler's mind (I suppose Hitler's mind from sometime in the 1940s) in Otto von Bismarck's body in 1870? What would Hitler-Bismarck do afterwards?
  3. J

    Maintaining an ideal body shape remains

    Shakra Keto diet is the only weight loss supplement ever produced, which never requires any particular prescription or recommendation from any health expert or trainer. It is tested clinically and could be used for a regular time to experience some good results on the health. According to...
  4. M

    With advance of body armor, can horse cavalry ever make a return?

    Title PLA cavalry still train with sabre in hand for tradition. New plates like level IV armor can stop multiple hits from 30 caliber rounds. With this, can cavalry ever come back?
  5. R

    Body Types of Gladiators

    How would the body type of a gladiator determine the type of fighter he would be? For example, would a secutor be quite a big man? I would like a list of all the different gladiators with their body types please. :)
  6. Linschoten

    Charles II, the death of two kings

    After Charles II of Spain died in 1700, it was supposedly found that his body did not contain a single drop of blood, his heart was the size of a peppercorn, his lungs corroded, his intestines rotten and gangrenous, he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water. Which...
  7. VHS

    Anything about the human body

    I reject the Christian concept that the human body is divinely designed; rather, it is a product of long evolution. The healthy human body and mind functions relatively decent, and the human body, as a product of evolution, has various defects. An example is the development of cataract...
  8. ThePhantomGuiness

    The Myth of Blackbeard's Body

    So, many people say that after Blackbeard was beheaded, he swam laps around the ship before sinking. Could this be possible? It may just be currents carrying the body.
  9. G

    History of the use of body armour among Indian kingdoms

    Did Indian kingdoms use body armour similar to those of the European knights and Greeks. What was this made of? How was it different from the European knight armour and where was it similar? Was it used only by elite forces like a specific Royal Corps or guards or was it for officers above a...
  10. antocya

    'Body shaming' ads banned on London transport

    Sadiq Khan, New London Mayor, Bans Ads Promoting Unhealthy Body Image - The article says ads which feature unrealistic body images are banned on public transport but it looks like the criticism that got these ads banned is not limited to abnormally thin women promoting unrealistic...
  11. BenSt

    Scientists find Body within a Chinese Buddha Statue

    I thought our Chinese members would find this very interesting, researchers in the Netherlands have done a CT scan of a Buddhist statue and were surprised to find entombed within, bones. CT scan finds mummified monk inside 1,000-year-old Buddha - CNET This is apparently the first one of it's...
  12. Nemowork

    Body of Kurt Knispel identified

    For those of you not in the know he's a Czech of German descent who is probably the greatest tank gunner/commander of all time. Working out what is true about this guy is difficualt, while the Nazis used glamour shots of SS troops like Michael Wittman and even midgets like Otto Carius Knispel...
  13. Gaius Lucius Antonius

    Has Religion's body count cracked the billions?

    I want to be clear, this topic isn't intended to offend ANY religious people whatsoever. I just want to spark this discussion. If we looked at all the wars and battles fought over every main religion throughout all time (so, even counting the polytheistic religions of the ancient world)... would...
  14. Hrulj

    Body shaving trough history

    When did body shaving become common in Europe? Meanign shaving of other body parts, not just the face. When did women start shaving legs, arms and privates Same for men And what was the reason for doing so
  15. RoyalHill1987

    Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?

    Title question. Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body? Personally, I think the body rules the mind far more than most of us would care to admit. For example, where is your left foot right now? Is it moving? Did you consciously decide to place it there? Most of what we do...
  16. CathareHeretic

    Bill Gates funds birth control microchip that lasts 16 years inside the body and can

    Helped along by one of the world’s most notable billionaires, a U.S. firm is developing a tiny implant that acts as a contraceptive for 16 years — and can be turned on or off using a remote control. The birth control microchip, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, would hold nearly...
  17. Archa

    Greco-Roman armour and 'body building'

    Forgive me for these incredibly weird questions, but I was playing Rome II another day and something just came to me: Some chest-plates featured in Greek and Roman armies are rather uhh... well defined in showing off the chest and abdominal muscles (don't know why it stood out to me suddenly...
  18. A

    Which Body Armour Would You Prefer?

    Imagine you are a foot-soldier going to war in the medieval (pre-handgun) period. You don't know where and how long you will campaign. You step into the armoury and can choose any body armour you like. Which one will you pick?
  19. M

    Best Body armour deisgn of the Ancient World?

    If you were to equip an army what is the best armour design for a standard soldier in terms of protection, comfort, and price and repairability?
  20. Fabius Maximus

    If they had bullet-proof vests in the 19th century?

    I'm not really sure whether to put this thread here or in the Speculative History section, so feel free to move it if you're a mod. Basically, I was wondering what effect it would have on 19th-century warfare (esp. the Napoleonic to American Civil War periods) if armies had equipped a large...