1. O

    What kind of tools are needed to create flintlock mechanisms? Bolt action?

    This is kind of speculative as I've been thinking "if I traveled back in time with a flintlock, how far back can I go before it's too difficult a mechanism for people to be able to create?" Same with bolt action (and the percussion caps to go with it). But I don't know what tools and...
  2. M

    Best Bolt action Rifles

    What do you think are the Best Bolt Action Rifles in WW1 and 2?
  3. SSDD

    Which was better rifle Ariaska Type 99 or MAS-36?

    Which was better? I am saying because both of these rifles were intended to replace existing service rifles of japan and France respectively. But never completely replaced. When war broke out both armies went to war with multiple service rifles. Japan wanted to replace Type 38 and Type 30 by...
  4. Nick

    What if the Bolt Action rifle was never invented?

    What type of gun would have been used instead? Percussion? Revolving rifles? Winchester action? Martini-Henry? Would we still have assault rifles, and how would they work? And how would wars be fought?