1. Tercios Espanoles

    Bomb Aimer or Bombardier?

    Someone posted an audio clip on Facebook purporting to be an RAF Lancaster crew on a raid which has raised a few interesting questions. It was initially supposed by us "experts" to have been a propaganda fake, partly for its content and lack of correct protocol, but mainly because of some terms...
  2. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Hong Kong - 1000lb bomb pulled out of the ground

    From MSN News. How a 1,000-pound WWII bomb was pulled out of the ground without exploding "Police and explosive ordnance disposal technicians removed a 1,000-pound bomb that failed to explode during World War II but that successfully brought traffic to a standstill Wednesday in a bustling...
  3. Chris Pochari

    Did Japan independently discover the nuclear bomb?

    I've heard that Japan was working on it's own nuclear program before the Manhattan project. Did they discover nuclear fission independently or was the knowledge imported from Germany? The history of nuclear fission usually says that Otto Hahn discovered the fission effect, but an obscure...
  4. M

    Invention of the 'Bomb'?

    Did the creation of what we would refer to as a 'bomb' come before the actual use of the word? Wikipedia states the first 'bombs' were used in China in 1221 by the Jin dynasty - While Etymonline states the word 'bomb' is from the 1580s - Online Etymology...
  5. F

    Germany does not bomb british cities

    If in WW2 Germany would have focused their bombing on the british air force and navy instead of cities would Sea Lion be plausible?
  6. JoanOfArc007

    ISIS migrant who planned German bomb attack is pinned down by fellow Syrians

    Folks take a look at the incredible story. A team of Muslims put their life on the line when they arrested(civilian arrest) a would be Muslim terrorist, Local man Ahmed Sen, 42, who has four children and has been living in an adjacent apartment block for six years told MailOnline: 'I had seen...
  7. Afrasiyab

    Bomb attack at Atatürk Airport, Istanbul

    Two explosions hit Istanbul's Ataturk airport, multiple injuries: Turkish official | Reuters Still not confirmed but it is either Isis or Pkk!
  8. Sobo

    Turkey runs amok Germany ordered bomb attack in Istanbul...

    Erdogan finally loses it. State media publish the recent bombing in Istanbul with 11 dead was ordered by germany...because germany couldn´t take the harsh rections from turkey regarding the armenian genocide. :D If this joke isn´t enough Erdogan also told today he plans sanctions against...
  9. Lawnmowerman

    How early would an atomic bomb need to be developed for Germany to be nuked in WWII

    As the title says how early would the bomb need to be developed for it to be dropped on Germany. This is of course going to depend on who develops it the USSR or the Allies. Assuming high command knew just how powerful a weapon they had do you think they would use it in the final months of...
  10. Bastard Son

    Is there such a thing as a concussion bomb?

    Can't find it anywhere on the Internet, but when I was about 7 my Dad told me there was this bomb that would be dropped and about 20 feet in the air it would blow up and the sound waves would blow your innards out? He was into history and sci fi so I don't know which one he was telling it from...
  11. VHS

    Did the atomic bomb on Japan really save lives?

    Japan really didn't have the power to stand, and it could have surrendered before the nuclear attack. Anyway, the nuclear attack happened. It was speculated Japan might fight to the bitter end if the atomic bombs weren't dropped (or if it noticed these were the only bombs that were made at this...
  12. AlpinLuke

    Test a hydrogen bomb in a little country!

    :weird: WHAT? Now, that Kim Jong Something was crazy it was a matter of fact, but that he was able to allow a test of a possibly thermonuclear bomb somewhere in a little country like North Korea ... this is beyond the limit of the etymological definition of stupidity. 5.1 magnitude earthquake...
  13. Americanknight

    Craziest weapons in history debate

    I really have a fascination of weaponry, Even the most strange ones. this debate is about the most craziest weapons there was in history, for example to get this debate started, the "Gay bomb" was an nonlethal weapon that was used to make their enemies fall in love with each other.
  14. Futurist

    Other famous assassination attempts using a briefcase bomb?

    Exactly with famous assassination attempts, if any, other than Claus von Stauffenberg's 1944 attempt to kill Adolf Hitler (in the July 20th Plot) involved using a briefcase bomb? Any thoughts on this?
  15. W

    Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor instead of invading the U.S.?

    Hey guys, So, a few years ago I was living in Colorado, I was talking to a history professor and he told me that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor instead of invating the contry fo two reasons: first, because at the moment Japan had a rather exceptional Air Force; second, because acording to their...
  16. PaKeeza

    Project 706 - The Islamic Bomb

    This BBC Panorama Documentary was broadcast on the 16th of June 1980. Project 706 the making of the Pakistan nuclear bomb. The project to go nuclear was decided by Prime Minister Bhutto in 1974. By 1980 the bomb was almost ready and was tested in 1981. The interesting part is how Arab...

    The Bomb didn't beat Japan... Stalin did

    This discussion started up on another thread, and I thought I'd move it here to avoid derailment. I have for some time been convinced that the arguments summarised in this article: The Bomb Didn't Beat Japan: Stalin Did | Foreign Policy are highly persuasive that the atomic bombing of...
  18. G

    What if Hitler developed the atom bomb

    Two scenario for what if 1 What if Hitler developed the atom bomb first? 2 What if Hitler developed the atom bomb at the same time as the US?
  19. Valens

    Would Hitler surrender if an atomic bomb was dropped on Germany?

    Let's imagine a scenario in which Germany finds itself in the situation Japan was in 1945. US dropping at atomic bomb on some German city, maybe Berlin itself. Would Hitler surrender after the first or the second bomb, providing he survives an atomic attack on Berlin?
  20. CathareHeretic

    And if the atomic bomb hade never existed?

    I imagine the war against Japan continued numerous years and the Cold War turned hot war with the invasion of Western Europe by the Soviet no?