1. Lycurgus

    Would the Americans use the atomic bombs against Germany?

    Let's say that the German resistance in the final months of WW2 had made it extremely difficult and costly for the Allies to reach Berlin and defeat the Third Reich once and for all. Would the US use the atomic bombs against German cities? Or the fact that Germany was a European country would...
  2. Ceasar

    Cannons or Bombs as Battering Rams

    Starting with the invention of the trace italienne (star fort), fortresses were built with special triangular-shaped bastions in front of gatehouses to protect the gate from direct fire and to help troops sally from a fort unharassed. This seems to imply that cannon fire was a serious enough...
  3. D

    Atomic bombs of the US army (1945)

    Hello.If the troops of Hitler had won in Normandy or in the Ardennes,was the possibility of putting one or two atomic bombs on the head of the nazis armies studied by the US headquarters,in the purpose to save millions of lives (german civils,soldiers allies etc...?
  4. AlpinLuke

    Mother Of All Bombs!

    Well, Americans show to have it bigger! [First on CNN: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan -] Now ... that's a bomb ... Apart details [we could discuss about a comparison of MOAB with thermobaric warheads], what is concerning is that ISIS is advancing in...
  5. Space Shark

    ISIS/Daesh bombs Prophet's Tomb in Medina

    Medina explosion: Saudi city 'hit by suicide bomber' - BBC News Considering this site is considered the second most holiest in Islam, I'd say this is pretty shocking and huge. Not sure if ISIS/Daesh, but I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. notgivenaway

    The USA doesn't use the atomic bombs

    What I mean here is the USA, with Royal Navy and USSR support, blockade Japan, and bide their time, whilst keeping Germany under occupation and rebuilding their economies/peoples. Would Japan in this case fight to the last man? Or would they surrender? Or to frighten them into surrendering...
  7. C

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day?

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day? Source: Butterfly Bombs - Axis History Forum Considering how good they were against groups of soldiers marching or running or just in close proximity with one another not only in the East but in Italy and North Africa, why weren't they...
  8. Drummerboy

    Bombs Away!

    I'm currently reading a book on the Allied bombing of Germany during WWII, and I was struck with the idea for an interesting thread. As most of you guys know, the Americans and the Brits each employed very different strategies with their bombing attacks on Germany. The Americans favored more...
  9. B

    "The Herring" - Auschwitz survivor builds V-1 flying bombs and meets Mengele

    "The Herring" - Auschwitz survivor builds V-1 flying bombs and meets Mengele Hey everyone, My father is an American ex-pat living in London, and volunteers helping older folks through a program called Age Concern. He loves World War II history, and has read many books on the topic over the...
  10. SafavideIrani

    What Iran really wants to do with the nuclear bombs? what is going to happen?

    So what do you guys think they really want to do with them? Well this is what i and many others who i know think (coming from an Iranian): Ever heard about Mahdi? AKA the end of world. Well we believe that they want to destroy the world so their dear Islamic Mahdi can return, the Islamic...
  11. The merchant of Venice

    No nuclear bombs, war between Usa and the Su?

    If nuclear bombs didn't exist, do you think a conventional big war between the us/nato and the soviet union would have broke out?
  12. Ancientgeezer

    What a year! 1962. Bond, Beatles and Bombs

    There has been a lot of publicity these week about it being the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film and of the first Beatles single release, Love Me Do. (God, I feel old!). 1962 was quite a year. Many will remember, or have read about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Marlyn Monroes's death...
  13. rehabnonono

    Bat Bombs

    link Learn and talk about Bat bomb, Animal-borne bombs, Animal cruelty incidents, Bats, Incendiary weapons link No pic.. sorry I'm on my iPad The peoject was handed around to all the US services (some of whom hilariously managed to get it to work too well) until its development was overtaken...
  14. Phainx

    Oil changed warfare more than Atomic warfare

    Here's some food for thought, oil changed warfare more than Atomic warfare. If you look at how oil changed the Geo-poltical warfare then you will see its effect furthermore the inventions that were spawned because of the use of oil, the size increase of ships. It is all because of oil. What...
  15. AlpinLuke

    Hitler with nuclear bombs

    I'm wondering about the destiny of the world if, let's say, in 1944 the Nazi regime was able to develop a military nuclear technology before of the Americans. The main questions are: not if Hitler would have used the bomb, but in which scale. Limited on London to stop the war or do you think...
  16. Mohammed the Persian

    Bombs hit Israeli embassies worldwide

    BBC News - Israel envoys 'target of attacks' in India and Georgia Unconfirmed reports of another one in Amsterdam (according to Twitter)
  17. MSC

    What will happen to the price of gas if Israel bombs Iran

    What will happen to the price of gas if Israel bombs Iran's nuclear ambitions? Especially the price of gas in the US.
  18. Earl_of_Rochester

    RAF bombs Libyan frigate

    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | RAF bombs Libyan frigate And as usual the crabs failed to sink it :D Should have sent the Royal Navy, oh wait. The government scrapped it. EoR
  19. Mohammed the Persian

    Belfast Riots: Petrol bombs used against Police

    BBC News - Petrol bombs thrown at police during Belfast riots The Irish never seem to stop :wacko::wondering: Did anyone else notice the recent spike in Irish violence or is it just me ? :eek:
  20. larkin

    Bombs surgical implanted in bodies to blow up planes

    The lead story on NBC Nightly News.. New threat from Al Qaida. Bombs implanted surgically into the body of a terrorist. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: News and videos from the evening broadcast- IMHO this is the product of an over active imagination of a TSA official who...