1. T

    Joseph Bonaparte's dilemma in Talavera — Attack immediately ? Wait for Soult ?

    Joseph Bonaparte's dilemma in Talavera on 28th July 1809 Attack Immediately ? Wait for Marshal Soult descend upon the enemy rear ? What would be your decision ? Just vote ! Everybody, let's have a serious discussion for another significant battle of the Napoleonic War. To offering you...
  2. C

    European views on Ancient Egypt until Bonaparte's expedition.

    I didn't know where should i set it up, as the topic concerns both African and European history and a short span of time, so please forgive me if i posted it in wrong place :) As we all know, the breakthrough for studies on the Ancient Egypt was Napoleon's expedition in late XVIII century. But...
  3. R

    Pauline Bonaparte: an overrated "idol"?

    Napoleon Bonaparte had three sisters: Elisa, Caroline and Pauline. The first two, rather plain in appearance, were similar to their brother in being highly intelligent, haughty, egoistical, unscrupulous and fanatically ambitious. But Pauline, the third and youngest sister, was in many ways...
  4. Josefa

    II - Hortense and Louis

    While Napoleon's first attempt at arranging a political marriage in retrospect can be seen as somewhat successful (particularly by the husband who owed his life to it), the second should have made Napoleon turn away from that business forever. This will be a story about Hortense Beauharnais...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    At what point was Napoleon Bonaparte set on seeking greater power over France?

    His early career was certainly fascinating and often filled with his own internal conflicts over where his loyalty lay (first with the issue of Corsica vs France, and then with the revolutionaries vs autocrats). What I'm curious about and wanted to start a discussion about is at what point in...
  6. PrinceofOrange

    The Young or the Old Bonaparte

    As Napoleon is my favourite subject of study I recently came by this thought. Often in works written on Napoleon you find authors favouring either the young or the old Bonaparte over the other as an area of study. The young often considered being more dashing, flashy, quick minded, daring...
  7. Stefan Nemanja

    Napoleon Bonaparte: Nature's force

    The evening of March 11, 1796, saw young Napoleon part with his new wife, and leave France for the Italian front. One month later he was to lead his first battles and sound his entry into the halls of eternity. What is your opinion of Bonaparte, does he fascinate or repel you, or is a mixture of...
  8. M

    If Bonaparte abolished Prussia

    What if, after Jena, Bonaparte had ended Prussia; say, giving Silesia back to Austria, and the remainder of Prussia to nearby German states? What consequences?
  9. nuclearguy165

    Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814

    How would you rate Napoleon's performance in 1814? I think it was one of his very best, but I wouldn't quite place it as high as 1796-97 or 1805. The Six Days was fantastic, but there were other times, like at La Rothiere, Laon, and Arcis-sur-Aube where he should have and would have been...
  10. Futurist

    What if Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (the Future Napoleon III) Dies in 1847?

    What if Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (the future Napoleon III, in real life) dies in 1847, such as by choking to death on a piece of food? Would any other Bonaparte(s) run for office in France in 1848 in this scenario? Would the Second French Republic be likely to survive (as in, at least for a...
  11. Space Shark

    Joseph Bonaparte as Emperor of Mexico?

    While doing some research on Napoleon and his siblings, I read that reportedly that Joseph Bonaparte was offered to be crowned Emperor of Mexico, but he refused. But what if he did and later became the first ruler of independent Mexico? It's a relatively obscure what if but an interesting one...
  12. Belloc

    Napoleon Bonaparte - 1812 Road To Moscow

    From the time when the Learning Channel was cool: Napoleon Bonaparte - 1812 Road To Moscow - YouTube
  13. Rubinero

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    This is the link to my video about the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope you enjoy. :)
  14. christos200

    Aleksandr Suvorov VS Napoleon Bonaparte

    Asked on one occasion to select the greatest military commanders of all time, Suvorov chose Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. Suvorov's greatest ambition was to face the Corsican in battle, but it was one dream that he was never to realize, because Bonaparte...
  15. Earl of Mountain View

    Napoleon Bonaparte Buford

    Scant stuff on the half brother of his more famous younger brother John. Napoleon Bonaparte Buford Biography He appears to have served honorably, brave and well. He was commended for his actions in the Battle of...
  16. Pancho35

    Should Bonaparte have attacked Louverture?

    I was recently reading Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution by Laurent Dubois. Most of us know of course that in the late eighteenth century, the only truly successful slave revolution occurred in St. Domingue, modern day Haiti. A former slave, Toussaint Louverture...
  17. Ashiusx

    Did Napoleon Bonaparte make the life of the average person better?

    Did the Napoleon's policies and laws employed make the life of his average subject better or worse before his rule?
  18. Kuroda Kanbei

    Louis Bonaparte

    Can someone tell me a bit about Napoleons younger brother? I know he became king of the Netherlands and spended most of his reign being an incredible nice guy but thats about it. I'm especially interested in how good of a ruler he was and his relation with Napoleon. From what i've heard the...
  19. Pacific_Victory

    Napoleon Bonaparte's "Oriental Empire"

    In the book Napleon in Egypt (Paul Strathern) much attention is paid to Napoleon's dream of founding an "Oriental Empire" similar to that of Alexander the Great (it would include much of Northern Africa, the Middle East and India). There is a passage taken from Napoleon's own memoirs, which...
  20. A Curious One

    Napoleon Bonaparte Questions

    So for my animation piece on Napoleon Bonaparte I'm hoping to be a historically accurate as possible, however I have some questions I can't seem to find the answers to online. From my research on the Battle of Waterloo, it started at about 11:30am and finished at around 9pm with the final...