1. vukan

    I would like to find a project partner

    Greetings friends, My name is Vukan. My family history is rich. Since my early childhood, my family taught me various things, among other things, the history and importance of personal honor and dignity. I was interested in history. I spent a lot of time spreading my knowledge. Today I am very...
  2. Futurist

    A book about Europe's "danger spots" in the late 1930s

    Here is a very interesting book by Bernard Newman about the "danger spots" of Europe in the late 1930s: The final edition of this book appears to have been published shortly after the Nazi conquest of Poland in late 1939--as evidenced by the...
  3. T

    Book recommendation: European History for students

    Book European History for student advice A good friend is sponsoring the studies of an Indonesian. I have been asked to recommend a succinct book of European History in the English language. I am aware of a history of Europe with maps existing in French, perhaps something similar would be ideal...
  4. Vulkov

    Book recommendations : Illuminated manuscripts ?

    I was wondering could you please recommend to me books or encyclopedias with collections of illuminated manuscripts and hand written documents, quran, old and new testament, maps, business documents etc.
  5. David Vagamundo

    Need book recommendations

    I've gotten a lot of good recommendations on books here, so perhaps you can give me some leads on these areas: The Reconquest of Spain. Northern Italy in the 11th through 15th centuries, particularly the rise of the communes. History of Flanders same period. I can read English, Spanish...
  6. O

    Book of Esther, What's with Vashti? I always felt Xerxes was one of the coolest guys in the Bible. On reading it as a kid I assumed Vashti was just being a whatever:laugh: In a sermon in church once the...
  7. Hanslune

    Question on a phrase in a 1884 book on India

    From the book: Gujarat and the Gujaratis: Pictures of Men and Manners Taken from Life – Behramji Merwanji Malabari ""The Marwari never deals in anything which will not bring at least cent, per cent, profit"" This is...
  8. M

    Book recommendation

    I'm looking for a basic but good book about the history of Europe from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Say from the age of exploration to the French Revolution. Covering the age of exploration, mercantilism and colonization, religious conflict and everything else that shaped the continent in...
  9. David Vagamundo

    Need reco on good book on end of WWI and Treaty of Versailles

    I purchased and have just started reading Dallas' 1918: War and Peace. I'll not be able to finish it for a number of reasons, not least his overwhelming anti-Germany bias that leads him to ignore facts that conflict with his preconceived conclusions and factual mistakes that have led me to...
  10. Viperlord

    Viperlord's Civil War Book Recommendations

    Hello, all. I thought I'd offer up a list of some of my favorite/essential American Civil War books for anyone looking to do some reading on the subject. I'm relatively well-read on the ACW, but the field of scholarship on it is immense and goes well beyond my recommendations here, so consider...
  11. P

    FREE Kindle book May 24-28 about battle for Peleliu, South Pacific, 1944

    My husband, Carl Lyren, was a WWII Marine combat veteran and professional writer who authored a definitive account of the horrific battle for Peleliu in the South Pacific. This year, Amazon Kindle published his book, Dogged Courage: The Struggle for Peleliu, 1944. It is a detailed description...
  12. E

    Recommend for military book on Isreal-Arab war?

    Recently, I am interesting about Isreal-Arab war. Any one can recommend books to this issue. Hope the book focus on military operaton or military strategy.
  13. Futurist

    An interesting 1937 book about Nazi Germany

    Here is an interesting 1937 book about Nazi Germany that I found at the Internet Archive: It's called The House That Hitler Built. I have primarily read Part V of this book--specifically the speculation about what Nazi...
  14. T

    Help--need a book title

    Years ago. Well actually many decades ago, I read a book about the Battle of Shiloh. I remember that it was considered to be the authoritative book on the battle. I also remember thinking after trying to look at the many maps provided, how good can this book be if the maps are utterly...
  15. Vulkov

    History and accuracy? - Book recommendations

    Hello everybody ! In my spare time I love to study history. However the more I learn and study the more I find cases of forgeries which had the chance to change the way we view events. In other cases there was lack of data or documents which were later found who changed precious misconceptions...
  16. F

    Desperately looking for a book (about Renaissance Venice)

    Hi, I'm studying about the story of Luigi Da Porto (the writer of the first novella about Romeo and Juliet) and Lucina Savorgnan (his lover). It looks like a fundamental article is: Clough Cecil H., Love and war in the Veneto: Luigi da Porto and the True Story of Giulietta e Romeo in this...
  17. PhilosopherAurelius

    Book on Byzantium

    I've always had a strong fascinations with the Ancient Romans, and, as such, know more about Classical European history than any other time period. I've recently began reading "An Introduction to the History of Western Europe" by James Robinson, so I can start branching out. But old habits die...
  18. S

    Best book on Persian/Iranian history?

    Greetings all I have been looking, for quite some time, for a decent one-volume history of Persia from the first empires of Medes and Achaemenids to the Islamic Revolution. Something akin to John Keay's "India: A History" and "China: A History". Does anyone know of a book of this sort? Thank you!
  19. lukaszrzepinski

    how to find 19th century book?

    Hi, I found out that one of my ancestors served in Austohungarian 66th Inf regiment and fell in Italy in Battle of Custoza. I found out that there is 19th century book about this regiment. Any idea how can I find such thing? WIBIRAL, CARL; GOTTESHEIM, LUDWIG FRHR. VON; JACZ, COLOMAN: Die...
  20. N

    Book/paper on agriculture in pre-colonial West Africa

    Hello, I search a book or a paper on pre-colonial Agriculture in West Africa, do you've suggestions? Thanks.