1. shootseven

    What historical photographs have you seen misidentified in articles or books?

    I'm giving a few speeches on misidentified historical photographs next year, and I'd like to find a few more examples to add. So far I've got a few alleged Billy the Kid images to discuss (including "croquet Billy"), alleged photos of Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Civil War spy Kate Warne...
  2. I

    Looking for books about Austrian Succession War

    I am not historian but 18th century military history fascinates me, especially in Europe. Can you recommend me please a good book covering Austrian Succession War and if possible any of its battles: Fontenoy, Dettingen, Bassignana?
  3. RidiculousName

    Henry Darger's Books

    Is there a way to read Henry Darger's books? I'm not interested in books on his books. I'd like to read from the source.
  4. jameen

    Books that Mao have read

    Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of People's Republic of China is also well known avid book reader. What kinds of books did he read before going to the mountains and became a guerilla?
  5. E

    Books on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia?

    Hi all, I apologise if this is the wrong section for it, but can anyone recommend me any books that cover the state of the South Slavs in the inter-war period? Not looking for anything in particular, but if possible I'd like to learn more about the economy and daily life during that time. It's...
  6. Dios

    Need Help: How do you search ancient books archived in Venezuela?

    I'm looking for the "Saint Felix Manuscripts". They come from Venezuela Copies of an original Latin manuscript in a library at Salamanca These are copies made by "Father Jacobus" Reported given to "M. Nierenstein" I don't know where the manuscripts were filed ... some repository in Venezuela...
  7. VHS

    History books by previous "losers"

    The saying "history is written by victors" is almost cliche; previously, the losers are either subjugated or eliminated. When subjugation is overthrown, as in the case of Africa, history is being rewritten. In this case, new victors emerged. In the case where the domination is not overthrown...
  8. Maoistic

    Books or articles on Orandayuki?

    The orandayuki were the comfort women of the Dutch in Japan but I can find that many academic books or articles on them. Do you know of any?
  9. holoow

    Important books that went un-noticed in the West

    'Psycho-Chemical Warfare: The Chinese Communist Drug Offensive Against the West' by A.H. Stanton Candlin [1974] 'Their Trade is Treachery: The Full Unexpurgated Truth About the Russian Penetration of The World's Secret Defences' by Chapman Pincher [1981] 'Red Cocaine: The Drugging of...
  10. JM1906

    Hundred Years War: best books

    Guys, what are the best books about the war? Not just covering the military part, but specialy the political part.
  11. M

    Best World War II Non-fiction History Books

    Best World War II Non-fiction History books: WWII History Books :smile1:
  12. Far Flight

    Books on Fin de Siècle/Belle Époque Europe (ca. 1870-1914)

    I'm having a very difficult time finding good material on the period of european history ca. 1871-1914. Some books I've found that fit this period are: The Age of Empire: 1875–1914 - Eric Hobsbawn The Proud Tower - Barbara Tuchman The Age of Decadence: Britain 1880 to 1914 - Simon Heffer The...
  13. W

    Books/Photo Documents Concerning Atrocities During The French-Algerian War

    Hello everyone. I recently got a hold of a French propaganda brochure called “Aspects véritables de la rébellion algérienne” (Real Aspects of the Algerian Rebellion) or the “Green Book,” according to my professor. (WARNING: Link NSFW) It details the alleged atrocities committed by the FLN...
  14. Z

    Indian history books biased toward islamic kingdoms.

    I remember nothing of marathas,or vijayanagara,it seems like according to indian CBSE books that in medievel and early modern period only muslims ruled india.
  15. Visigoth Panzer

    Any Detailed Books on War in Caucasus During WW1

    I've recently found interesting information about the war in the Caucasus during WW1. Apparently towards and after the war numerous events were taking place; Turkey invaded northwestern Iran, Germany sent troops to Georgia and conflict almost broke out between these central powers. Anyone know...
  16. wskim

    What Are the Best Books and Sources on Liberian History for a Newbie to the Subject?

    I'm primarily interested in the early settlements of Americos, their early interactions with the natives and the pretty much anything prior to the 1980 Samuel Doe coupe. And why does Liberian history seem so overlooked?
  17. F

    Books about Rise and fall of European lead modern world

    Right now I am reading "Why did Europe Conquer the World" by Philip T.Hoffman. So far I found some good observations, not least about the role of military competition between European powers. On the other hand probably a tendency to not only try to find "the explanation", by excluding more than...
  18. S

    Looking for books on Persian history

    Anyone have any good sources on Persian history? Specifically the Sasanians, the Safavids and Nader Shah. Kudos!
  19. EternalWay

    Books on Southeast Asian History

    Hello all, I was wondering what books everyone recommended for the history of Southeast Asia. I would prefer a text that surveys the topic from pre-historic to modern times. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated :)
  20. Moros

    17th Century Books in London

    Does anyone have some good sources about the process of writing and publishing books in the late 17th Century London (esp.1670-1710). I would like to know what relationship an author had with the book seller. Who organised the printing and what money did the author receive?