1. VHS

    Relatively settled borders today?

    Earlier in history, borders of states were relatively fluid, and the borders could fluctuate significantly due to military victories and conquests. For example, the size of the Tang Dynasty at its height and its downfall fluctuated from around 10 million square kilometres to around 3 million...
  2. N

    Oldest national borders in the world?

    I started wondering what the oldest national borders are. I think we should rule out island nations, simply because it's too easy in more than one way. It's not surpriseing that Iceland has the same borders they did a thousand years ago. We should also try to avoid borders that shift every fifty...
  3. Futurist

    What would Europe's borders look like after a Western-Soviet War in the late 1940s?

    What would Europe's borders look like after a Western-Soviet War in the late 1940s? For the record, I am thinking of some misunderstanding sparking a military conflict between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union within three years after the Potsdam Conference. Thus, Operation Unthinkable...
  4. Futurist

    What do you think the ideal borders for the Russian Empire would have been?

    What do you think the ideal borders for the Russian Empire would have been? As for me, here is what I think: 1. First of all, Russia should be allowed to keep all of the territories which it currently controls in real life. This includes Russia within its 1991 borders as well as Crimea. This...
  5. L

    The Inquiry on Polish and Czechoslovak borders 1919

    Here is what the Inquiry suggested pertaining to Polish borders after WW1: Map (Danzig, all of Upper Silesia and part of East Prussia were to be Polish): ^^^ Gdańsk-Malbork-Iława-Działdowo-Mława-Warsaw railway line was to...
  6. L

    Optimal Polish Borders After WW2

    Here is my proposition of optimal Polish borders after WW2 (alternate history). Compared to present-day borders of Poland, here is what I would change: 1. From Ukraine to Poland: From the meander of the San River near settlement Żurawin (gmina Lutowiska, Zakole Nature Reserve), along the...
  7. Futurist

    Did Germany have its ideal borders in August 1939?

    I am curious as to what your thoughts on this are--did Germany have its ideal borders in August 1939? : I mean, I would think that any rational (and non-sectarian) nationalist German leader would have been overjoyed to have German...
  8. Futurist

    What are the optimal borders for Israel in 1949?

    I've been curious about this--what do you think the optimal borders for Israel in 1949 are? This question was inspired by this information in this Times of Israel article: "In December 1948...
  9. Futurist

    Was it realistic for Poland to go for its 1772 borders during the Polish-Soviet War?

    Was it realistic for Poland to go for its 1772 borders during the Polish-Soviet War? Specifically, was it within Poland's capabilities to achieve this during the Polish-Soviet War? For reference, here is a map of both's Poland's 1772 and Poland's 1921 borders:
  10. M

    Was Hitler Arrogant or Just Stupid to Think He Could Defeat the Soviets?

    The greatest martial mistake Hiter did was attacking the Soviets in the Second World War, however, I never understood why he thought that was a good idea. Was he just arrogant, and believed that the German Army was superior to the Soviets? Or did he believe that the Soviets would retreat deep in...
  11. Valens

    Are borders in Europe final?

    The common vision was that the end of WWII marked an end of the large scale border changes in Europe. With Western Europe firmly integrated in NATO and the EU, any border changes seemed unlikely. However, the collapse of USSR and Yugoslav wars proved that Europe is far from done with...
  12. leakbrewergator

    Arbitrary Borders

    Most national borders make sense. There's usually a defining geographical characteristic or a demographic makeup that defines a country's border. However, there have been times when a nation's outline was defined quite arbitrarily and even without any input from the countries involved. Often...
  13. Excalibur

    Erdogan threatens EU by opening borders

    Erdogan threatens EU by opening borders for migrants. EU stopping accessing Turkey to EU. This guy is worse and worse. He recently expressed an idea of changing borders in Europe (Aegean sea and Bulgaria). Erdogan threatens to open borders after European Parliament vote | News | DW.COM |...
  14. L

    Roman emperor that tried to pull back borders?

    This has been driving me nuts for awhile. A while back, I saw a History Channel show about a Roman emperor who tried to pull back the Roman borders to more easily defendable positions. So that they would be less financially costly to defend. And of course, Senators were furious. As one example...
  15. Romanianboy2013

    Did China consider her 1820 borderlines the true borders of China?

    Here is a map showing the 1820s border of Qing dinasty China under Emperor Jiaqing.:cool:
  16. L

    When did the modern concept of borders first come about?

    Obviously, the concept of political boundaries between different regions and states has probably existed for thousands of years, but what I mean is when did the concept of a border as a guarded physical boundary first come into existence? Many people think of the Schengen Zone of the EU as...
  17. F

    Geographic point where as many borders as possible converge

    Cartographically, trifinium is the Latin word for the spot where you are technically in 3 geopolitical or administrative entities. There are many trifinia. What about the spot where you are technically in more than 3? Let's begin with 4 (quadrifinium). On a map of small scale, there seems to...
  18. civfanatic

    On Borders

    What is a border? When did borders first emerge in history? Is a state necessary for the formation of a border? Are borders necessary for the formation of a state? How does the nature of borders change as states evolve over time? Are borders only relevant when they are utilized by sovereign...
  19. G

    If Russia violated Turkish air space then how can Turkey violate borders with Rojava

    If crossing border is an issue and seems legitimate then how can Turkey issue threats to YPG from uniting its cantons since these are in Syrian borders and Turkey has no business to issue threats to any group outside its borders. How can it threaten Syrian Kurds from uniting their lands and say...
  20. T

    Whats your opinion on historical fiction that borders on low fantasy?

    By this I mean novels like "The Lions of Al-Rassan" and pretty much anything by Guy Gavriel Kay, stories that are just historical fiction without the limiting trappings of having to be in actual existing places and time periods*. *The above book is obviously based on a time and place...