1. Futurist

    Question about the Europeans drawing the borders of Africa

    When the Europeans conquered Africa during the Scramble for Africa, did they draw the borders of Africa based on how much land they conquered (as in, everything that the French conquered became French colonies, everything that the British conquered became British colonies, et cetera) or did they...
  2. Futurist

    Territorially speaking, were Poland's pre-1939 or post-1945 borders better?

    As for me, I voted for Poland post-1945 borders being better due to the fact that while these borders resulted in Poland losing a lot of poor and mostly non-Polish areas, these borders also allowed Poland to be generously compensated with a lot of formerly German and probably very industrialized...
  3. Futurist

    Cases where a country's "ancient" borders were more-or-less restored

    Other than Poland, whose post-1945 borders closely resemble its borders in the year 1000, exactly which other cases, if any, have there been of a country's "ancient" borders being more-or-less restored centuries later (or more)? Any thoughts on this? Also, for reference:
  4. Futurist

    A letter by Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia from 1891 which defines Ethiopia's borders

    Here you go: A letter by Emperor Menelik that defines Ethiopia's borders ? Ethiopian News Forum Also, out of curiosity, did any other African leader during this time likewise sent the European Great Powers a similar latter? Any thoughts on this?
  5. koseku

    Is it possible to live without borders on Earth?

    Hi, European Union and United States are an example of this. They don't need visa or passport to visit each other within. Do you think is it possible to integrate it to the whole world? Is it possible to travel anywhere of the world without visa? Only one government and one law and a simple one...
  6. Futurist

    Why weren't Thailand's borders redrawn along ethnic lines after the end of WWII?

    Basically, Thailand got to keep some non-Thai majority areas after World War II which could have easily been placed into neighboring countries/colonies instead: Thus, what I am asking here is this: Why weren't Thailand's borders redrawn along ethnic lines after the end of World War II? After...
  7. Futurist

    You can change 10 national borders worldwide; Which borders would you change?

    As for me: 1. Have the Pashtun-majority areas of Pakistan secede from Pakistan and either join Afghanistan or, perhaps less likely, form their own independent state: The Durand Line was drawn by British imperialists and should be gotten rid of due to the fact that it splits the Pashtun...
  8. G

    How should the nations and borders in the Middle East been carved instead of now

    The Sykes-Picot agreement was criticised for wrongly carving up Middle East based on ancient empires and western control over these lands. What should have been the ideal scenario in your mind to divide the national boundaries and what nations should have been created in comparison to now to...
  9. Graveyard

    Federative/Feudal Roman Empire, with expanded borders

    They could have expanded their borders to oder-neisse-sudetenland-carpathians-danubian, through slow romanization and feoderatization of germans (As the bourgeoisie supported the King against his vassals, Rome could support the König's of various big federations, supporting them into something...
  10. G

    Could India have gotten some other territories apart from its current borders

    Why did Burma get partitioned from India? Why did Indian not protest against it? Why did India not take Nepal (despite being a Hindu monarchy) and Raja Tribhuvan himself telling Nehru he wanted to be with India? Why did India not annex client states like Bhutan since it had to maintain them...
  11. Isoroku295

    If Hadrian hadn't retreated the Borders

    As we know, Trajan had died near the close of the Persian Campaign. Hadrian would take over, and retreated from the lands that were taken. He almost left Dacia as well. My question is, what if Hadrian had not left Mesopotamia and Armenia? Let's assume he successfully holds it against Parthia...
  12. GiLGaMeS

    Mongol empire borders.

    Wikipedia shows 2 different borders of the mongol empire at its largest extent. 1/ This map includes Siberia in the mongol empire. 2/ As for this one , it doesn't include Siberia. Which do you think is the right one?
  13. Y

    Surviving Ottomans with 1914 borders ?

    Let's say Ottoman Empire never enters WW1 or CP wins the war. OE continues to reform and in 1920's oil is discovered so this helps economic recovery. How does Middle East look like today ? How does it effect the World ? *For the sake of discussion we are not discussing the survival chance. So...
  14. G

    Were borders open between different kingdoms in the Pre Sultanate era

    I mean was there free movement of people within the Indian kingdoms.(am sure there was duty on goods). But what about people? The manner in which sages, monks etc. went from place to place seems like borders were quite porus. This is surprising. I would imagine for all common people barring...
  15. Futurist

    Countries whose borders and administrative divisions remained (mostly) the same .....

    since the 1800s or earlier? Which countries qualify for this (and please include maps)? So far, I can think of: The United States: Mexico: France (other than the large territorial losses after the Napoleonic era, the borders of the departments in France back during the Napoleonic...
  16. T

    If borders are rarely defined by language.

    Why is it that it is so commonly assumed that language=country. i.e. people from France speak french, people from england speak english, people from italy speak italian. Obviously I'm not assuming people are not so stupid that they think americans speak american etc. Nor do I downplay the...
  17. H

    What did borders look like?

    They didnt have any fences or signs saying "Beware english scum, youre now in Normandy!" I know that at that time there weren't any nation states - but how did people differentiate one fief from the other?
  18. Futurist

    A map of modern European borders superimposed over 1914 European borders

    I thought that this map was pretty interesting; thus, I decided to post it here:
  19. Futurist

    Maps Which Propose Redrawing National Borders Based on Ethnic and/or Religious Lines

    I am fascinated by this 1918 map by Louis P. Bezenet in which he showed how exactly he would redraw Europe's national (country) borders based on ethnic and/or linguistic lines: (Yes, this map might have some errors, but I still find it extremely interesting.) Anyway, I was wondering if there...
  20. Futurist

    Russia's Current Borders if the Bolsheviks *Never* Come to Power There

    If all of these things occur in this scenario: -World War I still breaks out sometime in the 1910s. -Tsarism still falls in Russia sometime in the 1910s or in the early 1920s -The Bolsheviks never come to power in Russia (such as by having both Lenin and Trotsky choke to death on pieces of...