1. LatinoEuropa

    Jesus born in africa and black era

    By Douglas Belchior The text I reply here was shared in 2012, by the friend Jonathan Marcelino, and is authored by Hernani Francisco da Silva, originally published by Afrokut. When I read, I immediately remembered a passage from the movie "Ali," about the life of Mohammad Ali, in discussion...
  2. LatinoEuropa

    Cuba, Portugal

    According to the thesis defended by the Portuguese historian Mascarenhas Barreto, the illustrious admiral was born in Cuba in 1448 as the illegitimate son of the infant D. Fernando, Duke of Viseu and Beja, and the undocumented " Isabel Zarco ". Colombo's name in Spanish, Cristóbal Colón, would...
  3. B

    1241 - the year Europe was born again In 1241 Europe was attacked by the mongol hordes of Batu khan.Kievan Rus was destroyed,which gave way for the rise of the Muskovite kingdom later on. Poland,Germany,Croatia,Bohemia and Moravia devastated with great loss of human life...
  4. S

    Christianity was born among the slaves of the Roman Empire.

    Imagine that you are a young slave, two thousands years ago, just before Christ, in the Roman Empire. You were born a slave, and have to pass all the rest of your life as a slave, holding rocks, and maybe thrown into an arena to fight to death with wild animals, or other slaves. The only thing...
  5. D

    This Day in History: Rutherford B. Hayes is Born

    Here's a great write-up on one of the United States' forgotten presidents, who was born on this day in 1822: This Day in History: A forgotten president is born
  6. E

    Born in the wrong century

    Good morning, all. I come from a world in which my historical interests are rather eclectic, from the history of the Spanish Conquest, to the Crusades, to the Conquest of England. (A lot of conquering, I notice...) In any event, I hope to be a frequent guest here on HISTORUM. Have a great day...
  7. D

    This Day in History: A Future U.S. President is Born

    On this day in 1767, John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams, is born. Learn more here: This Day in History: A Future U.S. President is Born
  8. P

    Born Fighting by James Webb (History of American "Scots-Irish")

    Has anyone read this book and if so did you find major problems with it? I am somewhat confused, as often happens when I read something that I find questionable. Webb stresses the Gaelic or Celtic nature of the Scots and Scots-Irish. Was this Gaelic culture truly dominant? I thought the...
  9. D

    Guess which famous person was born today...

    I'm sure most of you already knew, but here are a few facts about him you may not know: Guess which famous person was born today...
  10. ErenTheAlbanian

    Where was Skanderbeg born?

    Many say Diber District others say Kruje, what do you think?
  11. Lowell2

    Elizabeth I is born Edmund

    If Ann's child had been a boy? Would Henry VIII have reconciled with the Pope? (one of the arguments about putting aside Catherine was her inability to produce a living son). Does his paranoia proceed anyway, and he determines Anne Boleyn is a traitor? If so, does he disinherit his son...
  12. J

    Medieval nationalism (nationalism was not born in early modern era France)

    After the second WW, some historians successfuly promoted the fantasy history of nationalism, stating that nationalsm was bor during The French revolution, however nothing is further from the reality. This old (nonsensical) canonical view has less and less supporter among modern academic...
  13. Witson

    Is it true that Genghis Khan was born on modern Russian territory?

    Is it true that Genghis Khan was born on modern Russian territory(Republic of Buryatia and Zabaikalskiy Region)? Or just his mother was born there?
  14. D

    Zachary Taylor was born on this day in 1784

    Here are a few facts I came across about Taylor: This Day in History: Zachary Taylor Is the post incorrect in saying that many Americans don't know who Taylor is?
  15. P

    Adi Sankara was born in 509BC not 788AD: Kanchi seer

    Adi Sankara was born in 509BC not 788AD: Kanchi seer While welcoming the Centre’s decision to hold Adi Sankara’s birth anniversary as Philosopher’s Day, Jayendra Saraswati, head of the Kancheepuram Mutt in Tamil Nadu, said it was “misrepresenting” the birth year of the saint. The birth year was...
  16. warmoviebuff

    HISTORY or HOLLYWOOD: Born on the 4th of July

    I thought it would be appropriate with the developing scandal involving VA hospitals to review the best movie depicting treatment of wounded veterans. Anyone familiar with the history of the treatment of American veterans since the Vietnam War could not have been surprised at this scandal...
  17. Vladd

    What would Leonardo be doing if born in the modern world

    I saw this question on Quora and this reply What are your views is this answer in anyway correct? What do you think he would be doing today?
  18. IrritableOwlSyndrome

    What Would Happen if Julius Caesar Was Never Born?

    What reforms, military campaigns, etc. Did JC instigate or complete that would have affected the way we live today? How different would not only Europe, but the world be had he never been born? The Roman Empire is a very interesting subject to me, and I also love alt. history. Side question...
  19. F

    The Ulster-Scots 'Born Fighting'

    Has anyone read this book about the Ulster-Scots/Scotch-Irish. Any opinions about it.
  20. P

    FYI new hybrid fondly born

    Interesting article about how 50 million years ago a fern evolved into 2 distinct species that lived in 2 very different environments yet some bred and a hybrid was born. 'Weird' Fern Shows The Power Of Interspecies Sex : NPR