1. Maki

    What was the Bosnian Church?

    So, in medieval Bosnia, there existed a heretical church called the Church of Bosnia (crkva bosanska). The presence of this heretical church caused a lot of trouble for medieval Bosnia and even caused a mini-crusade to be led against it. The church of Bosnia was one of the main features of...
  2. Efendija

    Orientalisms in Bosnian language

    Hi all! I hope here we have Turks who will help me. Here are words that originate from Ottomans rule in Bosnia vilayet. I wish to know how these words are said on Turkish. First word is Bosnian second word is on english. I know for uncle. Bosnian-English-Turkish daidža-uncle-dayi...
  3. Hrulj

    Bosnian history thread

    Ok, here is the thread you wanted :)
  4. cachibatches

    Ancient European Pyramids (not the Bosnian Hills)

    Good day all. Unlike a lot of the rest of the world, ancient European societies very rarely made Pyramid structures. Megaliths, temples, stadiums, aqueducts, fortifications...the Romans even made something like an ancient shopping mall. But they very rarely delved into the realm of Pyramids, and...
  5. Redbad

    Bosnian Serb leader calls for confederation BANJA LUKA, Bosnia (Reuters) - Emboldened by events in Ukraine, the leader of Bosnia's Serbs called on Tuesday for Bosnia to become a confederation of three states, and again threatened a referendum on...
  6. ib-issi

    update latest find at Bosnian Pyramids

    Latest finds at Visoko on this link :- Bosnian Pyramid News Blog They are still not getting any funding for this project , it is all being done from gifts and volunteers, their government has also stopped them from excavating any higher up the pyramid, take a look a the pyramid of the Sun at...
  7. zombie

    Bosnian Genocide

    A Cry From The Grave - Muslim Genocide In Bosnia (1/11) - YouTube A Cry From The Grave - Muslim Genocide In Bosnia (2/11) - YouTube A Cry From The Grave - Muslim Genocide In Bosnia (3/11) - YouTube A Cry From The Grave - Muslim Genocide In Bosnia (4/11) - YouTube A Cry From The Grave -...
  8. W

    Bosnian History

    A while back I posted a thread asking very specific questions about life in Bosnia during the 1820s. I'm in the process of writing a story, and am in need of further assistance. I have some more questions for you all, any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. What were villages like in Sarajevo...
  9. P

    Bosnian "pyramids": hills shaped by Romans

    did Romans shape Bosnian hills so-called Bosnian pyramids :D : official description: -Expert view on the bogus story that caught attention of world media (CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Reuters, AP...) in 2006-2007. See why the "pyramids" could represent a historical...