1. W

    So just bought 17 Revolution books, where to start?

    Wanted to really give into to the Founders and the Revolution. I got a spectacular deal on some books so bought a bunch. Where to start? I have all the main characters. A few on all the Founders as well as the 1776 book. I did read about the book written in 1971 by Higginbotham "The War of...
  2. EmperorTigerstar

    If the US never bought Alaska, what about the Russian Civil War?

    If the US never bought Alaska in 1867, it would basically remain Russian for much longer. However, during World War I when Russia collapses to revolution and communism takes hold to form the Soviet Union, what becomes of Alaska? Would the US and/or Canada occupy the territory to prevent it from...
  3. avon

    What history books have you bought recently? v.2

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  4. Salah

    The Man Who Bought the Roman Empire

    There are rulers in history who stand out not so much for what they did with their power, but for how they gained it, or lost it. The Roman Emperor Didius Julianus is just such a ruler. His reign is one of the shortest, and certainly the most comical, in Roman history. An examination of his...
  5. Isoroku295

    Just bought (for 6 Dollors!!!!) A new selection.

    I have recently bought these new books, and I'm wondering if anyone has read any and what you think: (first is the name. then i write the auther) *Taking America Back. Joseph Farah. *Chinese Communism. Dan Jacobs and Han Baerwald. *USSA. David Madson. *Seven Days To Petrograd. Tom Hyman...
  6. Commander

    So I bought 1776

    So I just went to Borders and bought the book 1776, by David McCullough. He's a two time Pulitzer Prize winner for Truman and John Adams. It says its a #1 National Best seller book... I'll keep you posted on how it is. If anyone's read it let me know.