1. M

    Hello! Hot Box Research

    Hello! Thanks for welcoming me into the community, I look forward to searching these threads! I am currently doing some research on some hot box containers- specifically the Portable Food Container, 1 Gallon, Mk II. They are cylindered shaped and have "NOT TO BE PLACED ON TOP OF STOVE OR...
  2. Waterloofinalsolution

    Why do 18-19th century films generally fail at the box office?

    While movies about the medieval, ancient classical era generally do great at the box office? Most period films, especially in the 18th century, do horrible at the box office. The only 18th century film that has done well, was "The Patriot" While generally, ancient classical films do...
  3. A

    Akhenaten (Box, Carter Archive 001K)

    I stumbled across the following under Neferneferuaten on Wikipedia, quoted as being an inscription on a box (Carter 001K) "King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands, Neferkheperure-Waenra Son of the Living Truth, Lord of Crowns, Akhenaten, Great in his duration King...
  4. dlnewhouse

    Never Forget and Music Box Anyone know more about the real events behind these two movies?
  5. A

    Building a shadow box!

    My grandfather was a World War II veteran. He was stationed in the Phillipenes. I'm building a shadowbox for his flag and awards. The pins were not on his left and right collar of jacket. He was a staff sergeant, in the infantry. I know one of them is supposed be a gold medallion that...
  6. CathareHeretic

    Cardboard Box French government queries U.S. State Dept. about fatal 1951 LSD attack

    I know the CIA love creat and Test this Drugs but here? he strange outbreak severely affected nearly five hundred people, causing the deaths of at least five. For nearly 60 years the Pont-St.-Esprit incident has been attributed either to ergot poisoning, meaning that villagers consumed bread...
  7. Panthera tigris altaica

    The Legendary Laugh Box

    Or Audience Response Simulator. Sounds vaguely familiar...
  8. RonPrice

    Modernity Britain: Opening the Box by David Kynaston.

    MY SEARCH IN AND AROUND 1960 Part 1: On 15 June 2013, as winter was beginning in Australia, Richard Davenport-Hines wrote a review in The Guardian. It had the title “Modernity Britain: Opening the Box by David Kynaston.” The review was of David Kynaston's latest volume of the history of...
  9. unclefred

    Operation Pandora's Box

    On Feb. 22, 1974, Samuel Byck, carrying a briefcase bomb and a .22 pistol, entered Baltimore Washington Intl Airport. At a Delta Airline check-in desk he pulled his gun and shot dead an airport police officer, ran down the jet-way and boarded a DC-9 that was ready for departure to Atlanta. He...
  10. tjadams

    2,000-Year-Old Biblical Burial Box Reveals Clue About Death of Jesus

    2,000-Year-Old Biblical Burial Box Reveals Clue About Death of Jesus Published August 31, 2011 | Read more: 2,000-Year-Old Biblical Burial Box Reveals Clue About Death Of Jesus |
  11. bradehyatt

    Mayan box

    Hi, my name is Brad, I dont mean to be a bother but I bought this box at a flea market and I would be glad if someone cold help. thanks
  12. davu

    Thinking Outside The Box -- The Official Graham Hancock Website: Underworld Faculty of Science - Professor's Profile reading books by people outside of the box is :D:D:D but then I look at who else is reading his books -- these are people i would send my money on to just take one...