1. G

    Brahmins Fabricated Chankaya’s Biography

    Chanakya was a Non-caste(NC) think-tank. Fake history by dominant races confused Indians in that ways that, we are getting many false and fabricated facts till to date thinking it’s as true. We can even trace truth from fake history by simply reasoning and applying proper logic to it to find...
  2. R

    history of Family "Snake God" among Indo-Europeans.

    so our family have kul-deva/Family god in the avatar of Snake. being a Brahmin i find this strange as in our earliest stage RigVedic God Indra slaughtered a Snake-Demon named Vritra in the battle and liberated flaowing waters of the rivers to the Arya and Sudra people. this is even strange as...
  3. G

    Satavahana - Nagas or Brahmins?

    Satavahana rulers are said to be of ambiguous origin as they claimed to be Brahmanas but followed Dravidian customs such as using mother's name to identify themselves. Example : Gautamiputra <- Son of a woman of Gautam gotra. Vashishtaputra <- Son of a woman of Vashishta gotra...
  4. C

    Brahmins of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Namaskar, why i was reading a book on Islamization of Afghanistan and Pakistan i started wondering about Brahmins who used to dwell in those lands. i know that there were some Brahmin kings in Kabul and Hindu temples in Eastern Afghanistan so i know that there was a sizable Brahmin community...
  5. C

    Persian Brahmins

    Namaskar, i had to start another thread about some Brahmin communities who claim persian origins. one of my brothers distant relative is a Kashmiri Pandit and claims that according to his Grandfather and father, they are of Persian Stock. while i usually ignore their claims i started to think...
  6. C

    why Brahmins are placed above Kshatriyas in Indian Civilization ?

    when almost every civilization in the world puts kings and warriors above scholars and priests. even in India Rajputs(modern name of kshatriyas) dominates all the regions where they live. they consider themeselves above all other Indian castes and Tribes. historically, Brahmins only worked as...
  7. 1

    Are Brahmins Jews? what do you think ? i think brahmins really have some relations with jewish people. are brahmins banu-israel ?
  8. Augustus04

    What is the origin of the Tamil Brahmins ?

    Where did the Tamil Brahmins come from ? There seems to be mention of Tamil Brahmins or anthnars reading vedas since pre christian era however most Tamil Brahmins seem to have to have migrated later on during the Pallava , Chola and Vijayanagari kingdoms. Genetically they closer to north Indian...
  9. Aham Brahmasmi

    brahmins who converted to islam

    what happened to them ? and actually how many brahmins from present day pakistan,india and BDesh converted to Islam ? and their views on caste system
  10. Shah Nawaz

    brahmins are (Aryans) foreigners ?

    almost every Indian with knowledge of history says that brains are Aryans who destroyed Native Indian Culture and Started ruling us...
  11. DanielMisier

    Are Bhumihar's Brahmins?

    What historical evidence do they have to back-up this claim? Also are they mainly found in UP, or Bihar?
  12. Rakshasa

    Brahmins and Hindus in the middle East in the early medieval times

    It is well known that the likes of Mohammad Bin Qasim (who is known as the first invader) supported Buddhists, Hindus and Christians in his realm (middle East). He supported the renovation of a Buddhist monastery in Damascus (Syria) and exempted Brahmins in the middle east from taxation. How...
  13. V

    Early Buddhism and Brahmanism.

    Friends,i'd like to discuss the connections between early Brahmanic tradition and early teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha on this thread. I have been going through the Pali cannon of Thervada Buddhism(earliest surviving Buddhist school) for past few months,and i have seen certain suttas describing...
  14. T

    Shudras protected Brahmins against the Turks in the past

    I am reading the book "Cultural History of Medieval India" and it mentions an interesting incident which happened in the 14th century. In the 14th century the Turkic invaders of the Delhi Sultanate raided several parts of southern India which led to the decline of several kingdoms like the...