1. EmperorTigerstar

    Was Braxton Bragg the Worst CSA General?

    Often Braxton Bragg was ridiculed by both his contemporaries and our modern historians as a horrible general with many faults and foolish tendencies. But is he the worst general the Confederacy had? Is there one worse? Is he actually a good general who got a bad rap?
  2. Underlankers

    Joe Johnston v. Robert E. Lee v. Braxton Bragg:

    As army commanders, each of these three generals had their chances to conduct major strategic operations for the benefit of the Confederacy. Each of them had very distinctive approaches and relationships/issues with their political superiors, their subordinates, and as the commanding general of...
  3. Underlankers

    Braxton Bragg:

    How do we rate Braxton Bragg as a general of the Confederate army? I think that Bragg judged at a purely military level may be the most successful Confederate commander of the war in managing to in spite of no clear set of subordinates, sphere of command, food supply lines, and having troops...
  4. Viperlord

    Braxton Bragg in the Kentucky Campaign

    Here we'll discuss one of the Civil War's most lovable characters, (:laugh:) Confederate General Braxton Bragg, and his role in the Kentucky Campaign of late 1862. This campaign occurred nearly simultaneously with Lee's invasion of Maryland and Earl Van Dorn's effort to take Corinth. In August...