1. Imperia

    Weak Latin America

    As we all know, Latin America is one of the most powerful regions in the world. Home to one of the only superpowers that survived the Cold War, Brazil. It has in the South of the continent some of the most developed nations of the world like Argentina, Chile that together of the Nordic countries...
  2. JM1906

    Brazil Presidential Elections

    So there will be one of the most important election in Brazil's history next month. The already controversial run, that saw Lula get jail time and be virtualy out of the race, sees now the main contender - controversial righ winger - Jair Bolsonaro getting stabbed. Some talk in civil war (for...
  3. JM1906

    Fire in National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro Growing up earing about this archive... This is devastating.. Without any doubt the biggest lost of heritage in the world since years.. Millions of documents, thousands of invaluble treaseures...
  4. Imperia

    The last war of Napoleon

    The last war of Napoleon Napoleon was almost kidnapped from Santa Helena to lead a revolution in South America and become the '' South American Emperor '' Action took place in 1817 and had a multimillion-dollar budget In the early 19th century, there seemed to be no limits to the human...
  5. Imperia

    the empire of the americas

    What would have been the best time in Brazilian history for him to get a coast to the Pacific or a coast to the Caribbean (if possible both)?
  6. R

    Britain dedelops India, Formosa, Manchuria, DEI, PI, Brazil, Japan, etc in the 1800s.

    OTL Britan never took advantage of huge iron reserves, huge numbers of poorly employed or unemployed, etc, in India. It allowed weak Holland, Portugal and Spain to rule rich colonies (just as inefficiently as Britain did), instead of simply seizing them. ATL the British realize the unlimited...
  7. Rodri96

    Duarte Pacheco Pereira, the first European to set foot on Brazil?

    It's widely accepted in our days that the discoverer of Brazil was Pedro Alvares Cabral, having arrived to Porto Seguro in 22 April, 1500, however many forerunners have been claimed such as Diego de Lepe, Vincente Pinzon or Duarte Pacheco Pereira. While there's been controversy around the two...
  8. L

    Hi, I´m from Brazil.

    Hello, I´m new to this site. I´m looking forward to finding many history books to read. :)
  9. H

    South America / Brazil video map on YouTube

    Hi, Just wanted to share some of the work I've been doing, I am trying to video map most countries from Latin America. I received positive comments on another thread so posting here my second video about Brazil: lBt6G_ni160. Gathering the necessary information for this isn't easy and the video...
  10. Lapertosa

    Hello from Brazil!

    Hey! I'm 21 years, history enthusiast, podcast aficionado, kind of a writer, and my dog's name is Napoleon! :)
  11. J

    my introduction :)

    hello everyone, my name is João Maia, I am Brazilian and I'm currently in the middle of my graduation in history by the Federal University of Uberlândia - UFU I do not have yet a full developed english writing, as you can see, but I always try my best haha My main focus of interest are in the...
  12. oranphil

    War of the Triple Alliance

    In South America especially in Peru little is known about the Paraguayan War or sometimes known as the War of the Triple Alliance which started on the 12th October 1864 and ended on March 1st 1870 and can be considered to have the highest ratios of fatalities to combatants of any war in South...
  13. Diogo Morales

    Greetings from Brazil

    Hello everyone, I am a brazilian looking forward the study of history, specially the medieval period.
  14. Y

    Why Brazil, China, Russia, Australia are not NATO members?

    Why Brazil, China, Russia, Australia are not NATO members? Brazil, China, Russia, Australia Australia: because both WWI and WWII didn't influence them Brazil: because they are so far...
  15. selath

    Anti-government protests in Brazil

    "Over the last 30 years , quality of life in Brazil has dramatically improve but goverment corruption is still a very big problem" Politicians already convicted of corruption are being reelected , because of the corrupt system that the country has. They say that the most important thing is...
  16. selath

    Hello From Brazil!

    Looking foward to learn new things I belive that History can teach us Alot about the future , we can learn from mistakes. As you all probably know , Brazil has great amount of resources to use and explore , starting by nature itself . But unfortunally we lack moral standarts and good policies...
  17. Tairusiano

    Guajajara Revolt 1901: The last Brazil Indian war.

    Prelude: Five in the morning of March 13, 1901, Priests, nuns and the dozens of children in boarding school pray when suddenly the chapel is invaded by a noisy and infuriated crowd of 400 Guajajaras, under the command of guajajara chief Cauiré Imana. Screaming as if they were at war, they chase...
  18. W

    Greetings from Brazil

    Hello, all, thanks for having me on this forum. I am an engineer by trade, and amateur linguist, so I'm quite interested in ancient cultures and languages. Besides that, I'm also a devoted Catholic, so history of the Church and the Christian sphere are also interests. Finally, culture...
  19. SSDD

    Why Brazil could not become super power like US?

    Why Brazil could not become super power like US? After having independence from Portugal in 1820. Brazil had large population, large country, huge natural resource, still it could not become a super power like US. Why? Mean while US was very little in 1783, but US expanded to West, and become...
  20. L

    Is Brazil really a Democracy?

    I'm a Brazilian, I was born in Brazil, and I live in Brazil all my life. I love my country. But I decided to publish this text here to see what other people from all around the world think about it. Partycracy Officially Brazil is a democratic republic since 1989. Before that, in the middle of...