1. H

    Fortified manors in Britain and Ireland

    Could anybody tell me approximately when the idea of building fortified manor houses/estates in Britain and Ireland fell out of use? I've read about the Tower Houses of the medieval period and the "fortified houses" of early-modern Ireland (see here...
  2. G

    Question about Luftwaffe recovering pilots over Battle of Britain

    I've been wondering about the Battle of Britain lately. What I know is that it was primarily an air war waged by the Luftwaffe. It resulted in a decisive victory for Great Britain, and that was partly due to the Luftwaffe losing more pilots over the country than the RAF would. Since they were...
  3. notgivenaway

    Abe Lincoln offered Britain the Oregon Country and the Dakotas

    What if President Abe offered Britain the Dakotas and the Oregon Country, in exchange for UK military support in the war? So this could be reinforcing the blockade, or opening a new front from the West and building ex-slave armies. It would mean a new ally post-war, and the British knew they...
  4. S

    The United Republic of Great Britain

    Suppose the mourning Queen Victoria decided to abdicate and recommended that a Republic be instituted rather than have her "ill suited" son Edward succeed her in 1862. This would at least mean the styling of a non-hereditary Head of State but there are still issues with the House of Lords, the...
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    If Germany conquered Russia in 1942, would Britain have fought on?

    If Germany captured Moscow in 1941, held off the winter offensive and in 1942 conquered all the way up to the Urals, forcing a Soviet surrender; would Britain have kept on fighting? Even with America could they defeat Germany?
  6. WhatAnArtist

    Would Britain have been able to hold out against the Germans without their empire?

    I'm referring to the Second World War here. In Niall Ferguson's Empire he mentions at one point how the only reason Britain was able to continue the war against the Germans was because of the vast pool of wealth, resources and manpower they were able to draw from their huge colonial empire, and...
  7. 8

    A question about British military uniforms during the Seven Years' War.

    Hello everyone! So that is, a question. I really like the uniforms depicted in the 1742 Cloathing Book. So, did Great Britain use exactly the same uniforms during the entire span of the Seven Years' War 1754/56-1762? If not, how did the uniform change, what's the difference? Thank you all so...
  8. C

    Roman royal title in Britain

    Although Roman authority was exterminated in Gaul did the legal right persist in Britain ? Was the Saxon kingdom of Wessex based on Roman title ? After all, the Pope approved William's inheritance .. "J.N.L. Myres noted that when Cerdic and Cynric first appear in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in...
  9. Junius

    Captain's Log Entry 3: The Carnatic Wars

    The Anglo-French struggle for mastery in India during the Seven Year’s War differed vastly from those in other theaters in one crucial respect- the British and French governments were not the primary belligerents. Those roles fell on their respective East India Companies, which were allied and...
  10. J

    Battle, of Britain

    If Frank Wittles jet engine had been accepted and developed from the start ,could the R A F have met the Luftwaffe in Gloster Meteors .
  11. P

    Could Germany have won the war against the Soviet Union if Britain had made peace?

    This is highly hypothetical of course, but lets for the sake of the argument assume that Britain had accepted the peace offer by Rudolf Hess and had broken a peace with Germany in June 1941, what would that have meant for the German campaign against the Soviet Union? Without a combined...
  12. T

    Would Britain be worse off under PM Rosebery during 1906-1914

    Assume that Rosebery instead of HCB became PM in 1906 (still with a landslide victory). Would Britain be worse off under his caninet?
  13. T

    An alternate timeline for post ww1 Britain

    The POD is in 1918. Lloyd George unknowingly misled the House of Commons in claiming that Haig's forces were stronger at the start of 1918 than they had been a year earlier – in fact the increase was in the number of labourers, most of them Chinese, Indians and black South Africans, and Haig had...
  14. Marcellus

    What happened to the celtic britons when the anglo-saxons invaded celtic Britain?

    Were they exterminated, enslaved or integrated?
  15. Futurist

    PC: An Alternate WWII With a Surviving Tsarist Russia + Japan vs. Britain + France?

    Is this scenario plausible? : Russian Tsar Nicholas II dies of typhoid fever in 1900 (as he apparently came close to doing in our TL). Thus, this younger brother Michael becomes the new Russian Tsar. Due to better leadership, Russia completely avoids the Russo-Japanese War and also fights...
  16. G

    Did Britain ever make an attempt to take over continental Europe

    I mean a Napoleon, Hitler etc. like figure who wanted to invade and takeover continental Europe?
  17. T

    What if the Liberal Party dominated interwar Britain

    It sounds unthinkable, but how would Britain look like if the Liberal Party dominated the interwar politics instead of the Tories like in real history? What would be their economic policy, and how would be the performance of British economy?
  18. T

    How to prevent Britain from returning to Gold Standard in 1925

    In 1925, Winston Churchill decided to return to prewar Gold Standard, thus crippling British export industries ans caused mass unemployment. Now, who should be the Chancellor instead of Churchill to prevent this from happening? McKenna, or Neville Chamberlain, or Lloyd George, someone who as...
  19. notgivenaway

    Lincoln and Britain - Civil War allies

    What if Lincoln and the UK were allies in the Civil War. If a combined force of US/British troops captured a slave state, say Arkansas and reinforced Missouri, which had slaves, would this ensure the CSA loses and keeps Britain's cotton supply steady? This would also include the Royal Navy...
  20. T

    What if Britain kept Heligoland

    What if Britain decided to keep Heligoland and fortified the islands with big, elevated 12-15 inch naval guns (like a second Gibraltar), as well as building a forward base for minelayers to dump mines on the German sea territory around Wilhelmshaven? What would this affect the progress and the...