1. Q

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Rome......

    If we were to trace the legacy of Rome, from ancient times to the modern, what paths could it take? Zeroeth Rome: Athens? 1st Rome: Rome. The original one 2nd Rome: Byzantium/Constantinople 3rd Rome: For me, instead of one linear path, the paths diverge here into two separate directions...
  2. jameen

    If the British commands the KMT forces

    Do you believe the British can beat Mao Zedong's Communist forces like they did in Malaysia if ever the British were given the chance to do it in China under Templar?
  3. notgivenaway

    Is May the worst British PM of the past century?

    I'd argue that she is. Chamberlain knew that he and Hitler were stalling for time. Heath, Callaghan, and Brown, all had bad economic issues to handle. And Eden misgambled with the Suez crisis, but had to contend with the USA as thee new superpower, and even the USSR allying with Nasser. But...
  4. jameen

    If 19th Century US and British navy fought?

    Who will win the the naval battle if 19th Century US and British navies fought? And also can anyone present and compare the ships of these two navies especially its firepower?
  5. Shtajerc

    British Isles regional difterences

    I was wondering, how big was the difference between various regions or areas of the British Isles? Which regions would be the most backwards compared to others? Let's put the time frame roughly after the Norman conquest of England until the War of the Roses although I am interested in the...
  6. A

    British colonial administrator of India, Indian ______

    Am I making this up? I seem to remember a story about a British colonial administrator of India who was nicknamed Indian LASTNAME. I remember this being William Jones (Indian Jones), but googling "Indian Jones" doesn't get me much. Was it someone else, or did I make this whole story up?
  7. Y

    Was George Washington’s life a black swan for the British Empire?

    Beginning with the Battle of Jumonville Glen, and the loss at Fort Necessity which triggered a costly world war that eventually led to the British loss of the colonies. A loss that George Washington played a huge roll in. Was Washington the trigger point to a change in the world order? black...
  8. R

    Why British Empire did not divided India alongside Ethinic and linguistic lines ?

    This is the correct ways to divide India actually bike rating this artificial Nation in in South Asia cities India Pakistan Bangladesh the British Empire created this huge mess in South Asia only reason you see millions and millions of South Asian invading your country is the result of this huge...
  9. R

    Why British did not take over and colonized Patagonia ?

    y0T09vf41ew The climate was similar, land was planty, greek, cold, mountainousetc with low % of Natives so why British nevertried tl colonized it as a "Us/canada of South America" ? Off topic : what if brits Completed invasions from Plata and took over Patagonia and colonized it with European...
  10. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The British planning for the Japanese invasion of Malaya

    Let's discuss and criticize about the British strategic plan for the defense of Malaya-Singapore before the Japanese invasion began on 8th December 1941. What is the most ideal strategic plan for the British army in your viewpoint ? Do you think Arthur Percival make a proper move for his...
  11. M

    Do you agree with the USMC IAR concep, and British removing the MINIMI?

    Title Is the fact that the majority of Marine squads will be equipped with M27 IARs without SAWs and the the fact the British are removing the MINIMI from the squad a good idea? Some say this is a bad idea, similar to the L86 concept or even going back to WW2 where BARs were outgunned by...
  12. C

    What does R.I.E. stand for? (British Army)

    Hi, I recently bought a wooden trunk at an auction that has : Major R. Reid R.I.E. painted on it. This is also printed on two canvas army holdalls inside the trunk (which also have O.H.M.S. card tags attached to them). I would like to try and find out more about Major Reid, but I'm not...
  13. Hanslune

    Question on British pollitical agents or residents

    What would be a good source on what these political commissioners did when they were assigned to native princes, kingdom etc in India? Were any books written by these folks? I'm particularly interested in their activities in 1820-1857 before the Sepoy mutiny (India's First War of...
  14. D

    British intervention in the wars of Religion in France

    During the wars of Religion in France (1560-1598) the queen Elizabeth I has decided three interventions: -Normandy:1562-1563. -La Rochelle:1573. -Normandy:1587- ? What do we know about these interventions (boats,men,weapons).Thank you very much.
  15. S

    British boarding schools c1900

    As I understand it, the second half of the 19th century, and early years of the 20th, were the time when small proprietor-headmaster owned school were at a peak. My question, which I have been unable to find any guidance, relates to a local history project I have been researching. A private...
  16. L

    Is the British constitutional Monarchy stripped of real power ?

    Is the present day concept Of ‘constitutional Monarchy’ where the Queen is independent and does what she is told and simply signs bills passed by Parliamentand the Prime Minister an illusion? The weekly discussion with the PM is permanently classified and details are never released. It has...
  17. K

    Can someone explain British NavCert during WW2?

    The British NavCert system is something I've often seen mentioned when reading about neutral shipping during the Second World War, particularly in reference to how the Allies attempted to stop pro-Axis shipping via neutral ports. However, I'm finding this system a bit confusing to understand, so...
  18. Visigoth Panzer

    What if the British and French let Hitler conquer Poland

    What if the British and French let Hitler conquer Poland and said they would protect whoever was next? Would Hitler target the Soviets next hoping the allies would stay out of it or would he invade the west as normal history transpired?
  19. P

    What we love about the British

    What we love about the British. No criticism, no blame. Only what you like whether you're British or not. I'll start. I have never been to Great Britain so what I know is based on reputations and personal encounters, so restricted. Not exhaustive and without order of preference. Pop Music...
  20. E

    Pre-WW1 German British War?

    Did Germany and Britain ever fight against each other in a war before WW1?