1. Ajathashatru

    Ancient Indian artifacts/remains of late bronze age and iron age

    What all artifacts/ archaeological remains do we have from Indian subcontinent between the decline of IVC (Middle-Late bronze age) and the establishment of Mauryan empire c.320 BCE (iron age)? The likes of sanauli chariot and dagger comes to my mind at once Also there are artifacts from...
  2. A

    How valuable/expensive were iron and bronze during the Roman empire

    I can't find much information about this please help
  3. Maoistic

    Is Steel really that much superior to Bronze?

    What the title says.
  4. N

    Iron use in the Bronze Age

    I've a question about iron in the Bronze Age. I'm plotting a novel set in the late stage of the Trojan War (kind of alternate mythology). As part of my research, I'm re-reading the Iliad. Part of what I'm doing involves a character developing/discovering iron. However, in the translation I'm...
  5. P

    Bronze Age Chariots Excavated in Northern India

    after Rakhigadh site discovery new discovery happened what forum members opinion?
  6. I

    Melting ice reveals iron and bronze age artifacts

    Hi, I've just read an article where in Oppland, Norway the melting ice revealed 153 new finds. The article
  7. M

    Prequel Jedi and Clones in the Late Bronze Age!

    What if the Jedi and Clone Army of the Prequel Trilogy are sent to our world in the past? -They arrive in the year 1285 BC -They appear all over Ancient Egypt, Greece, Anatolia, India, China and the Middle-East (along with any food, equipment and vehicles they have) -The Jedi and Clones are...
  8. O

    Why was there a split in cultures in bronze age Northern China?

    Why was there such a sharp contrast between a pastoral, 'barbarian' group of peoples who dwelled in the more northern and arid parts of the North China and a 'civilized' Sinitic group of peoples centered around the Yellow River? What exactly made this a development that took place for more than...
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    Sea Peoples: Symptom or Cause of the Bronze Age Collapse?

    Extra Credits on YouTube had a good series about the Sea Peoples: a group of people whose identity is mostly mysterious that happened to invade a lot of places causing a lot of cities to collapse. Around the same time the famous and also mysterious Bronze Age Collapse occurred. The narrator of...
  10. D

    Need help identifying Portrait on Bronze Plaque.

    Need help identifying Portrait on Bronze Plaque. Plaque is from Europe. Photo attached. Thanks
  11. L

    Bronze applications from Bulgaria.

    "Celtic", "Roman"? I have removed patina.
  12. K43op5

    Bronze celtic horse. What is the meaning of concentric circles

    A bronze horse excavated in Cornwall (St Ives) during the 70's. Weighing 218g and almost 15cm long. Anyone know what theses concentric circles were meaning?
  13. W

    Would iron and steel swords slice bronze age weapons and armour or even shatter them?

    Obviously iron and steel weapons are superior to bronze weapons there's no doubt. But I notice on the internet and even a few TV shows like Deadliest Warriors there is a notion that bronze age weapons are so inferior that an Viking-age longsword or American Civil War saber would simply slice a...
  14. plant

    bronze age collapse due to lack of tin?

    After the bronze age collapse, when the dark ages ended- why is it that the technology for weapons became MORE advanced (Iron vs Bronze) than before? Is this because the collapse was due to a lack of Tin to alloy- so that they could never return to Bronze weapon making?
  15. purakjelia

    Why iron lamellar helmets replaced whole piece bronze helmets?

    I wonder why the seemingly more primitive-looking lamellar helmet had replaced whole piece bronze helmets in China. Is there any particular reason for this?
  16. Banastre

    Bronze Age Copper Mining in Michigan by Norsemen

    What are the latest findings on proof of early Norse copper mining in Michigan ? From : “Rocks & Rows – Sailing Routes Across the Atlantic and the Copper trade. Jay Stuart Wakefield, co author, with Reinoud M. De Jonge, The Shipping of Michigan Copper across the Atlantic in the...
  17. Rodger

    Bronze Age war in northern Germany

    Here is an interesting read. Recently, a number of media sources presented an article similar to this one, concerning what may be considered a massive battle in the Tollense River valley around 3200 BCE: Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle | Science | AAAS. The...
  18. A

    Battle of Tollense - Northern European Bronze Age

    For those not familiar with this site, a battle dating to the Bronze age has been under excavation in Mecklenburg Vorpommern for several years. Someone writing in the Old European Culture blogspot wrote up a quick summary last year: Old European culture: Tollense battle Recently, the site has...
  19. Z

    Bronze Age Site in Cambridgeshire

    Another amazing find has been found at the site dubbed "British Pompeii" at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire. This time they have found a complete Bronze Age wheel that is deemed to be the largest and earliest kind found in Britain to date. The 3 foot wooden wheel is believed to be dated to between...
  20. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Bronze bell of HMS Erebus recovered

    The ill-fated expedition to discover the North-West passage.