1. S

    George Brown Master Gunner

    I came across this memorial in a church in Brixham Devon, but have been unable discover anything about this man. From the inscription he looks to be fairly important. photo in my album Scete
  2. Cato II

    Why is Dan Brown so controversial?

    Something I've always wondered about Dan Brown is why is he so controversial? He uses history, religion and iconography to create a narrative of speculative fiction. And yet people act like he's personally acting them and everything they love. I don't understand it when historical fiction is a...
  3. L

    Were the earliest civilizations made by brown people?

  4. Balian

    Was Prince Albert really faithful to Queen Victoria

    Or was he just extremely good at hiding his mistresses ?
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    Captain Eric Winkle Brown dies aged 97

    Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown - obituary - Telegraph Record-breaking Royal Navy test pilot who contributed immeasurably to the advance of naval aviation Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown, who has died aged 97, flew 487 different types of aircraft, made 2,407 decklandings at sea and 2,721...
  6. Bish

    Eric Brown passes away.

    This guy must be the most quoted individual on this forum, so I know many here will morn his passing. It has just been announced on BBC news that he passed away today aged 97. Eric 'Winkle' Brown: Celebrated British pilot dies, aged 97 - BBC News
  7. Americanknight

    John Brown: terrorist or a martyr?

    John Brown, born as a white abolitionist, killed many pro slavery men in Kansas, and raided Harper Ferry. why he did this: Slavery so... who would do the same... different... or just wait till the civil war. so... your thoughts on john brown.
  8. Sylvestris93

    Robert Brown Botanist

    Hello everyone. I've become increasingly interested in the age of enlightenment and voyages of scientific discovery, as I'm studying ecology and, well, I'm just fascinated and inspired by the very idea of discovering new land and with it new fauna and flora especially. But my question is in...
  9. G

    Brown water navies in Indian history

    Now we have heard of Cholas and Marathas who had well developed blue water navies that could fight in the high seas. But did Indian kingdoms have brown water navies that were specificially deployed for inland water combat in rivers and littoral environments. There might be many the one that...
  10. G

    What if Dan Brown wrote on Hindu symbology and conspiracy theory

    What if Dan Brown wrote a book on Hindu symbology and a conspiracy theory that had some basis in the history of Hinduism like the Da Vinci Code(covering Mary Magadalene and Chirist)? What issue do you think he would have covered or would be a ripe to a Dan Brown like treatment
  11. I

    John Brown: Guilty of Treason???

    In my American History class we are doing a trial, convicting John Brown of treason for his actions in Harpers Ferry. I am currently part of the prosecution, representing the plaintiff (the Commonwealth of Virginia). So far, I am unsure if he did commit treason. I have read from a fairly...
  12. Bandiera rossa

    The Black Death and great injustice to brown rats :)

    The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1346–53 Brown rats are sometimes mistakenly thought to be a major reservoir of bubonic plague, a possible cause...
  13. Corbulo

    ERIC "WINKLE" BROWN: The Greatest Pilot & Other Unknown Hero's

    I would like to know about Unknown hero's ........Not the big ones like Leonidas or Robert Bruce or Henry V ..........The little guys who in their own way changed the world ! I am inviting you to share your thoughts. This is one of my guy's. I have others but he sticks out to me as a great but...
  14. L

    The consequences of John Brown's Raids on Harper Ferry

    Scholars, I'm doing my US-History research paper on the consequences of John Brown's Raids on Harper Ferry. My thesis goes something like: John Brown's Raid on Harper Ferry indirectly hastened the beginning of Civil War. Forecast: 1)After John Brown’s Raid, the South became more fanatical in...
  15. Bonny Blue Flag

    John Brown commits Federal crime, but is charged by the State?

    John Brown is seen either as a major figure in the struggle to set slaves free or as a zealot who went too far. The Buchanan administration and Brown first ran into each other in the mid-1850s in neutral Kansas, where Brown led anti-slavery forces in bloody combat against supporters of...
  16. Patito de Hule

    Who killed Grace Brown?

    Do you think Chester Gillette really murdered Grace Brown? If not, do you think she committed suicide, accidental drowning, Sondra Finchley did it, or someone else did it?
  17. Salah

    Slavery, Christianity, and John Brown

    I'm currently reading a biography of John Brown (1800-1859), an American abolitionist that has been labelled everything from an insane fanatic to a second Christ. For those who may not be familiar with him, Brown was most famous for launching a raid on the Federal armory at Harpers Ferry...
  18. Belloc

    The Silk Road in Late Antiquity: Politics, Trade, and Culture Contact by Peter Brown

    The Silk Road in Late Antiquity by Peter Brown - YouTube It's nice to see a great scholar at work.
  19. Salah

    The relationship between Queen Victoria and John Brown

    After the death of her husband Prince Albert, Queen Victoria was very close to her Scottish attendant John Brown (1826-1883); she expressed intense grief at his death, even using the words 'second time' to describe the loss. Even at the time, the precise nature of their relationship was a...
  20. jayhawker

    John Brown

    The post about Bleeding Kansas sparked a thought that I have been curious about for a while now. As a a native Kansan in any history class we are taught that John Brown is the biggest folk hero. It is quite humorous until you are older and you reas into how nuts he was and how much credit he is...