Buddhism in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka was narrated by Dr. Shu Hikosake, The fascinating story by the Director and Professor of Buddhism, Institute of Asian Studies in Madras in his book 1989 Buddhism in Tamil Nadu: "A New Perspective". Today, the Palk Strait and Hinduism which lie between India...
  2. JoanOfArc007

    The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sohei in Japanese History

    I have been enjoying reading into the history of Buddhist warriors The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sohei in Japanese History
  3. aldo12

    Buddha:Time Gap Between his Life and Earliest Manuscripts.

    For Buddha we have no written records on him from his lifetime, nor in the centuries following his death. The oldest surviving Buddhist manuscripts are the Gandhāran Buddhist texts reported to have been found in eastern Afghanistan. They are in the form of 27 scrolls dating from 100 BC to...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Hinduism on Krishna - Jesus - Allah - Buddha

    I have come to the conclusion that Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, David, Krishna, are all sitting together in heaven. And this belief is echoed by so many humans of the world, not just Hindus and not just Christians such as myself. It is quite interesting that when I ask random Christian people their...
  5. G

    What do Buddha,Mahavira & the earliest texts of their faith say of Ramayan,Mahabharat

    What do Buddha,Mahavira & the earliest texts of their faith say of Ramayan,Mahabharat Did Buddha and Mahavira ever refer to these epics or their existence or mention or comment about Ram or Krishna or characters from the universe of these two epics. Do the earliest texts, inscriptions etc. of...
  6. S

    Buddha's views on Ideal Wife

    Nakula Sutta gives us an opportunity to know what Buddha thought an ideal wife should be like. Normally, Buddhism is considered a religion of monks and nuns which means that Buddha's thoughts on lay people are not that known. Here we have an exception. Buddha considers eight qualities necessary...
  7. BenSt

    Scientists find Body within a Chinese Buddha Statue

    I thought our Chinese members would find this very interesting, researchers in the Netherlands have done a CT scan of a Buddhist statue and were surprised to find entombed within, bones. CT scan finds mummified monk inside 1,000-year-old Buddha - CNET This is apparently the first one of it's...
  8. V

    Earliest physical depiction of Buddha?

    As we all know,Buddha was never physically depicted in the early imagry.He was mainly replaced with anionic symbols of Stupas or Trees.But I have recently found an image from Chandraketgarh(dated to 2nd-1st cent BCE),which might possibly be the first ever physical depiction of Buddha or a...
  9. Z

    Is Buddha really a Muslim prophet?

    Gautama Buddha in world religions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Z

    Gautama Buddha,Indian or Nepali?

    Gautama Buddha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So is Gautama Buddha an Indian or Nepali or something else?
  11. Pusyamitra

    What was the Race of Shakyamuni Buddha?

    I have often wondered about this and its implications for today's world. Obviously the speculations about the racial composition of Buddha is a very highly charged and politicized topic, with a scarcity of objective research in this matter. I want to analyze the different claims for Buddha's...
  12. V

    Early Buddhism and Brahmanism.

    Friends,i'd like to discuss the connections between early Brahmanic tradition and early teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha on this thread. I have been going through the Pali cannon of Thervada Buddhism(earliest surviving Buddhist school) for past few months,and i have seen certain suttas describing...
  13. Rakshasa

    Krishna was invented to rival Buddha

    Around the 2nd Century AD when Buddhism was in its peak popularity in the Indian subcontinent, and the Brahmins had also established themselves in majority of the parts of India for a few centuries, though still as a minority and elite race very different from the native cultures of natives of...
  14. Devil Prince

    Was Buddha & Khan white?

    There are physical descriptions of Buddha as a white male. He is said to have blue eyes. Chingis Khan is said to have red hair. Look @ the exact portrait of his son Ogedai Khan. He had red hair & gray eyes. Any confirmation?
  15. Revo

    The Origins of the Swastika sign?

    So today I was on Youtube like every day. After clicking on some random videos i got to a Nazi-propaganda video. There was a fascist nut-job and I had a discussion with him ( very one-sided ) One of his arguments were that the swastika sign was of European origin I pretty sure this is bullshit...
  16. wittgenstein

    Buddha and Jesus

    After reading the below thread, it became obvious to me that Jesus must have been aware of Buddhist teachings. * http://www.historum.com/asian-history/24096-greek-influence-india.html Considering that Christ's message ( God within etc) is very similar to Buddhist teachings, it seems very likely...
  17. Widdekind

    Cyrus the Great inspired the Buddha (??)

    Cyrus the Great led cultural resurgence in 530s BC Cyrus the Great famously liberated Babylon in 539 BC, giving freedom to the people, and ruling with respect & kindness, which won the hearts & minds of the masses. As first Shah, of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty, Cyrus the Great issued a...
  18. Nick

    Depictions of Buddha

    Some art depicts Buddha as a thin and serious-looking man, while in others he is fat and jolly. Why is this?
  19. JimR-OCDS

    The Buddha

    I've been watching the PBS special "The Buddha," narrated by Richard Geere. Its very good and I think its accurate, but I'm not a Buddhist so I can't be sure. Anyone see it? Jim