1. C

    Peak Roman budget, and who surpassed it?

    No one has yet managed to reunite the territories of Roman Empire. How did later European budgets compare to the Roman ones? Or armies? Napoleon had gunpowder, which Romans lacked, but like Romans he had neither railways nor electric telegraph. Did Napoleon command an army bigger than Roman...
  2. Magnate

    How much of its budget was spent on the military in various countries in Europe?

    Today not that many countries in Europe even reach the NATO criteria of 2%, but how was it in the 16th to 19th century?
  3. T

    What big budget movie do you really feel does the period it depicts justice?

    We all have had our cringe moments with our "Braveheart"s, and "The Vikings", but what big budget films or TV shows do you really feel did the period some justice, and handled its subject matter with a fair amount of balance and tact My nomination would be Ridley Scots' 2005 movie...
  4. Edmond Dantes

    Should governments be forced to create a balanced budget?

    When I do a budget, (a truly shocking habit I know) I am forced to choose what I spend my finite resources on. If I end up in the read by the end of the month, I need to recalculate what I spend. Shouldn't the government have to do the same? Do you think it would be positive or plausible to...
  5. Pacific_Victory

    California Eliminates Budget Defecit for first time in a decade

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle: Jerry Brown: California's deficit is gone - SFGate From Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert: Gov. Jerry Brown: California's budget deficit is gone This is the first good fiscal news I've heard about California since I can remember :laugh: Some interesting...
  6. bartieboy

    Government budget deficiency

    So, I can't say I really understand this point in politics. Say you are 10 and you get 20 euros from your mommy to by some toys. Why in gods name would you spend 25 euros? How can governments defend their continues spending of money that they do not have? I really do not see the point in this...
  7. T

    Future Royal Navy Budget.

    Currently the UK spends 1.5% of GDP on military assets and equipment, or £33,100,000,000, and 11,400,000,000 billion on foreign economic and military aid. 11 billion the 33.1 billion will be spent on the navy, 15 billion on the army and 7.1 billion on the airforce. UK Defence Spending 1692-2015...
  8. Zeno

    Contribution to the EU budget per head.

    Source Knack, prof H. Matthijs. Just to put things in perspective. In Euro, per head, in 2011. 1.Luxemburg .............576 2.Belgium .................463 3.Danmark.................458 4.Netherlands.............375 5.Finland...................348 6.Sweden..................348...
  9. Thessalonian

    Vatican budget emerges from the red

    "The Vatican has announced its finances have returned to profit - after three consecutive years in the red. Its report said the Holy See saw revenues of 245.2m euros (£222m; $356m) against expenses of 235.3m in 2010." BBC News - Vatican budget emerges from the red
  10. Naomasa298

    The EU commission requests a budget increase

    Half the continent is imposing austerity measures and slashing budgets, yet the EU Commission wants a 5% budget increase to 117 billion euros - this is roughly equal to the entire GDP of Romania or the Czech Republic. Last year, it requested an increase of 6%. France, Britain and Germany had...
  11. A

    Budget cuts and family duty

    I wake each morning wondering what I am do to fulfill my sense of meaning and purpose. Today's goal is to write the editor of a local paper about my disabled friends who have lost the help they need to stay in their homes. One of them who is in a wheel chair, said she has family who will help...
  12. corrocamino

    Unbeatific budget

    Deficit spending at the Vatican: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/10590214.stm
  13. Sargon of Akkad

    The UK Budget

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/politics/live_event/ You know what? **** you, Labour. You're deceptive, incompetent and it's only now that we get to see how deep a hole you've dug for us. **** you.
  14. wittgenstein

    Obama's budget

    Republicans argued that the portion of the budget that would require polluters to purchase permits from the government for their greenhouse gas emissions would essentially impose huge new energy costs on all consumers and businesses. But if we follow that logic doesnt that mean that we should...
  15. Son of Cathal

    US Defence Budget

    This is perhaps the wrong place to post this but anyway. The projected defense budget for the US military in 2009 is in excess of US$650 billion. This includes emergency and supplemental spending but does not include the costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The budget for 2005 was almost...