1. B

    Why did the Manchus choose to settle in the Chinese build Forbidden City?

    I was informed the Manchus were semi barbarians, maybe that explains why they choose to settle into something more grand in architecture they can't build themselves?
  2. 2

    Did Hannibal build his army in Spain?

    According to this guy, Hannibal built his army against Rome with Spaniards. Is that true? "Hannibal and Alexander would be at the top of my list. My favorites probably Hannibals victory...

    Naval build up upon the Great Lakes for the War of 1812

    I did a search and found two threads specifically concerning this but it wasn't quite what I was looking for (or maybe I just missed it). Can anyone point me towards some good resources concerning how many ships were built (and where) along the shores of the Great Lakes in the run up to the...
  4. VHS

    Did/do Africans build automobiles?

    The country acronym CAR is ironic; no cars are made in CAR. Automobiles are made in other parts of Africa, such as Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. The wikipedia only gave so much information.
  5. H

    Did Sub-Saharan Africans build cities?

    There is this common misconception that Africa south of the Sahara never developed anything more substantial than hunter-gatherer societies and small farming villages composed of scattered straw huts and tribal cultures. This video series will tackle those views head on. Don't be mislead by the...
  6. Jake10

    Should governments build more public housing?

    Should more public housing projects be added to the ones that already exist? Why/Why not?
  7. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Why didn't renaissance kingdoms build aqueducts?

    The aqueduct is a rather simple concept, an artificial river to take clean water from a spring or river to a city. The 16th and 17th centuries saw a widespread appreciation for everything roman, along with increased centralisation and advancement of technology. With more and more people going to...
  8. Von Ranke

    I'm going to build a wall!

    From a historical perspective does building walls and with it the sense of security and the isolationism which comes with it work in the short or long term? The Great wall of China did not keep the Mongol hordes out. Hadrian's wall did not stop the Scots, Irish and Picts from ravaging and...
  9. Joe Freeman

    Why did it take so long for humans to design, build and fly an airplane?

    Wright brothers' first airplanes look very simple, so I wonder why it took mankind so long to make planes?
  10. VHS

    Today's warships: why they take so long to build?

    I have discussed about previous aircraft carriers in another forum, but I keep wondering why today's aircraft carriers and destroyers take so long to build. Interstate wars are rather rare today for sure, and these "weapons" are more for display than for destructions! We can laugh about the...
  11. SNascimento

    If the Romans hadn't build Constantinople, would the ERE have survived for so long?

    Let's say Constantine decided to make another capital for the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Antioch, Alexandria... any major city really. Or any other place to build a capital. Without the key location and amazing defensive works that were possible, would the ERE have survived untill the...
  12. Y

    did they first build the Tyn Church or the houses in front of it?

    Did they first build the Tyn Church (in Prague, Czech Republic) or the houses in front of it? Here is a picture: The houses seem to have a gothic arch below. Here is a link on wikipedia: Church of Our Lady before Týn -...
  13. C

    What do the Germans build if the V-1 and 2 weapons are canceled?

    By the estimate of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, V-weapons production in 1944–45 alone cost the Third Reich the equivalent of 24,000 fighters at a time when their yearly production was 36,000 aircraft. Obviously the V weapons programs weren't effective at all really in the course...
  14. RoyalHill1987

    Nazis escaped to a secret base in Antarctica in 1945

    This is one of the more entertaining (and far fetched) conspiracy theories I've come across. According to the story, German submarines made a last ditch effort to save the failing Third Reich in May 1945, secretly escaping from their harbours in the North Sea and slipping away with top Nazi...
  15. HistoryFreak1912

    How did they even build the faces on Mt. Rushmore?

    I've been looking at the banner of the forums, specifically the section with George Washington's face on Mt. Rushmore and it occurred to me: how on Earth did they even build faces on the mountain? How did they even pitch it? "Hey, I want to carve four of our nation's president's heads into a...
  16. tigertank06

    How long did it take to build up the Thirteen Colonies?

    How long did it take to build up the Thirteen Colonies from the first foundings in 1607 and 1620 respectively? They went from nothing being there to BOOM! you have hustling and bustling cities like New York and Philadelphia and Boston and Baltimore. So I'm curious as to how long it took to...
  17. M

    how did hitler and napolean build such powerful militaries

    how did hitler build a strong german military that surpassed british and French capabilities after Germany had bin defeated in world war 1 inflation how did they make such a come back As well how did napoleon lead france to have such a superior military compared to rest of Europe...
  18. Richard III

    The build up to the Pacific War

    I've been reading all about the prelude to the Pacific War in John Toland's "Rising Sun: John Toland: Books@@AMEPARAM@@" The impression I've gotten is that that both the Americans and Japanese both wanted to...
  19. S

    Can we build a communist society around the world?

    I always imagined if people work for no money but for a cause more divine or noble idea !!, an idea that hunted Plato's in The Republic, French revolution and Marx.....Developing a society that serve only themselves, with cooperation and unity of their cause, a cause to survive and seek...
  20. Underlankers

    Why did the Principality of Moscow build Russia?

    Of all the successors of Ancient Kiev, the idea that Moscow would establish a new Slavic Kingdom over the old Khanate of the Golden Horde probably would not have occurred to anyone in Late Kievan Rus. If it was from that region of Russia, expectations probably would have centered on either...