1. I

    Elevators in Moscow apartment buildings 1940s

    Hello, I am writing a fictional story about a Soviet soldier who returns to Moscow after WWII. I had originally included an elevator in the building to which he returns (and where he grew up). The elevator becomes important to the story. A Russian friend told me he thought elevators in...
  2. aldo12

    The most impressive Ancient Roman buildings

    The most impressive Ancient Roman building is :
  3. J

    Preserving historical buildings

    In the past few weeks, there seems to have been many Victorian buildings which have been demolished. Have been given the go ahead to be demolished. Or, will be spoiled by modern ''development''. I find this concerning that we are witnessing the destruction of our history. Of course, this has...
  4. T

    Ancient Greece Architecture and Culture

    Hey just Curious what everyone's thoughts were on How Ancient Greece's Architecture helped to begin their civilization or Perpetuate it through time.
  5. VHS

    Losses of old architectures and historical fakes

    We certainly CANNOT keep all old buildings, but rapid redevelopments can be a major waste. Laments about losses of historical buildings happen, but should we think about what to keep and what to demolish? I remembered a thread about the impressive European medieval architectures. On the...
  6. L

    Replicas of roman buildings

    Are there any replica buildings, temples, bars, saunas, roads, built by experts using roman tools on display in England? If not where? Is it true that it was the Romans who introduced the pub to the UK? Did they bring restaurants or did that originate in Italy after them? Did they invent...
  7. J

    Greek or Egyptian cupola built with a peculiar technique

    Hello there, new user here, hoping to find an answer … I am not sure that the information I will provide is going to be correct, but hopefully, some of you will be able to to help me. I saw or read somewhere of the existence of a great cupola/volta/volted arch built using a rather peculiar...
  8. C

    Three stroke symbol on military buildings

    I read something very interesting in a book today. It was talking about a certain three stroke symbol, like /|\, and claimed that it was put on pretty much every gun, cannon, military building, etc. until at least fairly recent times (or it may have even continued up to the present, but I can't...
  9. M

    Buildings standing after the atomic bombings

    I am interested to know which are the buildings that were still standing (until today) after the 2 atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tried Google for information but there doesn't seem much available other than the dome in Hiroshima...
  10. SNascimento

    What is your favorite roman buildings?

    The romans were probably the greatest engineers of the pre-industrial world. Not only they erected great structures of unprecedented sophistication, but their engineering skills also extended to the infrastructure of the empire with roads, bridges, aqueducts, city planning, etc. Not to mention...
  11. Deemed dope by the pope

    The original colour of ancient buildings

    Hello I'm wondering how famous ancient constructions such as the sphinx, pantheon and the colosseum would have looked like back in the day. Is it a mystery or do historians have a decent idea how they would have been coloured. I'm fascinated by the look of ancient cities in general so if anyone...
  12. H

    Oldest buildings ever made as known today?

    What are some of the oldest monuments, buildings, ruins whatever you would call it, let's start from 10000BC and OLDER.
  13. Y

    why are Jewish symbols on government buildings in Prague

    1) Why there are two six point stars (called Star of David, which is a symbol in the Jewish community) on the clock tower on the former city hall in Prague, Czech Republic? 2) Does the Jewish community have/had certain influence on the political events?
  14. Moros

    Egyptian images of buildings

    I was initially going to ask if anyone knew of any images of the great pyramids that survive in ancient Egyptian paintings, but then I thought I'd widen the request to include depictions of any building at all in ancient Egyptian artwork, because I can't recall seeing one. Am I correct in my...
  15. PubliusBassus

    Relative lack of ancient monuments and buildings in Constantinople

    For the time period of roughly 400-1200 CE (and perhaps longer), Constantinople was widely considered to be the greatest city in the world. Yet today there are very few standing monuments and buildings, at least compared to older great cities such as Athens and Rome. The question is why there is...
  16. SNascimento

    Medieval view of old Roman buildings.

    I was reading the "Warlord Chronicles" from Bernard Cornwell. It's a trilogy about Arthur. It's a fictional story that happens in Britain in the end of the 5th century. The anglo-saxons are invading, the romans are gone, etc. Even though it's fictional, it's based on historical facts. And one...
  17. Jove's Child

    (Glass) windows in buildings

    This has always been a topic of interest to me. I know that windows in the ancient era consisted of holes in the wall often covered with animalhides and such. Though when did the glass window came into view? Medieval churches had stained glass windows, but that was ultimately used in churches...
  18. unclefred

    Historical Buildings Laying Above the Clouds

    Ancient Babak Castle: Phuktal Monastery, home to the Gelug (or Yellow Hat) Buddhist monks, is only reachable by foot. It is built into the side of a cliff at the mouth of a cave Meteora monasteries in Greece. Meteora translates literally to “hovering in the air.”
  19. theauthor

    3D-animated historical buildings

    I would like to open a thread about 3D-modelled/animated historical buildings. There is this cathedral of the city of Viborg, which I have made an animation around: Viborg Cathedral 3D - YouTube It is part of a, hopefully, larger project of making the whole city of Viborg (as it looked like...
  20. spellbanisher

    Sophistication of Ancient Structures, Monuments, and Buildings

    What are the most sophisticated Ancient Structures in terms of technology, mathematics, organization, design, and materials? Note that this isn't a question on the most beautiful or aesthetically sophisticated Ancient Structures, only the ones that required the most sophistication to build...