1. flying tiger

    the "kit mow" who built chi tu

    I found this article about a old kingdom on the Isthmus of Kra call chi tu that was built by the "kit mow" from funan. Chi Tu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia File:CheToScript.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia i'm really interested in the word "kit mow", is this a word use by the...
  2. O

    The Men Who Built America

    What are your thoughts on this? I think it really brings the time period to life visually. My students in American History 1877-present love it. We have only viewed the first 2 episodes.
  3. A

    Who built Stonehenge Part - I

    Centuries ago , a visitor might have attributed Stonehenge’s construction to magical powers; a typical 12th century British legend asserted it was built” not by force but by Merlin’s Art”, and the site has been associated with Druid assemblies. More recently, its design has so impressed...
  4. Frank81

    How many Ships of the Line were built?

    I've been looking for this information and couldn't be able to find it. Of course it's problematic, since the end of galleon era and the beginning of the ship of the line era is diffuse. In the case of Spain, 237 ships of the line were built between 1687 and 1853. What about other countries?
  5. wittgenstein

    Ankylosauria built stonehedge!

    The ankylsauria were vegetarians. This would mean that there were no human sacrifices at stonehedge. Any other game changers in our understanding of history?
  6. B

    When has a big empire been built quickly?

    I can think of Alexander, the Mongols, and the Arabs. Napoleon and Hitler and the Axis were spectacularly successful at first but crashed and burned. Pretty much all the major empires that fought in WWI were build more gradually.
  7. tjadams

    History Channel: The Men Who Built America

    Did anyone catch the History Channel's "The Men Who Built America" The show featured Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt and their rise to wealth and power. I thought the show was quickly paced and well done.
  8. WeisSaul

    The Men who built America

    History: Men Who Built America - YouTube So this looks like something I'll definitely be watching.
  9. Caracalla

    Was the Great Pyramid of Giza Built By Slaves Or Volunteers?

    I have heard of two theories concerning the building of the great pyramid: 1. It was built by slaves 2. It was built by volunteers Khufu is known as a cruel and ruthless pharaoh, and a merciless tyrant. That sounds like the perfect person to oversee the building of the largest pyramid ever...
  10. Satuf

    So who built the Kaaba?

    Has there been any archaeological excavations in Mecca in order to find out when and who really built the Kaaba?
  11. Darth Roach

    Was Persepolis built by Ionians?

    I remember reading that somewhere (that the Persians hired Ionians to make complex buildings).
  12. Nyneve

    Were the pyramids built from the top down?

    The basic evidence for this comes from carbon dating the mortar used on the Great Pyramid. Not only is the mortar from nearer the top older, but by as much as 1000 years. So, not only was it built from the top down, it took 1000 years to do it, as well. Obviously, there's something wrong with...
  13. MagnaCarta

    What if Germany built this gigantic tank?

    See the image. Yeah......they probably would've won WW2.
  14. L

    The Great Pyramid was not built by Khufu

    The Sphinx, Egypt. The 'Inventory stella' - Found at Ghiza by Auguste Mariette in the 1850's, in the ruins of the Temple of Isis clearly states that Khufu restored the Sphinx. This stone provides some of the strongest evidence that the Sphinx was constructed before Khufu and not by him. It...
  15. Zeno

    Who built the European Megaliths?

    Most of the European megaliths were built during the neolithicum, after the agricultural revolution had reached even the most backwater regions of the Old Continent. Which makes sense, erecting such structures meant people had to have had time not looking for food, as well as superior social...
  16. E

    Western Wall Not Built by Herod, Archaeologists Find

    Link: Coins found under Jerusalem's Western Wall hints that sacred site is even older than Herod | Mail Online It appears the Roman Prefect did more than just appoint three high priests, one right after the other, the last being Caiaphas. Josephus' portrait of him as a do-nothing governor with...
  17. P

    When was the Baalbeck Platform built?

    Modern Archaeology such as mentioned in The German Archaeological Institute's The urban planning and historical development of the Roman sanctuary of Baalbek seems to be slowly diverging from the 1905 religiously-biased excavations that suggested the entire Baalbeck Temple Complex was built...
  18. Caracalla

    Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

    Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - 4oD - Channel 4 Did anybody watch this? A fun, entertaining, and an interesting project in which a group of builders have to build a Roman villa using Roman tools and methods. I have one simple solution for their problems: slaves. Who needs wheelbarrows when you...
  19. OpanaPointer

    Stonehenge, built by one man?

    The gentleman in this video gives rather impressive evidence that it was at least possible. YouTube - Man Moves Huge Blocks!
  20. P

    Where was the Statue of Liberty built?

    Are there any experts on the Statue of Liberty out there? I have written a childrens poem about the statue at which contains the statement that it "was built on Liberty Island". Is this correct? I understand the island has changed names once or twice over the years. Can I leave it as it is...