1. T

    Bucharest Treaty 1913

    After the finishing of the second Balkan War Macedonia (North now) was devided between The Hellenic Kingdom (Greece now) which took the biggest part Kingdom of Serbia (Serbia now) Bulgarian Kingdom and Albania that took little part of the pie. My question is was the treaty after 100 years it was...
  2. cachibatches

    Oldest Proto-Writing found in Bulgaria?

    I have noticed a lot of dodgy archaeology out of Bulgaria and other former eastern bloc countries, but it does seem to be pretty well agreed these days that eastern Europe is a contender for oldest prto-writing with the Vinca-tordos script, and other related finds. This article claims that the...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Mounted Archers in Hungary and Bulgaria

    The Hungarians and Bulgarians both used mounted archers in their early history but as they became more settled the practice died out. The question being, when did the high skill in this practice begin to disappear?
  4. T

    Uprising of Asen and Peter in Bulgaria (1185)

    What do y'all think about the Uprising of Asen and Peter against the Byzantines in 1185? What interesting events happened in it? I am particularly interested how it was fought. Was it set battles and sieges or guerilla warfare? How successful were the rebels/Byzantines in terms of military...
  5. L

    Bronze applications from Bulgaria.

    "Celtic", "Roman"? I have removed patina.
  6. Romanianboy2013

    Why Bulgaria choose Central Powers in WW1?

    Its because Serbia and Greece choose the Entente, and Bulgaria and them have territorial disputes? Also I want to ask why bulgarians are not obsessed with the treaty of Neuilly sur seine, like hungarians are still about Trianon.
  7. C

    A Celtic Horned Helmet from Bulgaria

    Celtic horned helmet discovered in Bryasovets, in eastern Bulgaria: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/the-tyle-helmet-a-balkan-celtic-horned-helmet-from-bryastovets-eastern-bulgaria/
  8. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Bulgaria capturing Constantinople?

    Did Bulgaria have the military capacity to take Constantinope during the First Balkan War? Its army was of course weakened from the fighting and the outbreak of disease. It also appears to have lacked sufficient siege equipment, as shown during the siege of Edirne/Adrianople when help from the...
  9. C

    Communism, Nationalism and Pseudoarchaeology in Romania and Bulgaria

    Pseudoarchaeology and politics on the Balkans: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/legacy-of-lies-communism-nationalism-and-pseudoarchaeology-in-romania-and-bulgaria/
  10. C

    A Celtic Cavalry Officer from Montana (Bulgaria)

    Celtic burial from n.w. Bulgaria - 2/1 c. BC: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/06/18/a-celtic-cavalry-officer-from-montana-bulgaria/
  11. S

    Bulgaria , Hungary , Serbia , Romania future.

    I wonder what will happen in 100 years with this countries. I say is unknown :p
  12. Gudas

    Origins of Turks living in Bulgaria

    I've read somewhere that Turks of south-eastern Bulgaria have Anatolian origins, while Turks of north-eastern Bulgaria have mostly local origins. Locals of north-eastern Bulgaria changed religion mixing with some Ottoman migrants switching to Turkish language. It's difficult to search for...
  13. Vulkov

    Greetings from Bulgaria !

    Hello everybody ! I'm very excited to be here ! I'm really grateful for the people who created this forum and the ones which are active part in this community and made historum so wonderful. I hope we can have nice conversations and learn from each other, for as along as possible ! I come...
  14. Celtae

    Bulgaria wins the Second Balkan War

    For the sake of this speculation, imagine that Bulgaria was successful after leaving the Balkan league and won the Second Balkan War. Would this have quelled Serbian nationalism? If so in what other ways would the First World War be sparked (meaning the Archduke would not be assassinated) from...
  15. A


    Are there any historical sources about the origins of Bulgaria? As far as I know, the country is mentioned in some Greek, Roman or German sources, but there is nothing substantial.
  16. BulgarianBeyonder

    Serbian-Bulgarian war of 1885

    Bulgarian officers during the war Today marks the 130th year since the end of the Serbian-Bulgarian war of 2nd November(old style) 1885! An event, which began as border incidents, later escalated to war between the two nations. The war is also know as War of the captains, because Bulgaria at...
  17. BulgarianBeyonder


    Hello, I'm Ivan from Bulgaria. After seeing your forums I expresed delight and wanted to join! I hope we get along well. :)
  18. N

    How come there isn't anything about Bulgaria in my history book

    I looked and there is almost nothing about Bulgaria in the history book, and I know Bulgaria isn't something so insignificant. Why is there NOTHING about the first and second empires?
  19. B

    Before ww2 who was more powerful Bulgaria, Hungary or Romania?

    All in the title
  20. Romanianboy2013

    Bulgaria :100-Mile Fence On Turkish Border

    I agree with Bulgaria on this point although I read that they were criticised by some Western countries. The fact is that those syrian immigrants aims are not Bulgaria or Romania, but Germany, Scandinavian countries etc. The fact that some border bulgarian police are sometimes brutal is good...