1. I

    How come that Bulgarians started to speak a Slavic language?

    The current state of Bulgaria was officially formed in the year of 680/681 and the generally recognized fact is that it was comprised of Proto-Bulgarian, Slavic and Thracian tribes. I believe recent DNA studies confirm this theory and even find that Proto-Bulgarians were of Indo-European origin...
  2. EmperorTigerstar

    Bulgars and Bulgarians

    I've seen both of these terms and is there a difference between them or is it more like Tatars and Tartars? I see Bulgars a lot for pre-Ottoman times. Bulgaria I've noticed for more modern stuff. Then I've seen both the Volga Bulgars, Volga Bulgarians, and simply Volga Bulgaria. Are Bulgars and...
  3. czarnian

    Medieval austrian painting depicting bulgarians in battle?

    Hi guys, the question at hand is about this "painting" (fresco) Master of the Saint Lambrecht Votive Altarpiece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to this site: Lessingimages.com - Master Saint Lambrecht(Hans von Tuebingen). Victory of Ludwig I the Great the "painting" represents...
  4. Sonrisa

    Linguistics question about the name Bulgarians

    What do you think the name ''Bulgaria-Bulgarians'' mean? Here are some of the theories I found when searching the internet. I invite professional linguist to leave some comments. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I was thinkg that Bulgarians could be indeed from the PIE root ''bhel'' which besides...
  5. B

    roma bulgarians parents to mystery blond girl

    There was a blonde girl found in Greece last month with some Romas (gypsies). DNA testing showed these Greek Romas were not her biological parents. Authorities had became suspicious because she didn't look like either of her supposed Roman parents. However, biological testing determine her...
  6. Sonrisa

    The New World history - The Fake Zeus and the Bulgarians

    I would like to open a new thread which is very controversial but at the same time interesting. I would like to invite everyone to discuss the topic. I have to warn you in advance that some of you may consider the following statements being a Bulgarian propaganda. If you are too sensitive...
  7. K

    Origins of the Bulgarians

    OK, Bulgaria has always been a playground of bigger more economically stable countries and as a result often falling as a victim of propaganda about the origin of its people. Hence I will like to clarify a few things based on number of facts that have NOTHING to do with my own bias. 1...
  8. Sonrisa

    Revised History of the Bulgarians (Thracian connection)

    I am opening this thread for discussion of the possible connection between ancient Thracians and the modern-day Bulgarians. One of the topics is the deliberate adulteration of Bulgarian history by a number of Bulgarian historians which directly affects the knowledge of Bulgarian people with...
  9. Korin

    Are Thracians - Ancient Romanians and Bulgarians?

    I just wanna know if they are because their territory is in modern day romania and bulgaria and some areas as well.
  10. K

    Bulgarians about their enemies

    I hereby will post translated part of some Bulgarian texts - memoirs, some literature, etc., whit the Bulgaria point of view, or more clearly - the point of view of some Bulgarian eyewitnesses`s point of view for their enemies in Balkan wars, WWI, WWII. I always wonder, how wide is the...
  11. WeisSaul

    Bulgars and Bulgarians

    Bulgars were a Muslim Turkic state on the Volga. Bulgarians are a slavic people in the Balkans. What's the connection? Is there any connection?
  12. Sonrisa

    The Bulgarians awaken! What follows next?

    With the current events happening in Bulgaria I wonder if this is pure deja vu from 1997 crisis or one of the poorest Balkan states is finally at the edge of revolution? Is it a conspiracy that the prime minister resigned only after a medium-sized protest? Was Bulgaria contaminated by the...
  13. pustinyak

    What did ancient Bulgarians look like?

    Ok I'll start first with images from state seals,medallions,icons,treasures. 1. Lead seal of tzar Simeon the Great 2. Icon from early mediaval period. The icon shows similarity with other Bulgarian pre-Christian art (pictures 3,11) and with examples of early Iranian art - image of...
  14. zigurat

    Volga Bulgarians

    Did Volga Bulgarians saved Europe from the Asian invasion of Chingis Khan?